So this is love ( an Im5 and 5sos love story )

What happens when Lucy Jones and Olivia Jones meet their celeb crush after Lucy just got an acting job and is in a band? Will anything change after meeting Luke Hemmings from 5sos and Dana Vaughns from IM5? What's gonna happen when the two boys realize they have fallen in love with these sisters? What happens when the girls realise they fallen in love with the boys too? Will there be a lot of drama from fans or not?


2. Introducing

                                        Lucy's pov 

          After I met Luke, we made our way to where my sister and Dana were who were in the middle of a deep conversation. "Hey guys I want you to meet someone." I said as they both looked up. "Is that who I think it is? Luke Hemmings, the boy you always get star struck over Lucy!" my sister said as I blushed. "I hate you" I muttered playfully as she laughs with Dana as I flicked both of them off and talked to Luke throughout the whole concert.

                                            Skip to the end of the concert on the way home 

                                        Olivia's pov 

              I was sitting in the front of the car with Dana as he was taking us home. I caught a couple of glances at my older sister and noticed that she was texting someone. "Are you talking to Luke?" I asked and she shook her head. "No, I'm talking to dalton" I said and Dana looked up "Him" he said.

"Yeah him, the only one I got along with until you guys made Cole hang out with me for a day so yeah I'm talking to  dalton" she snapped and plugged in her headphones and put them in her ears. She fell asleep in the back of the car. I got a glimpse of her phone going off and snatched it, typed in the pin code, then read the messages. She never mentioned Luke but then again Dalton is like an older brother to her, I saw something I'd never thought I'd see on my sisters phone in her text messages .

Texts With Dalton 

d: So Lucy, since you're back in town and are spending time with Dana and the boys today, maybe you and I can go on like on a brotherly sisterly date yeah?

L: Sure I would love to have a brotherly sisterly date!

End of Text Messages

       Now you're probably thinking what the hell shocked me about this, well my sister isn't one to go on dates but she's going on a freaking date with Dalton.  She rarely goes on dates so I'm happy for her. When I was telling Dana, he didn't seem too thrilled about it.

                      Next day 

                       Lucy's pov 

         "Get up get up today you have a date with Dalton!" my sister yelled jumping on me. "It's just a brotherly sisterly date geez." I said as she smiled "Still! Now get a shower." She yelled as I groaned and went to take a shower. After my shower, my sister laid out my outfit so I got dressed then the doorbell rang so I ran down stairs. "I got it dad!" I yelled up and opened the door to see Dalton. "Hey!" I said motioning for him to come in. He was dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a band shirt, and a hoodie. He handed me the beanie I gave him before I left last year not knowing when I'd be back. "You still have this?" I asked setting it on my head." Of course" he said and fixed it on my head like he normally did. I smiled me and him, we dated at one time but it got massively weird so we stuck to brother- sister stuff. "Ready?" he said."Yeah, hey dad I'm going out with Dalton I'll be home for dinner!" I called when my dad yelled back downstairs. "Alright love". Dalton and I linked arms and walked out. "Don't you just look stunning!" he said with a smile . "Don't you just look handsome." I said as he laughed. "Only for you my dear" he said as I laughed. Him and I together are probably the weirdest people ever. 

         After we finished up at Starbucks, we started walking when we spotted Olivia and Dana. They saw us too so all four of us hung out together. We're currently at the mall when we saw Hot Topic, Dalton and I jumped up and down like two little school girls getting candy for making an "A" on a test. "Lets go!" I said dragging Dalton with me as we ran. We made it but then I bumped into someone. I looked up to see Luke and he looked at my hand laced with daltons hand. "Oh I didn't know you had a..." He stopped like he was hurt so Dalton and I laughed. "Us? No never we don't date, we tried but it was massively weird" I said. "Then why are you wearing a sweater that says that if you're with him even though you don't like him?" He asked. "Luke, trust me, I would never lie to you. I don't like him like that." I said and Luke smiled a bit like he was relieved about something. "Well Dalton, this is Luke Hemmings, Luke my sorta like brother Dalton" I said as they sorta glared at each other.


Lucy's Outfit:

Olivia's Outfit:


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