Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


14. Dirty Dancing

To my utter disappointment dessert will not be served tonight as the Bedovines leave shamefully in all three cars they came in, Sally looks over her shoulder and mouths thank you, I knew Jonathan would be what she wanted most, glad I could help her in that department. Jonathan leaves with his head down but looks up and gives me a quick smile in return as if to say thank you too. Those kids have a few screws loose I think. I turn my attention back to the mess left in the kitchen I must go to wash and dry the dishes.
"Love those can wait for the morning, have you seen Jack?" Dad asks
"Here I am." Jack wanders in at the right time.
"You two sit, we haven't had dessert." I smile at both of them. I can't let the pavlova go to waste now. Dad and Jack sit waiting at the table as I bring out the decadent masterpiece that thankfully Mrs Bedovine got to finish before the interruptions. I sit down between the two and dish up three full serves of the pavlova, it looks so fluffy and the crust cracks as we dig in. we sit full and content after our serve of dessert soaking in the still quietness of the night. It's so peaceful out here, before I'm about to nod off myself dad brakes the silence.
"Well I better hit the hay, it's been a whirl wind these last couple of days, sweetie I believe I have you to thank for tonight's turn of events, though it is not what I would of gone for it has surely left them running for the hills. Goodnight." he kisses me on the head and heads off to his room.
"Goodnight Jack." he mumbles as he closes his door. I get up to clear the table expecting Jack to head off somewhere else  other than the kitchen, however I find him helping me clean up and put away dishes.
"You don't have to do that."
"I want to, means more time with you." he puts his plate down and pulls me into his arms as last we're alone again. I slip out of his embrace and quietly put the radio and start to finish off what remains of the mountain of dishes. I hum alone to the song that is playing forgetting that Jack is there.. I think 'moon dance' is playing, I haven't noticed I'm swaying along to it until Jack put his hands on my hips and leads me to dance with him. Is this man good at everything? I laugh and let him sweep me up in the dance, we're twirling around the kitchen he even dips me and kisses all down my neck. Before we know it the song has ended and another one starts up.
"I love this song! Dirty dancing is one of my favourite movies." Hungry eyes has just come onto the radio and I'm having flash backs of the dirty dancing scenes where Baby and Johnny are dancing and beginning to fall for each other.
"So you want some dirty dancing now?" Jack questions with a big smile
"Let me be your Patrick tonight." I laugh and put out my hand, he takes it and pulls me close and starts the thrust of his hips into me soon we're into the rhythm of the song and I'm blissfully loving every bit of it, who wouldn't want an re-enactment of dirty dancing done to them? This is far better than all the dancing I've done with men in the night clubs, Jack knows how to move.
"So Jack, last time we danced it sure wasn't like this where did you learn these moves huh?"
"My love, you truly haven't been in the country long enough." I look at him puzzled
"B&S ball." he laughs.
I've heard of them through Sal's escapades, they are one big country shin ding where all the men and women come together for this big event and I've been told it can get pretty messy. Unfortunately I never got to attend one of these, dad refused to let me go. Sal's parents on the other hand I don't think knew exactly what they entailed but all I know is that whenever Sal would get sick of the city men she would head out to one of these and have a wild time with the boys. 
"What are they like, are the like the stories?" I want to know what stories Jack has from them, has he been a man like the ones Sal hooked up with?
"It's a whole lot of testosterone and a lot of women looking to get some pretty much, by the end of the night you can guarantee there will be a fight, people passed out and a couple going at it in the bushes." I stare as him wide eyed, this all sounds fun yet scary at the same time!
"So Mr Thompson, what did you get up to as these balls?"
"Baby, a whole lot of drinking, dancing and woman, and maybe a fight or two." He looks at me cautiously as if he has scared me off. I look up and smile broadly this sounds great!
"Will you take me to one next time?"
"Ah Luce are you sure? It can get messy and with you know the reputation I told you about i'm not the hottest date to be seen with." I roll my eyes
"So let this be our introduction to the country as us being together."
"You have twisted my arm, your in luck there is one next Saturday that's if you will still be here?" He lingers on that question. I lean up and kiss him
"I wouldn't miss it for the world" He picks me up and spins me around so happy to here that
"Really? You're going to stay?"
"Well...." he puts me down
"I'm going to have to head home to sort out a few things there but I will have my stuff packed and ready for my chapter out here, I will come out though for this ball."
"Are you just going to pack up everything and head on out here? Don't get me wrong I'm ecstatic, but is this what you want or what your dad wants?" I hadn't really thought about it that way, yes I would do anything for my father but this is my choice. I have missed this place ever since I said goodbye and now that Jack is here I have even more of a reason to be out here.
"Dad needs me, and I love it out here, this truly is my home and I haven't been more sure about it then ever." And with saying that he picks me up and beings leading me to my bedroom.
"What about the dishes?" I squeal
"They can wait"' He says kissing me, and with that said I forget about the mess.
"Now can I rip this dress off Miss Cunningham?" I turn away so my back is facing him,
