Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


22. I Told You So

Fast forward and here I am telling you all about the man who came into my life and somehow has not left. We now have another little one on the way and still out on the farm, which is going fantastic, everything is finally taking a turn for the good. Dad sadly passed away when little Matt was two and since then it's been me and Jack running the station. I still stay in touch with   my city friends they come out every now and then but life on the farm can't stop for long. Matt and Pat are also doing great, they are still out here with us and loving every moment of it. Sal and Jono are suprisingly still together, they officially handed over the farm to Matt and Pat out of good will, Matt gave them 50% of their profit they made though. Sal and Jono have also had a kid and Sal actually makes a great mum!  My mother is still stuck in her ways and unfortunately we don't get to see her much but that is how she has chosen to live her life always ever trying to please to high class society people and never stopping to think of herself and her family. Jack's family on the other hand have become a lot closer and are whole heartedly involved in our children's lives Jack is loving it. And that's me!
Enjoy XO
Luce Thompson
Remember that 16 year old boy that said he would marry that girl from the dance? Well I did as you can tell. I am currently looking down at them curled up on the coach. Luce has a book in her hand and is reading to little Matty. She is pregnant again, this time it's a girl. I lean back against the wall and soak in what I have been blessed with. She looks up at me and smiles.
“What are you thinking about Mr Thompson?”
“Yea daddy come and join us.”
“Oh nothing.” I make my way over to the couch and stretch out Matt comes over and jumps on me. Kids know all the wrong places to jump on. And another night passes with laughter filling our house.


Now time to refine this work...

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