You can look but you can't touch

Andy doesn't want a mate but when she meets him she help but want to tease him . Big mistake . He's an alpha . And everybody knows alphas like to play games too !!!


1. Mate!!!!

< Andy's Pov > hi I'm Andy . I'm 17 , and I'm a werewolves . Today I'm supposed to me my mate but I just can't go through the pain of knowing he'll cheat on me , scratch that Reject me . Currently I'm driving home in my Lamborghini and its red light . Then I smell the most amazing scent ever . MATE !!!!!!!!! my wolve ( angel ) screamed . I looked to my right and there a handsome no hot no sexy alpha was in a range rover . “ MINE !!!!! " he shrieked . “ sorry babe but I'm nobody's . " I replied back . With that I sped off but not long after I saw his range rover speeding after me . I made it home 15 minutes into whatever that was . His car pulled right when I unlocked the door .“ shoot !!!" I whisper . I get out of my car and walk towards him . “ why'd you say that ?! " he asked .instantly I want to tease him and make him jealous . “ why I was only trying to get home for a special man . " I say like an innocent cowgirl . His eye were pitch black by now . “ I have to get inside right now . Ooo I almost left the condom in the car ! Oh wait it's in my bag never mind bye " I say running inside . " Andy that's no way to treat our guess ! " my dad said . " gosh dad I'm really tired I need to sleep . " I say in a rush  upstairs . That was close upstairs I see the future beta and can I just say he is hot too bad he's not my mate . What am I saying I don't even want a mate . " hey Andy " josh said . " hey big boy " I hold his arm to feel his muscles . Mmm he's something . " you left your mind link open I can hear your thoughts  and thanks I happen to enjoy pack training ." He flashed me a wink . I couldn't stop blushing . I tried to hide my face but that didn't work out . " nice try " he laughed then kissed me there was no spark but he is a great kisser ." Mind link " he laughed . "Oh!!!" I blushed . " you have 3 seconds before you lose both your arms !!!" My mate yelled at josh . " possessive much . Bastard " I whispered . Josh had ran off so now it's just me and this idiot .

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