Rapunzel lives on the last floor of the Belview apartments with her mother. She was always home schooled until her mother let her go to a real school. She doesn't fit in until a rebel shows her around the school, but then she finds something out that can change her life forever.... Find out in Rapunzel. (Ryder's name has nothing to do with Flynn Rider!)


7. search

After I finished talking to Melinda I headed in to make snacks, but then I noticed that Rapunzel wasn't there. "Who are you?" I asked the blonde boy. "Tommy" he answered back. "And where's Rapunzel and her friend?" I asked tommy. "The mall" tommy replied as he read his book. "The mall! I have to go get her she can never leave this house!" I said. What if someone took her from me, what if they found out about her powers, what if that boy kissed her! This could ruin my plan! "Get out!" I yelled at the boy, he grabbed his books and ran out the door. I grabbed my purse and left the house.

"Why are we running?!" I asked. "Because I'll show you!" Ryder said as we ran outside. He hopped on his scooter and so did I. I didn't even put on my helmet. We drove to a sit in restaurant called Sonic. "You like milkshakes?" Ryder asked. "Never had one" I said. "Well I'll order you one you'll love it!" Ryder said to me. After we had milkshakes he took me to his house, on the porch was a little girl brushing her Barbie dolls hair. "That's my little sister" Ryder said as he walked to her. He kneeled down and he whispered in her ear, she walked up to me and sat me down on the porch. She started touching my hair and by sun down she stopped, she handed me her Disney Princess mirror with the three classic beauty's on the front and my reflection on the back, I had a beautiful fishtail braid and a pink flower crown. "Thanks" I said to her, she nodded and continued brushing her dolls hair. Ryder got onto his motorbike and so did I. "Where are we going now?" I asked, "somewhere, "he said. A few minutes later he parked his scooter next to a tree. I got off and so did Ryder. I thought he was really cute, what! What am I saying! He's a senior! I'm a sophomore! I can't. He grabbed my hand and we stood on a beautiful dock. "Rapunzel can I tell you a secret," Ryder said. "Sure" I said. "Well I have a problem, I steal, that's why we had to run today because I steal, I stole that chameleon you wanted" Ryder said. "Ryder, thank you, but I don't care if you steal, I have a secret to and I'll be willing to share it with you, only me and my mother know about this" I said. "Well okay" Ryder said. "Flower gleam and glow let your powers shine make the clock reverse and bring back what once was mine heal what has been hurt and change the fates design bring back what once was mine" I sang to Ryder. On the ground appeared two bars of gold. "Now you won't have to steal," I said. Ryder was speechless, he tried to touch my hair but I slapped his hand. My hair glowed, it was gold now. "Rapunzel!" I heard someone yell, I turned around and it was my mother.

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