So this is love ( an Im5 and 5sos love story )

What happens when Lucy Jones and Olivia Jones meet their celeb crush after Lucy just got an acting job and is in a band? Will anything change after meeting Luke Hemmings from 5sos and Dana Vaughns from IM5? What's gonna happen when the two boys realize they have fallen in love with these sisters? What happens when the girls realise they fallen in love with the boys too? Will there be a lot of drama from fans or not?


19. Promise?

Lucy's pov


     We just finished playing the game of truth or dare and the ice was still in Calum's pants. I giggled at him and got him our fuzziest blanket since his lips started to have a bluish tint to them. Once I handed him the blanket he snatched it out of my hands and shoved it in his pants sighing. I scrunched up my nose and turned around to see Luke walking in the room. "Hi, what's up?" "Nothing much, just finished talking to Olivia." "Oh what about?" "Well nothing much but I was wondering, would you wanna go out sometime?" "Dude, why didn't you use that line that I told you?" Michael whined from the living room. "That is nasty, why don't you use it on someone else?" "Fine, I will." "What was the line?" "You don't wanna know..." He laughed and walked out of the room giving Olivia a thumbs up who was talking to Ashton.

     Once he was out of the room, I started doing my victory dance but sadly Olivia filmed me. "Olivia, erase that!" "Fine, but first..." She whined but pressed a few buttons when Luke walked in the room. "Olivia, what is this?" He asked showing us the video which was of me. "Her little victory dance that she did when you left." She snickered then started mimicking me. I just flicked her off then went into my room trying to save myself of any more embarrassment.


Olivia's pov


     Once I said yes to hanging out with Ashton I saw Dana come down the stairs and smile sadly at me then go into the kitchen. He came back out a minute later with a Sprite then went back upstairs. We didn't really care where the boys went  since we don't hide anything from them, well I don't at least. This time I was curious though since Dana rarely ever goes upstairs. I stood on the stair way for a minute until I heard a song by Jason Derulo start playing. I followed it and saw that our extra rooms door was slightly open. I peeked in and saw him dancing around the room. At first I didn't think much of it until I realized that the song was Whatcha Say. Once it got to the verse before the second chorus I saw him sigh then rub his hands on his face then walk over to the music to turn it off. I lightly knocked on the door and saw him turn around and wave at me saying I could come in.

    "Hey, you okay? You never really come up here." "Yeah, sometimes ya' just need a breather" He laughed sitting down so I sat down next to him. "What's going on? Why did you choose that song? Is something going on between you and Kristin?" "You mean Christina?" He laughed again then started talking again. "Nah I broke up with her" "How come? I thought you liked her?" I asked genuinely confused. "She, in nice terms, is a bitch" He said opening up his Sprite. "Well I would hate to hear your rude way..." I commented making him laugh again. "The real reason I chose that song is, well, it's complicated." "I like complicated, I mean dancing wouldn't be that much fun for you if it was just like 2 steps." "Yeah but this dance would be like 30 steps instead of the normal 8 or 9" I was about to reply when I got a text from Ashton.


Hey, can we reschedule? My girlfriend is only in town for a few days, sorry! ~Ash
Yeah sure, totally fine! ~Me


     "Who was that?""Ashton, rain check" "Of course" He muttered but I pretended I didn't hear him. "He has to do some things with his girlfriend-" "So that means you're only friends right?" "Yeah, He is like an annoying older brother to me just not as annoying" I laughed. "Cool" He replied looking off into space. "Dana? Dana, Dana!" "What? Oh sorry" He blushed. "Who has got Dana's mind all out of whack" I laughed nudging his shoulder. "I dunno" "Yes you do, tell me, I promise I won't judge" "Promise?" "Yeah of course!" "You" He replied.

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