So this is love ( an Im5 and 5sos love story )

What happens when Lucy Jones and Olivia Jones meet their celeb crush after Lucy just got an acting job and is in a band? Will anything change after meeting Luke Hemmings from 5sos and Dana Vaughns from IM5? What's gonna happen when the two boys realize they have fallen in love with these sisters? What happens when the girls realise they fallen in love with the boys too? Will there be a lot of drama from fans or not?


4. Advice

     Soon afterwards, Dana's mom said he could take her back to his house so he took her home then came back over. We hung out for a little bit then he had to go home. I went upstairs to my room and saw a text from Lucy. It said:


Leave the door unlocked, I'm coming home with Dalton ~Lucy
-_-, fine ~Olivia


     I rolled my eyes at her always being with him then went downstairs to unlock the door. Dana always locks the door so that we won't get hurt. I sat down on the couch and played Piano Tiles on my phone until I heard the door open.


     "Hey" I heard Dalton say but I didn't look up. "Hi" I said about to beat my high score. "Piano Tiles" Lucy said at possibly Dalton's questioning expression. I had just gotten to my high score when my dad started pressing random buttons on my phone. "Daddy!" "Hey, I have to work nights tonight so you can have a few boys over but no funny business..." He said winking at me. "Hey! I'm a virgin, you should be saying that to Lucy!" "I'm a virgin too!" "Suure you are..." I said joking around with her making her glare. "I'm sorry girls but it's the only way to keep the bills paid. Why don't you invite Dana over Olivia?" "He had to go home but I will probably invite Cole over..." "I love you girls" "Love you too dad, jinx, double jinx, triple jinx!"We synchronised. "Blackhole jinx! Ha!" I yelled making her pout.

      For the rest of the night, Lucy and Dalton played video games while I talked with Cole in the kitchen. Eventually we all just fell asleep at around 2:30 in the morning. The next day when I woke up, I got a text from Dana saying he wanted to meet up at Starbucks in an hour. Lucy said that she was gonna go out with Luke today so this is what we wore.



     Dana and I were talking about anything and everything when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I turned around and saw Luke and Lucy walk through the door and over to us. Lucy grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the side while Luke sat in my spot. "Yes?" "I need some advice..." "For?" "How to get Luke to be my boyfriend..." She mumbled. "Then why did you come to me?" "You and Dana are dating right?" "Why does everyone keep saying that?" I groaned hearing it come from the table. I looked over and saw Dana all red looking at his hands. "But please, you have had a boyfriend before, please?" "Well I would say just do it gradually and flirt every now and then but when you do, be confident about it..." "Thank you!"

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