Rapunzel lives on the last floor of the Belview apartments with her mother. She was always home schooled until her mother let her go to a real school. She doesn't fit in until a rebel shows her around the school, but then she finds something out that can change her life forever.... Find out in Rapunzel. (Ryder's name has nothing to do with Flynn Rider!)


6. a whole new world

I hopped onto Ryder's jet black scooter, and I put on his helmet. "Don't you have a helmet?" I asked. "Yep, your wearing it, you could keep it I don't usually wear it" Ryder said to me. He drove really fast. I gripped on to his black leather jacket. "So where do you want to go?" Ryder asked me. "I don't know, I haven't been outside since I was six." I replied. "Well I'll take you to the mall," Ryder said. "Yay!" I said excitedly. We arrived at the mall and Ryder stop his scooter. I got off and took off my helmet. "I figured you'd be like my ex girl friend, girly and shopping type" Ryder said. "I'm not like her, I like art and having fun" I said as we both walked in. I put my hands on my back pack, "so what do you like? Art, that's it" Ryder asked. "Yep, I love art because you get to express yourself" I replied. We past a pet shop and in the window I saw a green chameleon just stare at me. "So you like chameleons?" Ryder asked. "I love them because they change colors! They're so unique" I replied. "Hey you wait right there" Ryder said. "Okay" I replied. I felt something tap me on the back. "Oh hello, Rapunzel" Fawn said to me. "Hello Fawn" I replied. "So who are with at the mall?" She asked, she sipped her smoothie. "Ryder!" I said excitedly. She choked on her smoothie, she opened the lid and dumped it on my head. "I warned you to stay away, he's mine!" Fawn said. She walked away. "Hey Rapunzel I got" Ryder said. "Woah what happened, you look like a smoothie exploded all over you!" Ryder said. "Your girl friend did this, she said to stay away" I told. "Fawns not my girl friend, we broke up last week" Ryder said. "Hey you!" A lady from the pet shop yelled to Ryder. "Rapunzel let's run!" Ryder said as he grabbed my hand. I realized the malls not a safe place for me.

A/n I'm gonna have a lot of time to write, because some of you may have known I broke my foot so I will be in it, and I have lots of time!"

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