Samantha wa a girl who was hated in the orphanage that she was in because she liked YouTube and she was a youtuber herself and everyone called her a freak because she takes to herself. Them one day her favorite youtuber SkyDoesMinecraft announced that he was adopting a YouTube from an orphanage.


1. The adoption video

Samantha POV Hey guys Sally here and today I'm bring you another round of hunger games. I started my intro as usual when my phone goes off telling me that I have a new message. Hey it's Adam have time to talk? Yeah sure just let me finish this recording k? I reply. ~~~time skip cuse I don't remember what goes in in a solo run of hg~~~~ Ok Adam what's up. I say as Soon as Adam picks up. Um the sky. Adam say. Lol so what did yu want to talk to me about? I ask. Um Sam I'm going to be adopting someone from your orphanage so I'm going to put a vid up about it ok? Adam asks. Ok. I reply. ~~~~~ Adams video~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys sky here and today I'm doing a blog but no ordinary vlog I'm going to be adopting one of my good buddies from an orphanage because I am finally old enough to and if your wondering who it is you should try to guess who it's now I'll see you later recruits. ~~~~~~ video over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wait Adam is going to adopt me sure I am hated here t this orphanage but I just can't believe I get out of here as soon as Adam talkis to the head mistress of this orphanage yes I get to meet Adam himself first of all and free to record all I want since I have a lot of videos to catch up on putting up on my channel in the first place A/N Hey guys this isn't my first fan fiction since I have two accounts for it one here and the other on wattpad but it is my first fanfic on here

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