Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


21. It's Raining it's Pouring

Jack's POV
Today is a big day me and Matt need to take the cattle up to higher ground. The weather stations have been going on for weeks now about a big storm surge heading out our way. I don't want to take a risk so we are moving the cattle to our front paddock closest to our house where it will be less likely to flood. It's quiet than usual, which out here is not a good sign, something big is coming. It been building all day the sky is getting darker, we only have a few more cattle to get to the creek crossing, which is ok for now because it is bone dry but in flood season this trickle turns into a ragging current that can sweep you right off your feet in seconds. We hear the thunder clapping in the distance giving us the warning that we probably only have half an hour before the rain starts then minutes before this creek is dangerous. 'CRACK' it's getting closer.
“Quick get them over this.” the cattle are starting to get spooked from the noise which we have no time for. Matt leads the front of the heard. We have two others working with us today but I don't want to put any of them in danger I stay at the back the other two stockmen are in the middle breaking up the heard in batches that we can control. The first half has made it over the creek bed and is high up to be safe when the water comes. The trickle of the creek is starting to get bigger as water must be washing down from further up, it's started I feel the first drop hit my hand, we're half way through the second lot 
“come on.” I yell, crack the whip and push them forward, the rain has well and truly set in and I've only got five very stubborn cattle left. I sit on my horse in the water to let them know it's safe, they begin to cross. It's starting to get too high and it's just a mother and her calf I take the risk and get off my horse and head to the calf to pick it up the mum begins to follow.
Luce's POV
Matt is back now but where is he, where is Jack? He should have made it with the last lot of cattle that are now in the gate.
“Matt where is he?” I'm starting to get anxious these waters are dangerous
“He is down near the creek only had five to go.” No that can't be right, he would have been near the front paddock by now and all I can see is the other two stockmen. I run to the stables and quickly saddle up Patch to find him. Me and Matt head out together. We are nearing the creek and I can see his horse but where is Jack, I hear the cry of the calf. We race to the banks and there he is trying to push it's mother up but every time he tries he keeps sliding back into the mud. Matt throws me a rope from this saddle bag and I go down and tie it around the cows neck
“READY!” I yell out to Matt who begins to pull the cow as Jack pushes. It works!
“Matt take them back we'll be right now thank you.” Matt turns and takes them away. Jack is exhausted and can't even get up.
“Come on baby we can't stay here we've got to keep moving.” the water is lapping at my boots and quickly rising. From somewhere deep inside me I manage to get the strength to pick him up and sludge out of the mud up further. He is so weak he can barely sit upright on his horse but we need to keep moving, he is shaking by the time we get home and almost falls off his horse. Matt grabs him and drags him into the house.
“Get me some blankets and run the hot water now!” I hear him yell out. I rush the horses back to the stables strip them down in a record time and run back to the house. They have the bath running.
“Thanks Matt I got it from here.” I begin to strip him down and move him towards the water. I wash the mud out of his hair as he lays there. I have him all wrapped up in blankets now and move him to the bedroom where is flops down and is fast asleep. I kiss his head and go out to check on everyone else. The two other guys are good a bit shaken up but fine, they're all sipping hot drinks that Pat has made. She comes over and squeezes my arm, she can see it's hit me.
“Are you alright?” I shake my head and silent tears roll down
“I could have lost him.” and she pulls me into a hug 
“But you didn't, men are hard to exterminate.” we smile knowing what each of us has been through with them. Matt walks into the room holding both little Matt and Izzy.
“They are to wrestless I can't get either of them down.” another crack of lightneing booms and both kids instantly squeel and cry. Time for mum duties. While calming the kids we set up the lounge into a makeshift room for the two stockies and Matt and Pat take the spare room. No one was making it back home tonight, we would surely be flooded in by now.
Jack's POV
I wake up in a cold sweat, am I dead? No but how did I get here? Luce! I instantly calm when I feel the warmth of her body next to me I roll towards her and begin to kiss her shoulder. I'm so in love with this woman and look down and see lil Matt sleeping soundly in his cot, it's still raining outside. She stirs next to me and pushes against me. I wrap my arm around her and cup my hand on her chest, I can feel her heartbeat. I can't resist, I can't loose her. My hand slides down and starts to rub her. She lets out a moan.
“What are you doing.” she whispers still half asleep
“Matt's there.”
“We'll just have to be quiet.” I lay back and sit her ontop of me so her ass is facing me. I push up and she starts to move all the time I continue to rub her spot. She starts to slow which means she is close I make my rubbing faster along with short hard thrusts, I feel her go as the warmth hits I start to speed up now making her orgasm last longer until I release. She pulls out of me and joins me at my side.
“Very naughty, but well worth it.” we kiss and it reminds me of when we very first kissed. It's a feeling that you can't live without this person and as if you have been waiting eternity for this one kiss, it sends electric pulses througout my body.
“I can't live without you.” I mumble into her ear
“Then please don't try and kill yourslef again.” she grips me harder and snuggles into me, this was just as hard on her then it was me. I encircle her
“I promise” I kiss the top of her head and we fall back asleep in each others arms.

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