Rapunzel lives on the last floor of the Belview apartments with her mother. She was always home schooled until her mother let her go to a real school. She doesn't fit in until a rebel shows her around the school, but then she finds something out that can change her life forever.... Find out in Rapunzel. (Ryder's name has nothing to do with Flynn Rider!)


5. after school

As I got home. My mother was waiting for me. "So how was school?" She asked as she looked up from her book. "Horrible!" I said as I threw my back pack down on the ground. "Tsk tsk tsk, I told you Rapunzel, high school was hard, but you didn't listen to me wouldnt you rather be home schooled?" My mother asked as she set her book down and walked to the kitchen. "Well yes, but then no" I said. She looked shocked. "Well if you want to stay home, and be homeschooled your more than welcomed to" she said. "I don't want to anymore I have a friend, he's a boy he's my friend boy!" I said excitedly. She choked on her tea. "A boy? What's his name?" My mother asked. "His name is Ryder." I replied as I went to my room. She followed me to my room. "He's coming over to help me with my homework" I said. "He is?" She asked. "Yes now I have to change" I said as I shooed my mother out of the room. I changed into my blue shorts and put on my pink hearts sweater. "Rapunzel before he comes over, it's you know what time!" My mother said. I walked out of my room and down the steps into the apartment living room. I sat on the floor as my mother combed my hair, this went on for years, I had a special power to make gold appear and make youth. "Flower gleam and glow let your powers shine make the clock reverse and bring back what once was mine save what has been hurt and change the fates design" I sung. The door bell rang it was probably Ryder, "I'll leave you two alone, I'll be on the balcony talking to Melinda" my mother said. I opened my door. "Hey Rachel" Ryder said to me. "Rapunzel" I said as Ryder walked in, i shut the door. "Pretty sweet place you got especially since you live on the last floor." "Yeah well I lived here all my life, but what about that homework?" I asked. "Speaking of that, " Ryder said. My door opened and in came a boy with node hair and green eyes he had on a blue sweater and kacky pants he had big black glasses on and books in his hand. "This is Tommy, he will be doing our homework while I show you the world" Ryder said to me. He grabbed my hand, "isn't that cheating?" I asked. "I wouldn't call it cheating I would call it a favor, I did Tommy a favor and now I'm doing you a favor" Ryder said. As we walked out of the buildings Ryder hopped on a black scooter, "come on let's go have fun!" He said to me. I always asked the question when will my life begin and now I'm getting my answer.

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