My Bradford Bad Boi

Grace wrote a essay to win a grand unknown , when she wins she is totally amazed when she finds out the surprise......

This is a story of happiness, love, drama, and much more!!

Join me to go on a One Direction adventure.


2. Details

   When I woke up the next morning, I thought everything that happened was just a dream. Then I remembered... It wasn't. I started to cry because I was so excited to go on tour. But then I heard my parents talking. "I think she should be awake by now," Mom said. She is not a quiet person. I wondered who she was talking to since I am a only child. 


   But then One Direction walks into my room. I count off in my head: 1...2...3...4...5... all of them are there.


   I tried pinching myself and it kinda hurt, actually. I definitely felt it. I still had to tell my brain that it was real. They started introducing themselves but I laughed. "I already know, I'm a huge fan." I pointed at each of them, saying their full name and their birthday. They seemed very impressed with what I knew. 


   Then I asked the question I have been dying to ask. "Is this real?" They all said "Yes." Harry asked if I was well enough to stand up, since I had fainted the day before and landed in the nurse's office. I said yes, but once my feet hit the ground my legs turned to Jello. I sheepishly shook my head no, and they all laughed.


   Niall and Louis ended up carrying me downstairs. When we sat down they started giving me the details. 

   As it turns out my, parents knew for 3 months ahead of when I found out. The new tour was starting on Sunday and it was Monday so I had about 6 days left with my family. The tour was for a long year and one month.


   After we had a small snack of Cool Ranch Doritos and milk, they had to leave. We said our goodbyes and they left saying, "We'll pick you up on Sunday morning in our tour bus!"






Hacked again, June. Take better care of your account!

~JunebugXx Lovelyhood

~ClaireXx Lovelyhood







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