Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


12. The Call

I'm on edge again I need to hit the town and I think about calling Matt, but we agreed to stop that, I sometimes miss it though, but sex with Matt is not who I want to be having it with right now, it's just my cover to hide the fact that I really miss Jack. My thoughts go running as to what the two of us could get up to, I'm however snapped back into reality when my phone starts ringing, it's dad's number.
"Dad, hey how are you?"
"Hey love, I'm not doing too good."
"Dad is everything ok?" I'm a little bit alarmed now, he doesn't usually spit it out this quick it must be big I take a seat to calm my nerves.
"I'm selling the station, Luce I'm too old and can't do this by myself anymore."
"But dad, you have Jack and the crew there to help you."
"I can't do it anymore it costs money love and things haven't been going good for awhile now, I have just been getting by."
"Oh why didn't you tell me this sooner? I'm getting on the first plane out there, I can come and run the station, you know I will dad I can't let you sell your lively hood like this."
"You can't do this by yourself Luce, this isn't a place for a woman to be by herself I can't do that to you, and besides some people are coming out this weekend to negotiate a price." I sigh, don't cry wait until your off the phone.
"I'm getting on a plane, I'm miserable here dad I miss the country I can do this and I won't be alone I will have you and your workers, don't settle on anything until I'm there, who is coming to look?" My gut tells me it is the Bedovines, Jonathan's been a bit cocky lately about his parents potentially buying something worth it and that he was going to head out with them. Damn it! 
"You know our friends the Bedovines?" Ok I'm now angry, they aren't taking my dads station!
"Dad I will see you soon and I will be there for when the Bedovines come. I love you and hang in there I'm coming."
"Ok hun, love you too"
With my ticket in hand I'm at the airport getting on this rickety plane again – this I did not miss, dad I'm coming don't give up is all the keeps running through my head. I'm asleep within minutes, when I awake we've landed. I'm home! I walk out expecting to see dad greet me but it isn't it's Jack. I try to hold myself together but I can't contain it I'm excited, upset and angry all at the same time. I fall into a quick step then a run taking Jack off guard as I wrap my arms around his neck.
"Jack!” I do something I have been wanting to do for ages, I lean up and kiss him with so much eagerness, he makes a relieved sound when I do and doesn't let me go. once we've gotten the out of our systems Jack takes my hand.
"Come on let's get your bags." And we're off. I know I can be real with him so I wait until it's just us in the ute and an hour and a half of driving.
"Jack what the hell is going on?"
"Don't you know? Your old man hasn't been feeling well for awhile now I've been running the station for him, some days he can't even get out of bed, it's bad Luce." With the look on my face, Jack's changes.
"Shit! Luce I thought you knew, he said he had told you." Tears were forming at the corners of my eyes oh now here it comes, Jack reaches over and squeezes my hand, dad why didn't you tell me? He knows I would have been out here at the drop of a pin. It's quiet for some time until Jack pipes up with caution.
"So your back now, what does this mean?" I know what he is asking, he's being polite. I turn and look at him, my mood is immediately changed.
"It means, I am going to fight for this land and get it back and running again. I am going come back out here and well I hope you will stick around to help me." I smile broadly and I just want to kiss him again, I'll have to wait. He seems to be thinking the same thing as he quickly pulls over and leans over and gives me what I've been waiting for, after awhile our breathing calms and we're brought back, he pulls back onto the road and we're off. Just his kisses makes my stomach get knots and sends my hormones raging.
We pull up outside the house and I'm out before jack can come around an open the door.
"Dad!?" I run into the house where is he? The room, I go in and see him trying to sit up.
"Why didn't you tell me?" I'm at his side helping him up and pulling him close to me and sobbing
"I didn't want to worry you." He coughs
"That's what I'm here for, I'm here to fight for you when you can't. We're family."
"Luce I'm sorry, what have I done?"
"Don't worry we can get this sorted, we will tell them when they come ok? They will understand.”
Saturday is finally here and we have all been cleaning franticly to get the house looking right – yes a bit stupid considering that we aren't selling it anymore but it is still nice to spring clean.
"Here let me help you with those." Jack says as he helps me take rubbish to the bins, in the time that I have been back we really haven't had anytime by ourselves.
"Sure thank you." His hand brushes against mine as he picks up one of the bags, after 12 months he stills brings warmth flowing up to my cheeks. As we walk silently to the bins the effect is building, I'm going to explode soon being this close to him makes me crazy. As we throw the rubbish in I see it; Bottles and bottles of empty beer, scotch, rum, is that vodka? I look at him and he looks away. My heart sinks, oh Jack what's been going on with you? I stand closer to him and lift his chin up to look at me.
"Luce I've been miserable it's numbs me and helps take my mind off all this shit going on. I know I shouldn't, I's hard not having you near." Our eyes bore into each other his slightly blood shot and beginning to glass over those beautiful green eyes look so lost, we're silent for awhile. I exhale,
"I know the feeling" It's now my turn to look away because this is what I have been doing with Matt.
"I've been there too, it takes my mind off not being with you." He winces, and the look  he gives me stops me in my tracks we're both so lost without each other. He pushes me up against a fence post and kisses me with such raw passion searching me to find the answer that we both have been longing for, I give in to him by kissing him back with the same force. I wrap my legs around his waist we so desperately want each other. He stops for a second and stands back so I can see his face.
"Is this really want you want, do you really want me after everything?" I pull my hands up to his face and hold his head in my hands and look him square
"Yes this is really what I want, now shut up and kiss me." I smile and pull him into me. My hands go up to his hair while his move up my legs to my ass where he gives it a gentle squeeze, he begins to unbuckle his pants as I unbutton some of his shirt and plant kisses on his chest. He then moves on to sliding down part of my jeans and pulls my knickers to the side, he gently strokes me seeing that I am ready for him. I gasp as he enters me. We find our rhythm and soon release what we have been wanting to do from the moment down at the creek. We come back down from the height of our passion and reality sets in and I feel the irritation of the post against my back.  He gently lowers my feet back onto the ground.
"I love you" he whispers into my ear and gently kisses my neck.
"I'm sure dad is wanting to know what kept us." I giggle and grab his hand and we hurry back to the house laughing, kissing and holding each other.

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