So this is love ( an Im5 and 5sos love story )

What happens when Lucy Jones and Olivia Jones meet their celeb crush after Lucy just got an acting job and is in a band? Will anything change after meeting Luke Hemmings from 5sos and Dana Vaughns from IM5? What's gonna happen when the two boys realize they have fallen in love with these sisters? What happens when the girls realise they fallen in love with the boys too? Will there be a lot of drama from fans or not?


13. "Try me..."

      I looked at my lap then smiled at Cole to try and let him know I'm fine but he didn't buy it. "Hey what's wrong?" "Be warned when I rant it's in French so, good luck with this." I laughed nervously. "Yeah she does, it's kind of funny sometimes because of how long it takes her to word it correctly. One time she said 'You have an @$$' instead of 'You are an @$$'!" She laughed so I just glared at her while everyone laughed at me. "You wanna know what's wrong Cole?" I asked when he stopped laughing. "Oui" He laughed. "You ready?" "Try me..." He said looking confident. "Alright well

Tout est faux! Vous savez que j'ai aimé Da, lui d'abord, puis il s'en va et obtient une amie putain! Lorsque nous garder les enfants de son cousin il ya un moment, il a dit que je n'étais pas sa petite amie, mais je serais bientôt. Est-il vraiment que beaucoup de joueur? At-il vraiment beaucoup changé ou ai-je changé? Dites-moi, dites-moi votre opinion honnête Cole parce que je suis fatigué de gens qui jouent avec moi et mes sentiments. Vous savez quoi? Je vais changer, je vais porter tout noir jusqu'à ce qu'il remarque pour voir si il se soucie même de moi parce que je doute qu'il le fasse. Vous n'allez pas simplement derrière vos copines dos et flirter avec un de votre meilleur ami, un de vos amis Cole! Je ne pense pas que c'est une chose mais dites-moi si je me trompe! S'il vous plaît me dire ce que le baiser se passe parce que je ne sais même pas et c'est ma vie et maintenant il me faire chier!"

Everything's wrong! You know that I liked Da-, him first then he goes off and gets a freaking girlfriend! When we babysit his cousin a while ago he said that I wasn't his girlfriend but I would be soon. Is he really that much of a player? Has he really changed that much or have I changed? Tell me, tell me your honest opinion Cole because I'm tired of people playing with me and my feelings. You know what? I will change, I will wear all black until he notices to see if he even cares about me because I doubt that he does. You don't just go behind your girlfriends back and flirt with one of your best friend- one of your friends Cole! I don't think that's a thing but tell me if I'm wrong! Please tell me what the fuck is going on because I don't even know and it's my life and right now it's pissing me off! "Wow" he said then came over to me hugging me then Lucy did.

     All of a sudden I heard a snicker coming from the doorway so I turned around and saw Christina laughing in the doorway.


"Je parle français et tout ce que vous faites est à la recherche de l'attention!"

I speak French and all you are doing is looking for attention! I just looked at Cole who was looking at me wide-eyed. "Why are your eyes dark?" I just looked at him for a minute then turned to Christina.

"Ya savent, vous êtes encore pire d'être un accapareur de l'attention que vous cochonne! Je n'ai jamais eu l'attention comme un enfant parce qu'il était toujours sur quelqu'un d'autre et quand il était sur ​​moi, je ne l'aime pas donc franchement, je ne veux pas l'attention. Ainsi, vous pouvez simplement aller sucer la bite des mecs au hasard parce que c'est normal pour vous droit?"

Ya' know, you are even worse about being an attention hoarder you slut! I never got attention as a child because it was always on someone else and when it was on me I didn't like it so frankly I don't want attention. So you can just go and suck some random dudes dick because that's normal for you right?


     I spat hearing those of us who knew French to gasp. I left the studio hearing footsteps behind me but I just rolled my eyes and sped up. Today has been quite an experiment.

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