Diana: Girl with the Bandaged Heart

"So what are we going to do about going back?" Liam asked still hugging me. I sighed shaking my head. "I dont wanna go back." He looked down at me and shook his head. "But honey we have to cause you have your future ahead of you and you cant just throw it away because Louis said something he shouldnt have.... Plus we'll be homeless, unless you know... Your down with being homeless," He laughed a little and squeezed my cheeks. "Shut up Payne."

"Guys!" Niall ran up to us on the side walk. "Louis went down! He had some kind of anxiety attack and he isnt breathing!"

(Btw this is the seeeqquel to diana girl with the broken soul) and also the girl on the cover is geo in the story


4. Becky is Back

"Come in." I say. She stepped in and gave me an evil grin. She pretended to be so concerned. "Oh my goodness! Louis! I heard what happened! Are you alright?" She came by his side and reached for his hand. He snatched his hand away and put his arms back around me protectively. "Im fine Becky, I think its you who needs a doctor." He said sitting up and getting out of bed. He reached for his clothes about to put on his shirt. "Oh Louis, please! I think youre still just sick." He glared at her. You could tell how he was getting angry, his jaw clenching. "Sick? Sick-you think I'm sick? For TWELVE YEARS, you beat bruised and scarred this girl. Did you know that she has athsma? No! Of course you didnt! Because you were only concerned about how bad you were going to kick her tail when you got near her. Did you know the day I adopted her, I came back to find my keys and I heard things upstairs! Your lucky I didnt say anything to the authorities because I was hoping and praying that you were on the phone!" His face was so red. Mrs.Becky's eyes filled with 'tears' and she stayed silent. She sighed and whispered. "Ive changed Louis. You know its been two years since I last saw you. Louis please! You must believe me. People have been helping me with my life. I know what I've done. But please. Im asking for forgiveness." Tears were rolling down her face. Louis face seemed to relaxed for a split second but tensed back up before I could even blink. "How do I know you arent lying? You fooled us before, but it wont happen again." She wiped her eyes and said,"Why dont you let Giovanni decide?" They both looked at me. "Can I just talk to her in the hall for a second?" She walked to the door and opened it for me. I cautiously walked out. She closed the door and half smiled. "What do you want?" I snarled. She ignored it and looked me over. "Youve grown. A lot." She held out her arms. "Please Geo. You can trust me now." I relaxed and returned her hug.... Until i felt a sharp sharp pain in my stomach. I screamed out in pain. I felt the liquid drip down my side "You d-drugged me you witc-" she slapped me "Shut up! You think I would let you live in luxury for so long! Honey sorry! Youre due for a beating!" "Louis.." I whimpered out. The last things I saw was the knapsack go over my head and Louis burst through the door.


So thank you to my biggest supporter and bestie in real life @cookie cromble for giving me this idea!! So keep like faving and commenting (cuz none of you gave ur input i feel so unloved haha jk) but foreal love u guise thankz

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