One Hell Of A Life: Ally Dawson

Ally Dawson doesn't have the sweetest life. Her dad is dead and she is bullied. But when she is partnered up in her music class with the schools badboy and her biggest bullier Austin Moon how will she manage! Will they hate each other more or is there a romance brewing! Read and find out.


4. Fake Dates and Kisses

Austin's POV

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I do the usual morning routine. You know, brush teeth, take a shower, get dressed and put on my shoes. I go downstairs and look at the clock. Turns out I took longer than usual and I have 10 minutes to get to school. Luckily, I have a car so it only takes a couples minutes to get to school. I get to school and, as usual, I'm swarmed with my so called "friends." Except Dallas isn't here. I smirk. Good. My prank on Ally is now in session.

I go to my locker and grab my books for class. I walk into class just as the teacher walks in. Let hell begin!

Ally's POV

I wake up in the morning to the sound of my alarm. I groan and get out of bed. I brush my teeth and take a shower. I throw on a floral patterned sundress and some cream wedges. I curl my hair and decide to play it natural with no makeup on today. I walk out of the house and walk to school. I go to my locker to find Dallas waiting at my locker. I narrow my eyes in curiosity.

"D-Dallas, w-what are you d-doing here" I stutter.

"Oh nothing, I was just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight?" He says to my amazement.

"R-really, I-I mean s-sure." I say giggling. He smiles widely.

"Awesome pick you up at 7." He says before walking off. I sigh and grab my books out of my locker. I stalk off to class in dreamland.

At lunch

"Hey Trish" I say after dropping my food at our table.

"Hey! You seem happy. What happened?" She asks.

"Oh nothing much. Just the fact that Dallas Cinteneo asked me out." I say dreamily

"WHAT! OMG!" She yells. Luckily it was lunch so basically everyone was shouting and no one noticed.

"I know right!" I say excited.

After that we basically talked and talked on the subject.

After school at Ally's house with Austin

Austin and I walk up to my room to work on the song. We had a first verse and a chorus. We needed a second verse and then the song will be finished.

"Okay. We need a second verse." I say to him hastily.

"Okay then. You're the songwriter here. So figure it out." he says

"Oh! I see. So you think that I'm just gonna do this project alone Blondie. It's not gonna be like that today." I snap at him. God. He's so vain! Ugh!

"Uh. Yea it is. I can't write a song for my life." he says. Of course he can't. He can't write anything for his life.

"Look. I know it'd be so easy just to run from your problems but you can't. Oh! That's a good lyric for our song." I say. "It'd be so easy just to run!" I sang

"Good job!" he says. I was taken aback by his compliment. "For a whore" he adds quickly. Of course.

"Whatever Blondie. Let me add it to the song." I say. I grab my book and write the new lyrics." Um oh! I got some lyrics."

It'd be so easy just to run

It'd be so easy just to give up

But I'm not that kinda girl who gone turn my back

There's no-

"Wait, why did you say girl? I'm a boy." Austin says interrupting my song writing.

"Because I'm gonna sing that part nitwit." I say. You can hear the annoyance in my voice.

"Oh" is all he says. I sigh and go back to my songwriting.

There's no turnin back

There's no turnin back

It's like I'm balanced on the edge

It's like I'm hangin by a thread

But I'm still gonna push ahead

So I tell myself

Yeah I tell myself


After Austin leaves

I grab a t-shirt and sweats for the date. Why would I wear such a terrible outfit on a date. started like this...


"Okay Dawson I have to go and meet up with Dallas and talk about tonight." says Austin. What?!

"What are you talking about! He's taking me out tonight." I say confused.

"Oh Really?! I didn't know . Guess we won't be hanging after all." he says in a high pitched voice. He's lieing.

"Uh huh. OkayBlondie, see you tomorrow after school for rehersing the project." say in a knowing voice. I push him out of the door. Of course this isn't a real date. I should've known. They're going to prank me.

End of flashback

So I'm going dressed like this with an extra pair of clothes in my bag. I hear the doorbell ring and go downstairs. Dallas is at the door in a suit.

"You're wearing that" he says disgusted.

"Well considering what you have planned for me at the diner I decided not to wear good clothes." I say.

"I-I don't k-know what you're t-talking about." he stutters nervously. My confidence build at this.

"Oh I think you do," I say, "but let's go"

At the diner

We sit at the table with the waiter looking at me weirdly. Probably the outfit. Whatever.

"So Dallas you can order for me" I say

Dallas' POV

OH NO! She's onto us. Well, at least she will let me order for her. I hope Austin already talked to the waiter. If so then Ally will be covered in spagetti in a matter of minutes. I order for her and hear Ally ask me a question.

"So, tell me Dallas, why do you listen to Austin anyway. I mean, why would you hurt me, an innocent girl anyway. I know what you're up to Dallas and I know Austin put you up to this." she says.

Oh No! She knows!. Just play it cool Dallas.

"I don't understand! I just wanted to go out with you." I say

The waiter comes in and I give him the signal. He comes up behind Ally and poors spagetti on her head and her clothes. But she doesn't look mad. She doesn't even look suprised. Of course she doesn't. She knew what was coming. But all I know is that she will be walking home covered in spagetti. I almost feel bad for her.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom. And when she comes out, let me tell ya, I had never seen anything more beautiful than her. She had gotten all of the spagetti and the sauce out of her hair. She was wearing a low cut green cardigan that showed just the right amount of cleavage. And it hugged her skin tight so that it showed the curves I didn't even know she had. She was wearing gray jean short shorts that were cut at the was wearing a pair of black supra hightops. She had a black and white striped glove that was cut at the fingers and stopped at her elbow on her right hand while her left hand had a double ring that said music. She had put on a treble cleft neclace. She looked amazing.

She gives me a quick glare and walks out of the store. Wow! That girl has swag. Thats one thing I know for certain.

Ally's POV

Ipurposely picked out trhese clothes to show Dallas what he's missing by being on Austin's side. Before I leave I shoot him a small glare. The look on his face was priceless. His jaw touched the floor and his eyes were the size of dinner plates. As soon as I left the diner I burst out laughing. I was texting Trish when I bumped into someone.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so... Oh it's you Blondie." I say realizing who it is. I look at him and see that he has the same look on his face that Dallas had. "What suprised that I don't have spagetti on me or that I'm actually dressed nice." I say with confidence. He looks lower and starts to stare. "Hey! My eyes are up here." I say pointing at my face. He looks up and suddenly I feel his lips on mine. I melt into the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist. Then I realize what I'm doing and push him off me. I slap him and stomp off into the darkness.

Austin's POV

I don't know what came over me but she was so beautiful. Maybe it was teenage hormones. Yeah! That's what it was.

But I felt a spark.

Ally's POV

As I walk home I think about the kiss. I think I liked it. And I felt a spark. I wonder if he felt it too. But I hate him, I think. Whatever, I'll think about this tomorrow. I get home take a shower put on pjs and slip into bed. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

I have one hell of a life.

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