Why Me?

London was your average teenager, but when she gets kicked out of school for fighting everything goes down hill. When she's moves to her new school down in Sydney she looks for new hope but that's not going to happen.

*5SOS fanfic*


2. Chapter 2.

warning it was like 5am when I was writing this i haven't re read it. It was a video of Brandon at the party he’s sitting in a circle completed up with an estimate of 8 people I watched as the guy of the left Jai Coots injected him with some kind of drug. That’s when the first tear came, shelly looked up and put her arm around me the video skipped to around 2:00 am there’s tons of people dancing to what sounds like transformers having sex, but there’s only two people I’m looking at its Brandon and the school whore Sammie Mc outed. Brandon’s crutch was pressed into Sammie’s ass. That wasn’t so bad I had expected much worse just as I thought that my whole world crumbled around me, Brandon had now turned Whoreface around he had unbuttoned her shirt, she had token of his pants, he whispered something in her ear and the ran out of the frame. I started to go into a question frenzy. Why would he do that? Why would he take drug when he knows what happen to her? Why would someone be filming this? Why didn’t the cops show up? How come shelly has this video on her phone? How many kg of makeup does Sammie put out? At least 5kg Okay in getting bitchy. Why would he drink after what happened? *flash back* Im laying in my bed staring at the phone. Today Brandon and I had our first fight; we went a month without fighting. My phone lights up, I answered it without even reading who was calling; course it was Brandon Here’s how the phone call went B: Hey im sorry are you at home? L: No im sorry and yea why? B: Well something happened can I please stay at yours? His voice sounded horse like he’d been crying L: Are you okay? And you can stay the night mums not home she went away. B: London you’re the best girlfriend a guy can have, ill explain when I get there *phone call ended* I pace back and forth for 6 minutes and 15 seconds till the doorbell interrupted thoughts. I raced down stairs, opened the door, and pull my boyfriend into a hug, he started to cry into my shoulder as I slowly walked backward into the house. I pulled him away from me and I took his hand and led him upstairs to my room. I sat him down on my bed and inbraced him in a hug, patting his back, shushing him. Once he stopped sobbing I put my hands on his shoulders and look him in the eyes, his eyes were green [instead of his normal ocean blue], red and puffy. “Bran tell me what happened” I asked him. “well it all started whe-‘’ My flash back was interrupted by a pissed of Shelly snapping her fingers in fount of me; I forgot I was walking to school. Shelly says something I don’t understand something about me being a cat covered in vegemite. I look up and we were at school all read, I look down at my phone to see that there’s only five minutes before home group. I put my sh*t in my locker, I have number 264. After touching up my make up after crying I head of to HG23. Everyone in every class was talking about that stupid party, I’ve been avoiding Brandon at all cost. *End of the day* The last bell of the day rang so I bolted out of my green plastic chair that is harder than a pornstars d*ck , only to be yelled at be the teacher. I’ve had enough of this bulls*it so I flipped her off and ran to my locker after hearing an chorus of ‘ohhs ‘ and ‘gasps’, not like that teacher knows my name so it’s not like I’m going to get in trouble and not like it matters this day is already sucks. When I get to my locker everyone else is already out of class causing an stamped that looks like someone’s put an rock in an ant hole. I feel strong arms wrap around my waist and soft lips on my neck, I almost melt right there and then; lucky I didn’t. Gosh London stay strong this boy cheated on you. I turned around so that I was facing him and began to talk “Can we go down to Joe Sugg park after football training?” I ask trying to sound as normal as possible. “Wow no kiss, no hello, I haven’t seen you all day where have you been? And training got canceled due to the fact it’s going to p*ss down later; so we can go to the park now, if you like?” he replied Ugh what a douch “I would love too” I said then kissed his cheek. EWWWWWWW gross I touched him with my lips I probably going to get aid or herpes just from touching him. A/n this is a really bad chapter I just want her to meet Luke already so I’m trying to get there as fast as I can, as writing this part wasn’t very exciting. This chapter is a bit longer than the last one so self five. I love anyone who actually gives this book a chance <3 ~Sarah.
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