Rapunzel lives on the last floor of the Belview apartments with her mother. She was always home schooled until her mother let her go to a real school. She doesn't fit in until a rebel shows her around the school, but then she finds something out that can change her life forever.... Find out in Rapunzel. (Ryder's name has nothing to do with Flynn Rider!)


2. golden girl

"Now Rapunzel you be safe! If anything wrong you call mother!" My mother said to me as I walked off into my new school. This was the first school I've ever been to. I walked into registration and got all my school stuff, in the back I saw the principle talking to a student. The student and the principle came out. "There is no way I'm gonna tour around a nerdy gross homeschooled kid!" The student yelled. He looked at me. "Hello there" he said flirtatiously to me. "This is Rapunzel, she is the homeschooled student" The principle said to the boy. "And if you tour her around and be her guide around school I'll reward you at the end of the year" The principle said. "Okay fine" the boy said. "Let's go blondie" the boy said to me, he and I both walked to the halls. "This is the hall way, around 3:30 it's traffic jam time" He said to me. "Uhm may we see the library?" I asked. "Sure thing blondie" he said to me. "My name isn't blondie" I said. "Fine nice to meet you I'm Ryder, and you are?" He asked. "Rapunzel, the principle already told you that" I replied. "Wait your name is Rapunzel? As in the story Rapunzel?" Ryder asked. "No my mother named me that after her great great great grandmother" I told him. "Okay, then why is your hair so long?" He questioned. "I don't believe in hair cuts." I replied. "Okay then, so why were you homeschooled?!" He asked excitedly. "That's personal, but why are you touring around a disgusting weird homeschooled kid?" I asked. "I didn't mean that, it's just I was frustrated with mr. Robinson" he told me as he showed me the library. "Why?" I asked. "I've gotten into trouble this year but no big deal, but now it's a big deal because he said if I don't do extra credit I'm not gonna graduate" he told me. "So I'm extra credit?" I asked. "I'm sorry I got you into this on your first day" "it's okay! I'm having fun!" I told him as I ran through the hall way. "Your pretty perky for a junior" he said to me. "Well your pretty grumpy for a senior!" I said. I giggled at my own joke. "Here's your class, if you need me I'm in room 310" Ryder said to me. He walked away, his black combat boots squeaked as he left all I saw was the back of his uniform leave me. I turned around to face the door, this was it a big step for me in my lifetime, something called Highschool.

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