"Maybe not rip, but you can unzip me." He leans down and kisses the base of my neck and with one hand  gently unzips my dress and the other wanders on down and teases me. He undoes my bra and I let the top of my dress fall down along with my bra, and he sends little kisses all down my back. This is so good, I manage to turn around and he reads my mind and steps back and takes off his shirt, there is that torso again. I now let go of the rest of my dress and let it fall to my feet. He takes a step forward all the while slowly undoing his pants so by the time has his finger flicking the elastic of my underwear he is naked. I shimmy off my underwear and feel him press up against me. I let my hands run down his back and to his ass and give it a gentle squeeze. We let go of our embrace and head towards the bed, we're lucky we found it with all our kissing and touching. As he leans over me continuing his torture with his fingers, I push my hip up letting him know that I want him now, he takes the hint and begins to enter me, he looks down checking I'm ok and I nod and he  lowers himself and goes further in, Holy Shit! I wrap my legs around him and grab his biceps. As he sending my body into a fit of shakes from the inside, he soon follows after me. I didn't know my body could reach those kind of levels! After the buzz has calmed he rests his head between by breasts and lets our a deep breath.
"Look what you do to me." He says breathlessly, I run my fingers through his hair and gently kiss his forehead.
"Look what you do to me." I say back and move my hips in a circular motion so he can feel it. He pulls out of me and sits himself up on his arm near my side.
"I have never felt like that before, Luce I'm beginning to fall for you." I turn on my side to face him he has shown me so much since I have known him I have never felt like this before with anyone.
"I feel the same way too, it feels like I have known you forever." I go to skim my hand down his back and I feel the scars, he winces as if remembering the story he told me about how he got them.
“Sorry” I quickly take my hand away. He smiles back at me and looks down.
“It's ok, I have you now.”
“So why did you ever leave here?" he asks quizzically, now it's my turn, I don't have much to say but I can let my walls come down with him.
"Divorce, it wasn't long after that ball when my parents got divorced, mum couldn't handle it once the station hit it's slow point. She loved the country but she also loved having money and thought that we were going broke. I had to go with mum as the “country is no place to raise our daughter” as she says, and so off to the city we went. I got use to it but a part of me always missed the country I vowed that when I was old enough and had the money I would visit, which I did and met you sigh, from that point on after meeting you and being back here the city has not felt the same, I feel so bare and alone surrounded by my friends compared to feeling so alive out here. I was planning to come back this year but dads phone call made it more sooner, I'm almost all set to come out just need to finish off a few things there first.” I nestle into his chest, as he strokes my hair.
"So where does this Jonathan fit in?" I laugh, it's cure that he is concerned.
"We aren't getting jealous now are we?"
'I just need to know what I'm up against" Mr Macho man has come out well he doesn't need to worry.
"You don't need to worry, tonight it has finally gotten through to him that I am ok and that he and Sal are made for each other. But where to begin Jonathan, Sally and I all grew up out here. We were all very close friends growing up, they are the rich family around here, always having dinner parties and la de da functions. He was there the day I found out that my parents were getting a divorce so from there we started something but the last years of our relationship were hell as we didn't share the same desires and I knew I could not love him how he wanted me to so after finding out from Sally that he slept with someone while we were one a little break I ended it. He just needs a girl who doesn't challenge him,  someone who will do as she is told and though I don't think Sal will be much help there they know each other well enough to live with it whereas me well I don't like being fake and put on show like a trophy and that is what I felt like with him."
"Thank you." he whispers, I think he is about to fall asleep what is the time? What!? it's nearly 2 in the morning!
"I'm all yours Jack, good morning." I whisper, I hear him mumble the words back I nestle into him as if we're two puzzle pieces and fall straight asleep.
"So dad I plan to be back by next Friday for this ball, and hopefully by then most of my stuff in the city will be sorted and fingers crossed I won't have to go back for awhile, and I'm going to look at your books too." Dad just shakes his head, and buries his face in his hands, he isn't looking forward about me going to the ball and the fact that I will be looking over the books. I had been doing bookkeeping since I could work in the city I enjoy crunching numbers and making things balance. I am glad that I have an understanding employer as soon as I told them about everything with dad they didn't let me give them any buts they told me to go be with my family and that if I ever wanted to come back the job was mine.
"You ready to go?" Jack calls out
"Yes coming."
"Now no shenanigans in the car you two, have a safe trip dear love you and I'm glad your coming back." He embraces me and kisses me on the head, I love dad kisses they always make me feel safe. Jack has gone bright red and quickly takes my bag out to the ute. I laugh, me and my dad can be so open with these things, I guess it's from all my talks about how all the men treated me in the city.
"Love you, I will try." I say,
"Now get out of here" He shoos me out, I think he just doesn't want me to see him get teary. I walk out onto the patio and breath in the fresh air, soon I will be back home permanently! I hope into the passenger seat and click my belt in. I look up at Jack give him a quick kiss.,
"Let's drive, baby." and we pull out.
This drive seems to have gone way to quickly, before I know it I'm turning around and waving goodbye to Jack as I walk out onto the airstrip, he looks so torn. Don't worry it's only 4 more days and I will be wishing that every second goes faster so I can be back in his arms again. I can't help it I quickly run back up to him and give him another hug. He holds me tight and I can catch his intoxicating smell.
"Come back to me."
"Jack you know I will, I will see you soon." He sounds as if I'm going to run off on him, I squeeze him tight and turn and run back down.

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