Can It Be

When Luce is called back home she didn't expect to ever find him again! Will she return to the country and pursue her lost love or will she stay in the city where all her friends are? Can love conquer all?


13. Busted

~~Let the show begin! The Bedovines have all come in their separate cars – I can never understand them it's not like they have anyone to show off to out here. There is Mr and Mrs Bedovine and both Sal and Jonathan have come. Tonight I am going to put my theory into play to work to my advantage. If Sal and Jono show any sort of inkling of being together in front of their parents it will have them have them running out this door too embarrassed to show their faces again. Yes I shall play this card. I roll my eyes just as Jonathan pulls up and looks at me and winks. No thank you mister not anymore. Which reminds me I better quickly fill Jack in on these guys. I pull him aside and he seems to know too well what I'm about to do and steals a quick kiss and runs a finger down my neck line to where my low cut dress stops
"Mmm nice view Miss." He winks and then puts all his attention to what I'm about to say.
"Jack, I have grown up with these kids and yes Jonathan is the ex, but I want you to know that they can be very manipulative, but I have a plan." I wink and tell him everything he cringes then agrees to go along.
"So that's what you kids get up to in the city, now don't get jealous if I bust some moves out tonight, I can be the distraction to get your plan working." He smirks at me and puts my hand on his ass,
"Ladies can't resit this." Well two can play at this
"And Jonathan will be staring right at these." I grab my boobs and push them up and tisk him as he tries for another kiss.
"Dinner is served!" my dad hollas over the table to everyone, gee he can put on a good poker face I can't even tell he has been bedridden for a few days. As we all make chit chat over the table, I have already picked up that Sal is checking out Jack and Jonathan has been eyeing me all night. I can't help it I sneak a naughty text to Jack
'I can't wait for you to rip this dress off me ;-)' I smile and click send. I secretly watch him read the message and smirk and look my way, my phone buzzes
'With pleasure miss cunningham, it may have to be soon though.'
"What's gotten you all flustered?" Sal pipes up, oh shit my jaw drops I'll have to make something up.
"Just remembering something funny."
"mmm hmm" she raises her brow,
"So Mr hottie over there is Jack right? Wow he is definitely quiet a catch, you're lucky, I almost want to steal him away from you." I don't know if she is serious... I think she might try and flirt with him that's all.
"Sure is, something isn't he?" I say it loud enough so Jonathan hears, hopefully this will make him go away
"Well if you aren't macking out with him tonight, I will have to see what's up with that..."
"Hey you aren't you forgetting someone?" I nudge her, at this point I take note to see what Jonathan does and he answered my question but flicking her a puzzled you told her look and she looks away shaking it off.
"Yea well I sometimes think I am just a secret that is never going to be told so I maze well have some secrets of my own." Wow! that is a good stab at Jonathan.
"Well then, I'll have to introduce you to him later." I wink at her. I smirk and look over to Jack, he is eyeing me curiously he must know we're talking about him considering Sal has been checking him out all night.
As the main course of dinner comes to an end, us women get up to clean the table away and get dessert prepared. This I know will be Sal's time to have some fun with Jack, I hope she doesn't embarrass me too much.
"Well if you excuse me from duties I need to go to the ladies and touch up on my make up."
"Go right ahead dear, me and Luce will have this sorted." Mrs Bedovine says turning to the fridge to fetch the pavlova while I'm left to prepare the fruit to go with it. Sal turns to me and gives me a wink, I smile back and mouth good luck, and she is gone. As we prepare in the kitchen Jonathan now takes his chance with me while there isn't many people around.
"Luce, can we have a word alone?" he asks, I roll my eyes
"Sure." I put down the knife and rinse my hands from the fruit juice
"I'll be back in a minute Mrs Bedovine."
"Take your time my love." Mrs Bedovine has always been fond of me and loves having the kitchen all to her self, that woman can cook up a good storm, some of my fond memories from when I was dating Jonathan. Jonathan and I head down the hall and into the small study, he closes the door behind him.
"So what did you want to talk about Jonathan?" I stand my distance with my arms crossed looking the least bit interested in him to be here.
"Nothing in general I just wanted to see how you are going with the news of your father and the selling of the property."
"Look Jonathan, if this is your way of trying to win me back by buying my fathers property, you sure are doing a lousy job!" I'm so frustrated to think that he knew about my dads sickness and didn't tell me and the fact that he thinks I can't read through his fakeness he puts on to everyone.
"I thought this is what you wanted, you would always talk about this place and when we grew up here, I wouldn't want to see this property go to just anyone unless that is what you want?" He steps forward into my personal space, why does this room have no emergency exits?
"Jonathan I don't want anything from you, being here doesn't stir up any passion to be with you. I don't love you. I'm with Jack now" This seems to hit him and he goes to step back but then grabs my wrist and pulls me into him and kisses me hard and rough. This is not what I want  and this is not him, I don't like this. I get my hand free and push him away.
