Rapunzel lives on the last floor of the Belview apartments with her mother. She was always home schooled until her mother let her go to a real school. She doesn't fit in until a rebel shows her around the school, but then she finds something out that can change her life forever.... Find out in Rapunzel. (Ryder's name has nothing to do with Flynn Rider!)


3. everyone hates Hair

I walked into the class room, and everyone stared at me. I couldn't stand but not to smile. "And who might you be?" Asked the teacher. "I'm the new student Rapunzel" I answered. "Well Rapunzel, nice to meet you please sit in the front" she commanded to me. "Are you like Rapunzel from the story book?" A girl asked me. "No" I answered I was trying to pay attention to the question on the board. "Then why is your hair so freakishly long?" She asked. "I don't believe in hair cuts" I answered. "Ugh your one of those girls." She said. To me, I felt her touch my hair. "Can you please stop?" I asked. "It's just your hair is so long" she said. "I'm telling the teacher" I said, "go ahead snitch!" She chuckled. "What are you gonna do next? Make Prince Charming fight me?" She said. "I'm not the real Rapunzel!" I yelled. "Ms, Rapunzel I don't allow this type of behavior in my class room" the teacher snapped to me. I just wanted to talk to Ryder he was my only friend. "May I be excused?" I asked. "You may" the teacher answered. I walked to the classroom across the hall. I knocked on the door, and answered it was Another teacher. "Can I help you?" He asked. "Yes, I need Ryder." I answered. "For what?" He asked. "For something important" I answered. He went back into the classroom and Ryder came out. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I want to go home!" I cried. "What?, why?" He asked. "Because everyone hates my hair." I answered. "Seriously this is what you took me out of class, I mean keep talking" he said. "She kept touching it and she called it freakishly long" I told. "Well as long as I'm not in class I want to know everything" Ryder said.

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