Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


7. Mary

My pursuit for love mainly ended up with me hitting the pub to drown out another unsuccessful day, tonight was not a good night. I had gained the reputation of the tough guy and wasn't afraid to get into a blue but for once I just wanted to be left alone.
"Hey Thompson, what you got for today?" I don't know why I let them irritate me but they knew how to get under my skin. I tried to ignore them but they come up and smacked me on the back to see if I would respond. I did, I turned around and punched him right in the nose, I hear the crack, I have broken it.
"You fucking asshole." He says as he stumbles back with blood pouring out of his nose. I shrug turn around and take a long sip of my drink.
"Hey you don't get away that easy." I roll my eyes, he grabs my collar, I stand up and turn around and raise my eyebrows.
"Well then, what do you have for today?" I say sarcastically but before the action can begin...
"HEY!!!" We all turn, but then he takes his chance and punches me in the side of the head and I am down.
"What the hell do you think your doing?! Go fuck off."
"Aww come on Mary, just having some fun."
"Fun? Knocking out a guy, yea real hero." I come out of the black out and see her staring down at me
"Jesus, are you ok?" I try and sit up but feel the dizziness set in, I rest back on my elbows.
"Yea I'm good."
"I don't believe that come let's get you looked at." And she is dragging me up taking my hand and leading me to  a back room where they keep the first aid.
"I'm fine really."
"Cut the crap, you don't have to play Mr tough guy with me." she says
"I'm Mary by the way."
"Jack." I smile weakly at her and some glimmer of happiness sneaks in, I then wince as she dabs my head to clear the area. 
From that moment we became glued to the hip. No one would come near me after that, besides the women but Mary would tell them where to go, I still can't figure out if it was her temper or my punch? Everything seemed to be going well between the both of us until I started drinking again. I remember it clearly, I saw her, well I thought I saw her, that gorgeous brown hair and the  familiarity of the laugh. When I heard it I instantly looked up in search for her. Thankfully Mary was not with me this night. I scanned the crowd and couldn't see her but there it was the laugh and a brunette walking out. I had to know, I quickly got up from my spot and almost chased them down.
"Hey!" I yelled after the two girls they both turned around and I knew it wasn't her but to be sure I still had to ask.
"I'm sorry you just remind me so much of someone, may I ask your name, I'm err Jack." I extend my hand. Her friend swats it away.
"Oh no you don't mister, no way are you getting in her pants!" I am shocked all I wanted was her name she smiles and they turn and walk away. As I am about to re-enter the pub she calls out.
"Names Delilah." And blows me a kiss. Sorry love not the name I want to hear and thus I came home drunk that night, and we got into fight. Our fights were happening more often now. I don't know what was up with her though, everything seemed to annoy her lately.
I managed to piece it together what was really up with Mary, she was sleeping with one of my mates and this was her way of coping with the guilt that she was cheating on me. The first piece of the puzzle was the amount of fights we would have over nothing, yea we fought but now they were worst as if she was trying to get me to leave, which she was doing a good job at. The second piece was when I saw some lingerie I hadn't seen her wear before I made a sexy remark and she got mad and fobbed it off. This was not the Mary I knew as she loved all that kinky shit. I then started to ask around as I knew something was not right with her, I asked a few of my mates what they thought and one of them was game enough to tell me the whole deal. It broke me as I knew this was partly my fault from holding onto a girls memory from when I was 16 fuck what have I done.
It had been a week since my friend had broke the news to me, tonight I decided I was going to confront her if she didn't say anything. I had it all thought out, I had my bags ready and waiting. As I was waiting for the right moment, Mary surprises me by speaking up.
"Jack I have something to tell you." I look up at her, she is standing while I lay on the couch. She's clutching a white stick... 
"Jack I'm pregnant."
"What? How can that be?" Tears streaming down her face. I start to pace, no this is not my child.
"Please say something."
"Damnit Mary, you can't just spring this on me, we fight all the time and we barely even touch each other anymore and you know it!" I run my fingers through my hair I am so mad at her, trying to make me think that this could possibly be MY child, I'm not going to let her make me believe it is mine.
"Jack please, look the stick is positive" She is sobbing and grabs my arm and falls to her hands and knees in a blubbering mess. My heart softens, I squat down infront of her. And lift up her chin to look into her eyes.
"I know this baby it not mine."
"But...." I silence her with my finger. I repeat my words to her
"I know the baby is not mine." The blood rushes from her face and her mouth drops open I can see she is scrambling
"It is yours why would you say such a thing." I let out a big sigh and close me eyes controlling my anger because I know she will be better without me.
"I know it's Greg's and before you say anything I am happy for you because he can give you what I no longer can and I know that is why you guys have been seeing each other and I only have myself to blame, I just want this child to be in a family that is together and we aren't that." Her crying has stopped and she raises her hands to my face.
"Will you be ok? Jack I know you, you can't keep pushing people away. You act all tough but I know the real you deep down don't hide it whatever you do.' I lean in and let it linger before I kiss her on the forehead.
"I'll be fine." It's a lie. Mary was the only person in a long time I had let my walls down with, I owed her a lot as she came and picked up what pieces she could of my broken ass, she cleaned me up and for awhile I saw that I could love another woman. What am I going to do now?
"Jack" I pause at the door and look at her
"I hope you manage to find her."

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