Breathless - c.h

The only difference was that he left me wanting more.


3. prom night

“Ready for prom?” Ashton asked with a grin. I nodded my head giggling. “Just a minute. I will be down in a second”


I walked over to the feeling their eyes following every move I made. I was surprised to not see Calum. I heart dropped when I thought about him.


“Wow, y-you look stunning” Mike and Luke stuttered in unison. I chuckled.


“Guys” Ashton groaned before letting a giggle escape his lips.



Luke was at the point dragging me trough the long school hall in full speed. I stumbled after him looking like a deer on ice. He pushed a door open. A door that diffidently wasn’t where the prom was held.


“Wait” he said and closed the door again. “Take on this” he said and handed me a blindfold. I sent him a glare but he shrugged it off like nothing. I put on the blindfold and I was being dragged into some kind of room. He pushed me into a sofa and rushed trough the door again.


I took off the blindfold and saw Calum walking towards me with his hands in his pockets. “Things didn’t go as planned” he said chuckling as he sat down beside me. I watched him lick his lips making me wonder how they would feel against mine. I bit my lip as I fixed on my hair.


“Don’t do that, Ali,” he whispered coming closer. I opened my eyes realizing there only were a few inches between the two of us. I looked up at him still having my lip placed between my teeth. “Do what?” I whispered almost touching his lips. He let out a breath.


 “Don’t bite your lip, it drives me crazy” he whispered. I bit my lip again but this time it didn’t take long time before his lips were softly being placed on mine. I kissed back for a moment realizing how good it felt before pushing violently back. “I-I can’t” I stuttered as I ran out of the room with my mind overthinking the situation.


This was my last minute as a high school student. I had never imagined running down the hall with a smile on my face. I couldn’t wait to leave this place.

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