One Hell Of A Life: Ally Dawson

Ally Dawson doesn't have the sweetest life. Her dad is dead and she is bullied. But when she is partnered up in her music class with the schools badboy and her biggest bullier Austin Moon how will she manage! Will they hate each other more or is there a romance brewing! Read and find out.


1. Green Paint and New Songs


"Ally! Come down for breakfast," My mom yells. At least, that's what I wish she had done. Like a normal mother would. 

Hi, I'm Ally Dawson. 15 years old and counting. Welcome to my terrible life. My dad died when I was 7 and my mom pretty much went dead to the world as well. And to things worse the school's bad boy started to bully me. But I'm sure you don't want to hear me ramble so let's get this party started.

I walk over to my dresser and pull out a blue cardigan and red skinny jeans. I slip the clothes on and go to my built in bathroom. I put on a thin layer of blush, some mascara, and some lipgloss. I run downstairs and look at the the time. Damn! I have 20 minutes to eat and get to school. It's a 15 minute walk to school so throw on a pair of battered converse and grab a granola bar. Being the goody two shoes that I am I have to get to class on time.

"Bye mom! See you later!" I yell to her and race out the door. I run to school and go to my locker. After getting my books, I close my locker and sigh knowing what was coming next.

 "What do you want blondie?" I say with annoyance clearly set into my voice.

"Nothing Dawson. Just giving you the pleasure of being in my presence." Austin says cockily. I roll my eyes.

"As if. I rather be stabbed in the eye multiple times, then buried alive." I say.

"Oh come on. You know you want some of this." He says motioning to his face with is hand.

"Yeah and I also have been dreaming of the day you'll sweep me off my feet and carry me away from this horrible place." I say with a fake dreamy look on my face. He smirks.

"I knew it." I roll my eyes.

"Get out of my way." And with that I push him out of my way and walk right past him. Almost instantly I hear him yell. Suddenly Cassidy, queen bitch and blondie's whore girlfriend, comes out and goes in front of me. Then the next instant I'm in the bathroom getting green paint out of my hair with the help of my best friend Trish.

I get as much as I can out and we leave the bathroom.

"Thanks Trish" I say

"No problem. Your my best friend. Anything to help you." She says

"Your the best! So what class do you have. I have AP math."

"English. So I guess I'll see you later." She says sadly and walks off. Oh well. I get to class 30 seconds before the bell. The teacher walks in and starts a lesson that I have already mastered. So I take my diary/songbook out and write and entry.

Dear Diary

Today has started like everyday. I come to class and write in you. Sadly this morning I was hit with water balloons filled with green paint. Luckily I always keep extra clothes in my locker because this is expected of them. I cant say the same about my hair though. I came to class with green goop in my silky brown hair. But oh well. Anyway I have new song lyrics.

I've been thinkin over

All the things that you been sayin to me

No reason or answer

Do I deceive myself when I'm makin out to be

I thought I'm the girl with everything

If only you could stay

Only you could stay around the world for me

Thought I had it all and anything

I wanted you

To really matter


Ally Dawson your best friend.

The bell rings at that exact moment. Time for the next class. Yeah! (note the sarcasm)

--After school at home--

I come home after a pretty uneventful day.

"Mom!" No answer. I go to the kitchen to see a note.

Hey Ally,

I had some errands to run. I wont be back until late. Theres pizza in the fridge. See you in the morning.


Penny :)

I am pretty used to this. I sigh and go to the fridge. I eat and do my homework. I take a shower getting all of the remaining paint out of my hair and slip into my PJ's.

I slip into bed and fall into a deep slumber.

I have one hell of a life.

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