I don't believe in love at first sight??

Bella is a 19 year old girl that has a perfect family. She lives with her younger sister and her parents. Her and her best friend, Chloe, have been best friends since Elementary School. The two best friends have finished school and just once to have some fun. So they go on vacation. What happens when they get there? Will they like it? What are they going to do? Is there going to be love at fist sight? Read to find out!!


2. Bella's P.O.V


"Bella, get up, breakfast is ready," my mom yelled. It was Saturday and I was still tired. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep. A couple minutes later there was a knock on my door. "Come in." The door opened and in came my sister. "Common, get up lazy. Mom made breakfast." I groaned. "I wanna sleep." She laughed, "common, the foods going to be cold." She walked up and I groaned again and got out of bed. I opened my blinds and looked out the window. I lived in California so the weather was so nice here in the summer. I went and got some cloths and went to take a shower. 

~After Shower~

I went downstairs and saw my dad and sister sitting at the table while my mom was putting their breakfast in front of them. "Good morning," I said. "Good morning honey," my parents said. I went and sat down to have some breakfast. "So is anyone doing anything interesting today," my mom asked. " I'm going to go to Chloe's house, I told them. "Can you drop me off at Jenny's house?," my sister asked. "Yeah sure." "We will be late tonight because there is a meeting and then there is this little celebration that we have every year," my dad said. Me and my sister both nodded. 

After breakfast I went to see if my sister was ready. "Hey Izzy, are you ready to go," I asked as I walked into her room. "Yeah, I just gotta get my phone and we can go" She grabbed her phone and we went downstairs. "Mom, dad, were leaving." "Ok honey, drive safely," my mom replied. We got in my car and started driving. As we started driving, my sister turned on the radio. Through the dark started to play. I was a big fan of One Direction. My favorite was Zayn. I started to hum to the song and my sister looked at me and started to laugh. "What" "Nothing you just looked funny." We kept listening to it and then we came to Jenny's house. It wasn't that far from out house. "Text me when to come and pick you up," I told her as she was about to get out. "Ok." After she left, I drove to Chloe's House. When I got there i knocked on her door and her mom opened. "Hey Bella, Chloe's upstairs." "Hi Beth, Thanks." I walked in and went upstairs to Chloe's room. I opened her door and saw that she was on her computer. "Hey Chloe." "Hey Bella. I couldn't what for you to come. I have to show you something and ask you something." I looked at her and she seemed excited. "Umm, ok." She got up and went to her drawer. "I am going to take a little trip to England." "What, when are you leaving." "Tomorrow" "What your just gonna leave me here and go by yourself. "Well you see, this is where when I said I have to ask you a question comes into play." I looked at her and she smiled. "You want me to come with you!!" "I mean, you don't have to come, but you can." she said jokingly. I wanted to mess with her. "Omg, I can't. Me and my family are going camping this week." I looked at her and her face dropped. I started to laugh. "Why are you laughing." I looked at her. "Do you really think that I would go camping when I can go to ENGLAND with YOU." She smiled and gave me a hug. "OMG, I'm so excited, but you have to ask your parents", she said. I called my dad and asked him if I can go. "Yeah sure honey, as long as you aren't by yourself." "Thanks dad. Love you, bye." "He said I can go." We both started jumping up and down in excitement. "Hey I should probably go home and pack." "Yeah I'll talk to you later." As I was walking I asked, "Hey when is our plane leaving tomorrow." "10 A.M, so I'll meet you at you house at 7." "OMG, I have to wake up that early." She laughed and said. "Common, it won;t be that bad." I groaned, "fine see ya tomorrow morning." I walked out and went to my car. I thought for a second. I'm going to England. I wonder if we will see One Direction. Probably not. I went home and watched some tv. I got a text from my sister to come and pick her up. After I picked her up, I told her that I was going to England. "OMG, you are so lucky. I wish I can go to. What if you see One Direction there. If you do you have to tell me right away." She kept talking and talking. I just laughed. When we got home, I went upstairs to pack. I packed some of my stuff and then went down stairs, where Izzy was watching tv. "Hey, do you want to order some pizza." Yes!! I'm so hungry." I went and ordered the pizza. When we ate I went back upstairs to pack. When I finished packing, it was 9:30. I decided to go to sleep because knowing me, it will be hard to wake up tomorrow morning. When I layed down, I couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow. I heard my phone ring. I looked at it and saw that it was a message from Chloe. "Hey, umm, about tomorrow I can't go. I'm going to leave the day after tomorrow because my mom needs me to take care of something." I texted her immediately and said, "What? Now when we have to leave. A day before? Really???" I sent it and not seconds later she replied, "Yeah I'm so sorry. Look, I'll still come, it'll just be a day later than you." "Fine."  I groaned and went back to trying to sleep. Tomorrow a big day. 

Hey guys!! Umm, hope you liked it. Coment what you think and if you think I should change something. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed it. I'll put a new chapter up tomorrow. :)

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