So this is love ( an Im5 and 5sos love story )

What happens when Lucy Jones and Olivia Jones meet their celeb crush after Lucy just got an acting job and is in a band? Will anything change after meeting Luke Hemmings from 5sos and Dana Vaughns from IM5? What's gonna happen when the two boys realize they have fallen in love with these sisters? What happens when the girls realise they fallen in love with the boys too? Will there be a lot of drama from fans or not?


14. Everything went so bad quickly

                 Lucy's pov 

        I watched as my sister stormed out in  a huge rage as will went out after her . " what's up with miss French girl " Diana's. girlfriend said. As I glared. " what's with you emo girl?" Coles eyes widen in  shock as well as gabe's  and Dana's.  " you wanna know what miss mouth fucking bitch who thinks she's all that and looks like cake threw up all over her face" I said getting in her face with fire in my eyes as they turned blood red. " what bitch?" She said with a smirk plastered acrossed her face. " this bitch" I said about to pounce on her when Gabe pulled me into his embrace as cole tryed to calm me down. I struggled against Gabe knowing he wouldn't let me go into I calmed down. I finally calmed down and Gabe let me go. " aww did the bitch  finally calm down" she said after laughing since Dana ran after Olivia with will  I smirked. " that's it you mutt" I shouted pouncing on her and punching her and punching her.

       Cole tryed getin me off of her but I accidently punched him in the face not to hard though but hard enough to say let me be.  But as I countinued to punch. A very bloody girl on the ground  Dana and dalton and will along  with my sister. Dalton was the first to react  and. Get me off of  the bitch as he whispered soothing things in my ear as my sister  just smiled along with Gabe and cole. " WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" Dana shouted as the girl muttered. " I wasn't doing anything and she started hitting me. "  she sai crying into Dana. " you Lieing son of a bitch"  I screeched next thing I knew I was shouting I. Spanish  and calling the girl pretty mean names as dalton just stood in shocked. " mabey I should have never stoped youfrom killing your self all  of those years ago " Dana shouted as my eyes went wide my heart stoped my lungs collapsed in and it was like I was punched in the stomach  that's when my arms fell to the side of me and all my bracelets fell off my arms to show nothing but scars left in right. Everyone stoped as his bitched smirked and everyone stared at my arms. 

         " mabey your right Dana you should have left me there to die all those years ago  cause ill I will ever be to you is someone who beat up your damn slut  news flash Dana your only dateing her to get over Olivia because you think her and cole are dateing as if cole is our friend  cole is like a brother to Olivia and sure she kisses him at the house they were freaken running over lines Olivia loves your or well she did  I hissed you missed the girl  as well as you did your ex bestfriend all of you did today I will be know as the girl who tryed to be there for her friend who didnt need a bitch who is using him for money but. Whatever go screw your self Dana" I said. " what are you doing Lucy" my sisters voice came out shakily. " I looked at her with a straight face. " something I should have done along time ago. I said poping 20 pills in my mouth and swollowed all of them before they could stop me. It was so fast the world became dizzy and then everything just went black  nothin but black as I heard shouts  of my name being called and for someone to call 911   But for once I actually  feel like  I could be happy for once cuz I knew I didn't belong there not after that. 


                Olivia's pov 

          My dad and his girlfriend rushed into the waiting room with a crying dalton who is blaming himself for this and a Dana who is to shocke to speak another crying cole Gabe and will. " how did she get the pills " my father asked as I handed him the pills that belongs  to Emma. She stooped shocked. " those were the pills Emma gave Lucy  to calm  nerves she overdosed " was all I could say. " is anyone her for Lucy jones " the doctor said as dalto stood up quickly and walked over with us. " who's he" the doctor  pointed to dalton. " her boyfriend " I said as he nodded  " we got the pills out but she's in a coma  she  must have planned out how much she was gonna use to kill herself in case of anything happened today you may go see her though I just recommend the sister and boyfriend  not mum and dad. " she's not my mother nor my sisters" I said glaring at the women  and left along with dalton. 

      We walked in and my sisters arms were bandages up her eyes were closed her black and blond hair was pushed back  and for the first time since mum die my sister looke peaceful. I heard a quite thud and I looke over at dalton who fell on the floor with his head in his hands  rocking back and forth. I Hugged him as he cryed  all he wanted to do was take Lucy out for some lunch but instead he watches his best friend who he loves / girlfriend  try to kill her self over freaken Dana and what's worse of all I'd he's blaming Lucy for what she did. " ill leave you alone with Lucy dalton let me know when your ready to come out and ill go in and see her" I said as he nodded and grabed a chair and sat it next to Lucy he grabed her hand lightly as if he touched her firmly again he'd lose her all over again.  I watched as he mummered words to her and pushed some hair out of her face and lay his head softly on her bed and sang some songs. I cryed myself  and all I could think of is I could lose my sister because of Dana's new girlfriend and because of her I have a crying dalton who I now belive would never hurt my sister and loves her like a sister but that's when I saw Luke as he ran down the hall and got to me. " please tell me she's not dead and I'm not I late" he muttered. "No she's fine for now Luke  but the doctors said she must have planned. To kill her. Self cuz she knew exactly how much to use to kill her self  and they say she could die over night  cuz so much got in her system they couldn't get out " Luke fell to his knees the all we heard along with a poor dalton was  a loud beep we looked to the thig that lets us know if your dead or not  and there was a straight line on the thing I fell to my knees as it felt as if te world came crashing down all over again after mums death except this time I didn't lose my mom I lost my sister. 

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