"I don't want this, now if you excuse me. Jonathan stop lying to yourself about us, I know about you and Sal, and no she didn't tell me I figured it out, she makes you happy" he is in between me and the door I try to get past him but he blocks me and has a wicked smile on his face as if he is playing some stupid child's game. I try again and this time he grabs me and pushes me to the wall.
"Tell me you don't like it rough, Luce isn't this all apart of getting back to your roots?" he pushes up against me and tries to kiss me again. I am pretty good at warding off men but when it comes to Jonathan he isn't as easy as he is just as tough considering we both grew up together and played rough when we were young, I could never bet him then either. I'm stuck and freaking out slightly, stay came Luce I say to myself, dad or someone will wonder where we are... JACK oh I hope Sal isn't bothering him too much.
"There you are, I've been looking for you." Sally rounds to corner to the patio to find Jack standing there with his back to her.
"You were, why is that?" Jack plays it cool, thankfully I had given him a heads up about Sally so he can read her game.
"Yes I was wondering, when my family buys this property if you will come with it too?" She giggles, she has been drinking a bit tonight and with Jonathan off limits she needed some sort of attention.
"I may or may not, I guess time will tell." Jack turns to face her and it takes him by surprise, she has layered her face with more bronzer than one can stand and her lipstick does not match what she is wearing she has fake tan written all over her. Sal bats he eye lids
"Well I sure hope you do, I will need some company out here." She steps forward and puts her arms around his neck. She is trying to hard and knows this isn't right but what's one kiss to Luce? That's when he hears it.
"sssh, did you hear that?" He puts his finger up to Sal's lips all knowing this will set her off, she shakes her head to indicate she didn't hear it. Perfect
"I'll be right back, just wait." Jack winks puts his hands on her hips and steps out of her arm lock. Jack walks inside, it sounded like it was coming from inside the house, but where? There it is, the study. Luce!
"Mr Cunningham, have you seen Luce?" Jack asks
"She went up the hallway with Jonathan somewhere Jack."
"Ok thank you." His thoughts have been answered now it won't look weird. Just when Jonathan is about to unzip his fly, Jack comes in. What a relief! Jonathan shifts trying not to give anything away
"Have you heard of knocking mate!?" He says agitated, he loosens his grip on me and I take the chance to push him and get past.
"Sorry wrong door, toilet is the next one." Jack says eyeing me as if asking you ok, I can punch him?
"Jonathan, why don't you wait here, I may not be able to give you what you want but I know someone who will be all wound up from being ignored."
he finally gives up the game and admits defeat,
"Aren't you made that I'm with your best friend?" I shake my head
"No because this guy sounds like he treats her right." I smile at him and he relaxes, Jack leaves us to talk a bit more
"You can't tell anyone." I put my hands out and squeeze his
"I won't have to, now I am going to go find Sal for you wait here." I leave him puzzled at my remark. Now to find Sal... And where has Jack gone? I set out to find her first.
"Hey Sal, I couldn't get Jack to play along but I have something for you in the study." I giggle towards here, Sal quickens her pace and hugs me
"Oh Luce, thank you what did you get me?"
"Oh you'll see, I think you will like it." She looks a me weird.
"I have to take you though” we giggle and walk hand in hand into the house and just as we're near the study I put my hands over her eyes open the door.
"No peeking" I say into her ear and guide her in and gently close the door behind her. I listen for awhile.
"Ok Luce this isn't funny what is in here?" I hear
"Sal open your eyes it's me."
"What the hell are you doing here, oh fucking Luce, she knows doesn't she?"
"Yea she figured it out, but I think someone was maybe too open with the details... Look we have her blessing so come over her and let me do what i've been wanting to do this whole fucking time we have been out here."
"Aww Jonathan, tell me about it, get me out of this and lavish me with your love."
"Just keep it down otherwise mum and dad will find out."
"I'm not stupid now get here."
Now is my queue I head back into the kitchen to fetch Mr and Mrs Bedovine,
"I just have something so lovely to show you, it's just in the study." As I head back up with the parents by my side, I step to the side and swing the door wide. Mrs Bedovine lets out a shriek and almost passes out at the sight of Jonathan and Sally going hard at it on the study floor. I creep away and into my room. Some sanity for the moment, I close the door making sure no one saw me sneak away and there he is behind me kissing my neck.
"You took your time, did it work?" I turn and face him and give him a kiss, the touch of his lips takes away the thoughts of Jonathan in the study earlier.
"Did you not here the scream?"
"Well I wasn't sure if that was the mum or the daughter." I laugh at the pun. I then register he has no shirt on.
"Hey why is your shirt off?" It makes me blush, I haven't exactly seen him naked yet and the feelings from before pulsate through my body as I now feel the heat
"I was getting hot in here." I nod gawking at his finely tuned body
"Well it definitely is now, you will have to help me out of this." I raise me finger,
"but not yet, put your shirt back on and come out soon." I throw his shirt back at him, and leave the room, if feel like a kid sneaking her boyfriend in for the night.

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