Breathless - c.h

The only difference was that he left me wanting more.


4. three years later

Three years later


I wrapped my arms around Ashton hugging him tightly. I hadn’t seen him since last summer, which for sure was a long time. I kissed my cheek as he let go of me. It felt different to be around him. So much had happened since I left.


“I have missed you, dear little sister,” he sung jokingly. I chuckled over his weirdness.


Here I was, standing in front of a big house that belonged to my brother and his band mates. Ashton made sure the coast was clear and brought me inside. The funny thing was that this was a surprise. The boys weren’t adware of me being here.


As soon as I stepped trough the door I saw Michael and Luke sleep on the couches in the living room. I tiptoed as Ashton tried to control his laughter making me burst out in laughter. “Shut up!” I heard Luke groan as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. Michael was already stretching out as he turned over to our direction. A loud squeal escaped their lips.


There was no way back. I held my hands in front of my face in fear of being knocked over. The two boys I hadn’t seen in almost three years wrapped their arms around me jumping around like crazy teenage girls. I hushed them as I tried not to laugh.


“I like your hair” Michael said smirking. I chuckled as I ran my fingers trough my purple hair. I dyed it last year and I liked it so kept it. “And your nose ring” Luke said chuckling. “Thank you boys” I said and bowed down in a funny way making us all laugh.


“Can you guys calm the fuck down? I’m trying to slee-“ his eyes widened as they met mine. I chuckled lightly looking down. He dropped his phone making him curse before picking it up and slamming the door to his room. It all happened so fast that all I could do was chuckle and shrug it off.


“He is still a little heartbroken. Don’t mind him,” Ashton giggled as he pushed me into my room.


“I won’t. Believe me,” I said giggling before lying down on my big queen-sized bed.



Calum’s POV


I slammed my door and slid down it soundlessly. How could Ashton not warn me about this? It would have been great to know. Not that I minded having her here. I loved the thought but that caught me off guard. I did not expect that.


She looked stunning. The long purple hair. Her eyes. The dimples. I couldn’t help but feel fragile. She could make me feel weird. Almost like I was lost of air and she was my savior.


I could hear her giggles pass the door. I could faintly hear their conversation in her room.



“He is still a little heartbroken. Don’t mind him,” Ashton giggled.


“I won’t. Believe me,” he chuckled.



I laid my face in my hands groaning. I have really fucked it up.






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