Diana: Girl with the Bandaged Heart

"So what are we going to do about going back?" Liam asked still hugging me. I sighed shaking my head. "I dont wanna go back." He looked down at me and shook his head. "But honey we have to cause you have your future ahead of you and you cant just throw it away because Louis said something he shouldnt have.... Plus we'll be homeless, unless you know... Your down with being homeless," He laughed a little and squeezed my cheeks. "Shut up Payne."

"Guys!" Niall ran up to us on the side walk. "Louis went down! He had some kind of anxiety attack and he isnt breathing!"

(Btw this is the seeeqquel to diana girl with the broken soul) and also the girl on the cover is geo in the story


1. authors note

Hey u guise...

So welcome to the sequel of "Diana:Girl with the broken soul"

So umm a few things..

A. You have to read the blurb, cuz thats apart of the first chapter, (i dont feel like rewriting it lol)

B. You have to read the first movellas to undrstand the second one ... Duh i guess

And C.

Hopefully you guys like it and yeah... Enjoooyy!

So yeah... Be sure to like fave comment whatever, and to all mah fans... Yall know how much i love it when u leave honest comments because i wanna improve an i cant if u guys dont tell me wussup... So yes keep doin what ur doin cuz i love yall...

And btw im starting to get busy with marching band again so i may not publish for a while sometimes... And a few chapters .... Wait for it... Will be a cliff hanger cuz i want u guys to predict what will happen next, and te winning one will be published, so when u comment, when it happens tell me what u think hould or may happen next!

Okkk i love you guys keep doin what ur doin!

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