All The Beautiful Roses

He never thought he'd see her again. His pink and yellow girl, with her blonde hair and green eyes. But when Amy and Rory stumble upon a crying girl on a distant planet, who happens to go by the name of Rose, will they figure out the connection?


2. River

Chapter 2

Amy and Rory are in their room and The Doctor is showing Rose around the new TARDIS. Amy is looking through her clothes that she had picked from the TARDIS closet and Rory is just sitting on the bed when Amy has a very important thought.

"Rory. What about River. It's obvious that the Doctor and Rose love each other. But what about her. Our daughter is going to heartbroken." She says. Rory looks up at her and knowing that she's right gets up and heads for the door. "Woah, Woah, Woah. Were do you think you're going."

"I'm going to go get the Doctor. We need to talk about this with him." Rory says.

"Yes we do, but not right now. Let him have his fun with Rose and we'll tell him tomorrow." Amy says and Rory nod agreeing.

Back with the Doctor he was just showing her the new TARDIS closet and all of the new clothes. But he had told her that there was one room that didn't change and that was Roses room. The TARDIS had always had a thing for her. Anyway, Rose and the Doctor were trying on a bunch of wacky outfits and laughing their heads off.

"Doctor you...look...rediculous." Rose says out of breath. He was wearing a crazy long, colorful scarf and a hat sort of like a cowboys.

"Oi! This was a couple of my last regenertions outfits!" The Doctor says. That just makes her laugh even more. The thought of him saving the world in that outfit just cracks her up. She's laughing so hard that she falls on top of the Doctor. But when she sees his eyes she stops laughing completely. They went from happy to this dark look of lust. They stand up but the Doctor still kisses her anyway. At first it was sweet but then it started to become full of passion. He licked her bottom lip, asking for an entrance, and she granted it.

When they finally broke apart for air, they realize just how long they've been kissing. "Rose, let me just tell you something. I missed you so much and I will never leave you again. Ever. And please don't ever leave me because if you do, I don't know how I'll cope. I love you with all my heart and now that I have you I refuse to ever lose you." The Doctor says. You could see the tears in Rose's eyes.

"Oh Doctor...I don't know what to say. I...I love you too. So much. And you don't have to worry about me leaving you. Ok." Rose says, almost crying. The Doctor closes the small gap between them. The kiss was slow but passionate and there was no tongue. Just lip to lip. They broke apart for air they smiled and, hand in hand, walked down to the console room. And that's where they met Amy and Rory.

"Hey guys! How's it going." Rose says. Amy and Rory look at each other with a worried look on their face. Then they put on fake smiles.

"Hey Rose, Doctor. It's going great. You?" Amy says, but you can hear the doubt in her voice. Rose looks at her.

"What's wrong?" Rose asks.

"What are you talking about?" Amy asks.

"I mean, why do you sound like there's a problem." Rose says. Amy looks at her, then at Rory, then at the Doctor.

"Hey Doctor, could you come over here for a minute?" Amy asks the Doctor. "Okay, we weren't going to tell you this until tomorrow but...What about River?" Amy asks, and when she mentions River's name the Doctor's eyes widen. "She loves you and you're married to her. How are you going to tell her?" She says. The Doctor looks at her with a worried look on his face.

"Well I don't know, but I have to tell Rose first. So come on." The Doctor says. And they walk back into the console room.

Meanwhile, Rose and Rory are akwardly standing in the console room. Rose is trying to think of a way to start a conversation. "So, how's life with the Doctor?" She asks. Rory just looks at her with an expression that says 'Are you really asking that question?' Rose laughs and looks at him. "You're right. That was a stupid question...Hey does the Doctor still do that thing where he strokes the TARDIS. " She says.

"Yeah! When you travelled with him did he always talk a 90 mph and then when you ask him what he means he looks at you like you dribbled on his shirt?" Rory asks.

"Oh my gosh! He did." Rose says and they both start laughing their heads off. When the Doctor walks back into the room, it just makes the two start laughing so much more, to the extent that they fall to the ground and start rolling on the floor.

"What is it!? What!? Guys! What happened!?" The Doctor asks. When he doesn't get an answer he decides to just sit down until they stop. When they did finish the Doctor stood. "Well now that you're happy it would be a good time to tell you this." he said nervously. Rose gets a hold of herself.

"Tell me what?" Mage asked.

"Well I'm...Wow, this is hard to say...Ok...I am...kind of...sort a way...married." He says. The look on her face said it all. It was a look of sorrow, horror, and anger.

"What!? Are you serious!? Don't you think this would have been nice to say to me before!" Rose yelled. The Doctor flinched.

"Look, Rose. I would easily be with you much faster than her. Please Rose. I just wanted to tell you before I told her. Please, forgive me." He said. Rose had finally cooled off and the way the Doctor was begging just made her forgive him.

"Ok, fine. But you have to tell her immediately." Rose said.

"I would, but you see, we don't find her. She finds us." The Doctor says.

"Hello sweetie. Talking about me?"

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