So this is love ( an Im5 and 5sos love story )

What happens when Lucy Jones and Olivia Jones meet their celeb crush after Lucy just got an acting job and is in a band? Will anything change after meeting Luke Hemmings from 5sos and Dana Vaughns from IM5? What's gonna happen when the two boys realize they have fallen in love with these sisters? What happens when the girls realise they fallen in love with the boys too? Will there be a lot of drama from fans or not?


1. New life

                                                  Lucy's pov 

                  Currently, me and my sister Olivia Jones just moved in with our dad, our mom died a couple of months ago. I was currently sitting on the couch with my pain In the ass of a sister next to me with her book The Fault In Our Stars in her lap as we were arguing over who was hot in the show we are watching. "Alright fine Lucy, you like the boy who played Brandon Foster and I like the boy who use to play in Wizards of Waverly place ok? Ok settled, then I'm reading." my sister grumbled. " I wonder how we are even related." I said as she laughed. "Only god knows that" my sister said as the doorbell rang. "COME IN!" I shouted as someone practically ran in we looked back to see the im5 boys. 

        "When did you guys get back" Cole asked "Yesterday, we just moved in with our dad cuz our mum died." Olivia's voice said cracking a little as I got up and walked out the door for a couple  of seconds to myself. I stared down at the bruised wrist and cuts. They were greasy ones but the bruises were from mum where she grabbed my wrist too tight when she found my new cuts on my arm.  

            "Lucy, I'm taking you and your sister out. To a Green Day concert." Dana said sitting down next to me. "You both hate Green Day though, so why are we going?" I asked. " 'Cause that's the only thing we can do that you will come with." He said as I laughed. He picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. As I was laughing then Cole took me and Dana picked up Olivia who was blushing like as red as a tomato. Cole was running around with me when I heard a famous voice say. "Cole put her down so she can come give me a hug..." Cole put me down and I saw Dalton. I ran into his arms then he picked me me up and spun me around. "What are you doing here Dalton?" Cole asked. "Well is it wrong that I wanted to see Lucy?. I think not" Dalton said and set me down.

   "I'm taking the girls to a concert so we'll have to catch up later dalton"  Dana said as Dalton nodded. "How about I text you tonight before bed?" I said to Dalton. He nodded and Olivia and I went up stairs to get dressed for the concert. (the outfits will be at the end of  this chapter) 


               (At the concert) 

                                Lucy's pov 

             "Go to the bathroom Lucy if you need to go..." my sister said as Dana laughed. I flicked him off and whispered. "Fine but if I come back and you two are having sex I'm leaving without you." I said getting up as Olivia hit the back of my head and I laughed walking to the bathroom. 

                "Reminder, never walk through a crowd at a Green Day concert " I mumbled to myself. My sister must be happy I'm gone I thought when 'bam!' I ran straight into someone. I was waiting for the impact of the ground but it never came. "You can open those eyes now darling..." said a very strong accent. I opened my eyes to see Luke Hemmings and I felt my heart stop. Why you might ask, well that's because he's my celebrity crush. He smiled and laughed lightly. "You're not gonna freak out that I Luke Hemmings just caught a pretty girl like you?" he asked. "No I'm not gonna freak out and I'm not pretty..." I said and mumbled the last part. "Well I think you're pretty." He said "Well would you like to sit with me and my sister? She's probably gonna talk to her dream boyfriend and I won't have anyone to enjoy the concert with." I said as he laughed. "Sounds like a deal..." he stopped "Lucy, Lucy jones" I said he smiled. "On one condition though" he said."What's that?" I asked "Give me your number " He said with a lot of confidence. "Only if you give me yours." I said "Sounds like a deal Jones" He said "Alright Hemmings"


Olivia Jones, played by Lucy Hale:


Lucy Jones:


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