My Bradford Bad Boi

Grace wrote a essay to win a grand unknown , when she wins she is totally amazed when she finds out the surprise......

This is a story of happiness, love, drama, and much more!!

Join me to go on a One Direction adventure.


5. Goodbyes and Hello

beep beep beep!!!


I get up and turn my alarm off. 4:30?? Why did i set it so early?!? OH YEAH TODAY IS THE TOUR!!!!!


I ran to my closet and put one direction shirt and jeans on.  Then my British flag converses on. 


I went to the bathroom and curled my hair and put a little bit of make up on.


Finally i was ready.


I had a big breakfast including pancakes , bacon ,  eggs , etc.


When i was done i got my suitcase and small bag downstairs ready to leave.


When i looked at the time it was 10:25. 5 minutes until i leave. My family said there goodbyes and i went outside to wait for them. As soon as i sat down the tour bus pulled up. IT WAS HUGE!!!!


They came out " are you ready?" they asked, I nodded and went inside with a small glance back at my family. I would miss them but they would come visit sometimes.  



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