I don't believe in love at first sight??

Bella is a 19 year old girl that has a perfect family. She lives with her younger sister and her parents. Her and her best friend, Chloe, have been best friends since Elementary School. The two best friends have finished school and just once to have some fun. So they go on vacation. What happens when they get there? Will they like it? What are they going to do? Is there going to be love at fist sight? Read to find out!!


3. Bella's P.O.V

*ring ring ring...*

Uhhh. It was my alarm. If there is one noise that I hate in the world, it is my alarm clock. I looked at my alarm to see what time it was. It was 5:00. There is no way I am going to get up. Not at 5:00!! I put my alarm on 5:30. I went back to sleep. I went to sleep and it didn't even feel like 5 minutes, when my alarm started to ring. OMG, can't I get some sleep. I turned off my alarm and got up. I went to my blinds on my window and opened them. The sun was so bright my eyes hurt. I left it open and went to take a shower. I got my clothes and went to take a shower. 

~After Shower~

I decided to go and get some breakfast and then go and dry my hair. I went downstairs and saw my mom and sister in the kitchen. I was surprised to see them there. "Good morning," I said and went and sat down. "Hey honey, are you excited for today," my mom asked. "Yeah I am. I just wish that Chloe was going on the plane with me." "I thought you girls were going together." She said. "Yeah so did I, but she has to help her mom with something. It's fine. She is leaving tomorrow, so we will still be there with me she will just come a little later than me." "Oo, ok." My mom gave us breakfast and we started to eat. "Why are you guys up at," I looked at the clock, "5:57 A.M?" "Because we are going to the airport with you." My sister said. "You guys don't have too." " Yeah we know but we want to," my mom said. "Hey where's dad." "He's still sleeping. He wanted to get up too, to drive you to the airport with us, but he was tired and I told him that he can stay and sleep." Oo, ok." We finished our breakfast and I went upstairs to get my bags and everything I was taking with me. I got everything and took it downstairs by the door. When I had everything downstairs, we went and put it in the car. I went back upstairs to see if I forgot anything. I think I had everything. I went back downstairs. My mom grabbed her purse and we left. 

~ At The Airport~

"Bye mom." I hugged my mom. "Bye honey." I could tell that she was crying. "Don't cry mom, I'll be back and your gonna make me cry." She laughed and wiped her tears. I went and hugged my sister. "Bye Izzy." I hugged her tight. "Bye Bells." She is the only one that calls me Bells. I let go and said bye one more time and left. I went through security and then went to my gate number. I sat down and waited for them to call my gate number. I got a call from Chloe. "Hey Chloe. Whats up." "Nothing just seeing if you made to the airport yet." "Yeah, I'm waiting for them to call my gate number." "Oo, ok. Listen I'm Sorry that I couldn't be there with you." I could tell that she felt bad. "Chloe its fine really. We will be together tomorrow. Don't worry its fine. I promise." "Are you sure." "Yes I'm sure." "Ok well I gotta go. See ya in a few days." "Yeah, bye." *Gate 12 is now boarding* I got up and grabbed my bags and went to stand in the line to get in to the plane. Well, here it goes.

Hey guys!! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it. Comment what you think and I'll see if I can update another chapter later, but if I don't there will be one tomorrow, I promise. Bye :)







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