Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


4. Matt

I head on down to the bar, maybe Matt will be there? Even though I don't feel like socializing I need to drown some sorrows, Jonathan as much as I love to hate him has now left me with an open spot of where the someone to comfort me goes. As I walk into the bar our eyes connect he is there. I make my way over and take a seat.
"Twice in one day is it my lucky day?" He comes over and then sees there is something wrong, "You ok?"
"I'm fine, can I please get something stronger than the usual?" His eyebrows raise
"Coming right up." He slides me the drink, I smile wearily at him. I can tell he wants to say something but he holds his tongue. I quickly down the drink and request one more, I feel the alcohol go to my head, now I have the confidence to go dance it off.
Every time I look up from the dance floor we're drawn to one another and each of us doesn't know how to react when we catch eachothers eyes we just look away like high school kids. After being groped too many times out on the floor I head back to order another drink. The place is starting to pick up a bit more but thankfully I am able to get a front row seat to admire him as he serves the people their drinks. He sees my and comes over
"Anything else you would like?"
"Long island iced tea, please."
"Going all out tonight aye, where is your pretty blonde friend of yours tonight?" as he shakes the drink up for me my he looks stunning ripped muscles under his black shirt, and thanks to the run in at the beach this morning all I can picture right now is him with no shirt.
"Well..." he asks, I blush I have been staring too long, I am surprised there is no drowl coming out of my mouth.
"Oh um, just me tonight needed to get out, cool down a bit."
"Well you behave tonight I don't want to be cleaning up your mess if you continue drinking like this."
"Um thanks, I think?" I say he is concerned which is nice for a change. As I continue to drink myself away until I know I won't be able to stand, I notice a few men try to take advantage of this. I am able to turn most of them away but this one man who leans in and starts kissing me, starts to get forceful when I try to pull him off to say no, it is not until Matt steps in to seperate us.
"Mate I don't think your getting the message, you can leave this bar now thanks." The man gets the warning, gives matt the finger and says 'fuck you' to me and leaves. Matt turns to me and takes my hand.
"Are you ok?"  I shake my head in defeat realise I too had my walls up tonight not ready to deal with my mess.
"I need to get out of here."
"Just wait, I finish in 5, can I walk you home?"
"Yea, thanks, I might need your help getting off this chair." I giggle and this time it's genuine. Matt grabs his coat and a water bottle and hands it to me
"Drink" I do as I am told, our walk back home is silent but comfortable Matt has his hand around my waist the whole time making sure I don't fall over which I almost do. As we reach my door I turn to him, I lean against my door and his hands come up to cup my face.
"Are you sure you are going to be ok." I look back into his eyes and see the concern all over his face, I nod.
"Thank you for tonight." he snickers to himself and I frown at him
"I didn't do anything we barely talked."
"Yea but you were there and that's what I was hoping for." He stops to look at me again
"I don't know what it is about you, but I am hooked." come on kiss me! my head screams this is what you wanted all night! And he does, he leans in with this hands cupped around my face again and kisses me so softly it leaves me wanting more, I reach up and pull him back down to me and we're all over each other. I groan as he starts to kiss down my neck. I pull away for a quick second to open my door let him in and close it again so we can continue this in private. We're fumbling around as we kiss each other and make our way down my hall to the living area. We're taking off our clothes as I fall backwards onto the coach. He follows me as he leans over me I start to undo his jeans as he takes off my bra. I can't believe I am doing this. I haven't made love this spontaniously in ages!
As we bask in the afterglow of our dirty deeds, I hear the turning of a door knob and I hear Sal's voice, shit! She has a key to my apartment. We scramble around for our clothes Matt manages to get his pants back on and I simply wrap my self up with the throw rug I have on the coach.
"Luce you here!? Oh shit sorry! Didn't realise you have company." Sal walks in on us as we have finished throwing on what we could. And a big smile spreads across her face,
"You little slut, but with Matt that's ok, I would too." She winks at him
"Sal what are you doing here?" I manage to get out before our interrogation starts with who is in my apartment half naked.
"When were you going to tell me you broke up with Jonathan? And that you are going back to the bush? Sorry Matt important girls 101." she waves her hand at him as her attention is fully on me. I shift uncomfortably, Matt's shocked not knowing I had a boyfriend to begin with.I was going to tell him...
"Well how long are you going for, and what about poor Matt now." Sal does puppy eyes at me I know she doesn't want me to go either.
"It's not going to be forever, it's just a week to see dad. Beside um well me and Matt err have only been together for as long as your ass has been sitting on this couch."
Matt raises his hands "Hey I am right here." Matt gets off the other couch comes across to mine and eases behind me and kisses the back of my neck. It sends goose bumps down my back. And takes over the conversation.
"Sal we just had a one night stand – as I am sure you know what they are." he eyes her "Besides, if Luce has just broken up with this guy I don't think what I want is going to come into play, and no I don't care we can just be good friends for all I care, and maybe where ever this place she is going will be good for her to get away from us..' Wow this guy knows how to think on his feet quickly, we both stare at him gobbed smacked.
"And in saying so Luce I better be out of here, looks like you need to do some catching up." As he shifts to get off the coach and slips on his shirt and grabs his underwear he comes over to give me one last kiss.
"Maybe we can catch up before you leave." He winks and then throws is undies at me
"You can keep these as a memory."And he is gone. I don't get any words out, me and Sal are left staring at one another with his undies in my hands.
"Gurl you better spill and pronto, just looking at him makes me want to jump his bones, was it a good fuck?" and so I fill Sal in on everything that happened tonight and we come to an agreement that I promise to be back one week from the date I leave.

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