In the Summer

It's the summer after high school and Lacey and group of friends are down the shore at her boyfriend, Liam's beach house. Her ex, Niall Is apart of their group of friends and will do anything to win her back after cheating on her the year before.


3. 3

Chapter 3


"I can handle myself, Niall." I say

He gives me a look and says,"you know, I always liked the way you said my name." He smiles, "and if I believed you, I wouldn't has laid a hand on the lad."

At my intoxicated state I found his accent extremely attractive.

No, I told myself. You are with Liam!

"You know I'm just going to make my way back to the house." I say, trying to get out of the situation.

"I'll walk you home!" He says eagerly

I roll my eyes and walk away. He starts to follow and I turn around to look. Not paying attention I trip over a beach chair and fall on my face.

"God damn it!" I shout. Niall rushes to my side to help me up. I try to walk on my own only to fall and be caught by Niall. I wiggle out of his grasp and sit in the sand.


"Yeah?" He chuckles

"Carry me." I say pouting.

"Sure, get on my back"

We walk a block an I say, "Am I hurting you?" I could barely pronounce my words.

"Not in the way your asking." He says quietly.

"Oh" I sigh. I wait a few seconds before I whisper, "Niall, I do love you."

"I know." He says

"But not the same as before. You ruined what we had. I don't think I can be the same. Besides I'm with Liam now. I love him." I say

"I know, Lacey. I screwed up. It's my fault. I want you to know that it wouldn't happen again if you came back. I've been in love with you since I met you in middle school, and I will never stop." Niall said

"I can't." I say barely Loud enough for him to hear.

We both stay silent for the rest of the walk to the house. At the door I hop off his back and hop through the door. Niall stands at the bottom of the stairs and watches me crawl up the carpeted stairs. I slowly limp to the door of Liam's bedroom. I think I twisted my ankle. I reach to open the door then I hear something....

Not something you want to hear in your boyfriends room....

I open the door to be let down for the second time in a row. I turn and slam the door. I do my best to run down the stairs. I find Niall in the kitchen.

"Niall" I sob. He runs over to me. I fall into his chest and begin to cry. "It... It... Happened again." I cry.

"I'm so, so sorry, Lacey. I regret it so much." He says pitifully

I cry in the kitchen with Niall for a while until I hear a car pull up. It must be everyone else. "Niall?" I say drying up my tears.

"Yeah?" He says

"Can... I... Stay with you? Tonight?" I ask

"Of course. You don't want them to see you, don't you?"

I shake me head no, and he carries me bridal style to the smallest guest bedroom, since he... Was staying by himself.

He puts me on the bed and says, "I'm going to go say hi to all of them, I'll be back."

"Okay" I say and quietly fall asleep.

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