Breathless - c.h

The only difference was that he left me wanting more.


1. i'm okay, really.

Daily reminder: You are beautiful, you are good enough and you are worth it. 



Allison's POV


High school. Definitely nothing I would miss. I had promised myself to survive the last week knowing deep down inside that it was the worst of them all. I did my combination and opened my locker. One of my books fell out and I bent down to pick it up. I was on my way up again when I smashed my head into the locker door. I felt pain rush trough my veins. I was rubbing small circles where I hit the locker.


“Here let me help you” a husky voice spoke up. I spun around in surprise and hit my head in the door again. I looked up to see Calum Hood. He was one of the jocks. The type of people that was too good for nerds like me. He flashed one of his famous smiles. I continued to rub small circles at the spot where I hit my head. He took my books. I felt some kind of shook jolt trough my body as his fingers gently stroke over mine. He looked down at me again.


“How is your head?” he asked concerned. I sent him a weak smile.


“I will be fine. Nothing serious” I said before grabbing my backpack and walking down the hall feeling slightly light headed. Calum came running up from behind me.


“Are you sure? I can take you to the school nurse” he said giving me one of those smiles again. I stopped walking so I could face him.


“It was really nice of you to help me out but I’m okay” I said looking into his eyes before walking away leaving him there.


Countless hours later


I found myself lying in my bed staring at the ceiling. My head still hurt, a lot. I could faintly hear my brothers’ band practicing in the basement. I had never really taken anytime to care about his band. We were to different people and I liked to stay away from his life.


At some point trough the evening the music got to high. I threw on some spandex shorts and my favorite Nirvana muscle tee. I grabbed my phone and tip toed down the stairs. I took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping inside. The music stopped and all eyes were on me. I felt slightly uncomfortable.


“Can you guys turn the volume down a little?” I asked my brother Ashton. He gave me a nod and a smile before making his way over to me.


“I can do that but I want to introduce you to my band before you walk upstairs again” he said and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I shook my head but he dragged me over to where they were sitting before I even could argue.


“Boys, this is my little sister Ali. Ali, this is my band,” he said smiling widely. My eyes widened when I looked up, it was Calum. Calum Hood. I had never imagined meeting Calum in my basement dressed like this.


“Uhm, hi” I said blushing slightly. I knew Luke and Michael. They always used to be around, but I had never seen Calum here.


Calum’s eyes were focused on me. “Wait, I met you earlier today,” he said breaking the silence. I knew he would mention that. Ashton’s giggles filled the room.


“I think I will leave right now,” I said piling up the stairs. I took a deep breath when I reached the top.


“Ali, wait” I heard someone shout. I turned around to see Calum run up the stairs. I must admit he looked quite good. “How is your head?” he asked while looking down at his shoes.


His eyes. They sparkled in the light from the basement. He came closer. “Does it still hurt?” he asked still looking into my eyes.


“It’s okay,” I said biting my lip. His eyes studied my lips for a brief second before traveling up to my eyes again. “I guess I will see you around” he said smiling before heading down stairs again.


He left me standing there, like I did with him. The only difference was that he let me wanting more. 



(A/N: Hey lovelies. So you can imagine how Ali looks since I really haven't described her looks. I like to think of Ali something like Emma Watson but feel free to imagine. Love you guys xx)

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