An Unlikely "Friendship"

Anthony was shy and so was Leo but they never seemed that way around eachother if Leo's dad would have never stepped in this could have been a relationship worthwhile


1. The Bus

Bus 5. Anyone you ask about this bus would probably laugh. You would think what are they laughing at well. Bus 5 was interesting. It was always very loud and it created a lot of relationships that's where my story starts.

My name is Leo but everyone has little nicknames for me. My friend that everyone called , my cousin, White boy, that's what we all called him. Well I love to mess with him and one day he was sitting next to a very quiet kid with head phones so I started messing with the kid. He told me his name was Anthony. I started to bug the kid (not to annoying). Well as a few days went by this kid sat next to me and I thought he was cute I had an attraction to him right away. I had just got a new iPod and I was messaging Anthony well my parents have a strict NO DATING which I find pretty stupid. Well we were talking and having a I love you more war well I dropped my iPod when my sister started messing with me and my mom got it they went thru out whole conversation messed up right? Well then they took my iPod away. The thing is I wasn't even dating Anthony (yet).

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