Friend zone

A story about a girl an ordinary girl, well you will have to find out?



Hi I'm Sophia and I'm in high school. Thats the start of a bad story :/ so I'm at the end of my second year now and this year has been a struggle and things have changed, the way I see things has changed, everything has changed!

At school I get along with most people and haven't gained any enemies which probably makes you question why perhaps this is the start of a sad story? Well I am always feeling quite stressed and depressed, and I don't like it. I have two close friends who now I have started to ignore, and not talk to which is, I know, stupid! But I don't want friends I prefer to be alone.

This year all my classes changed and most of them I am in personal isolation, I don't talk to anyone, I have no good friends just acquaintances apart from Angela, who I have just stopped talking to. I always listen to music, people say: I love music, it's my life! However I really couldn't live without it, there won't be a moment when I am not listening to music. So when I said I rather be alone I mean alone with my music and phone. I spend breaks and lunch sitting in the toilet on the bin alone, the one thing I dread is for people to discover that I do this, I have friends and I'm not a loner I just don't want them, is that bad? I know I should appreciate them but I have been put off and prefer to be alone!!

I am a normal thirteen year old, I have an insane crush who I always think about and then you know all the celebs, the cute ones too. I am normal, everyone thinks that anyway, however I think I'm depressed. The one reason to why I'm like this is my insecurity, there is nothing anyone can say to make me feel better about myself or to make me think it is ok to be ugly and fat. My crushes name is Luke, Luke Hemmings he is the most popular boy in school and stuff.. He is in most of my classes which makes it even worse!

He is my first actual crush, the one that takes my thoughts away whilst in class, the one who makes romance movies more than what they are. I don't act like I have a crush around her, I talk to him like a friend but you know boys are confusing especially when you have a thing for them! I would much rather prefer hang around with boys, no drama, stress and most of the boys I talk to are hilarious.

Calum, Mike and Ashton mostly hang out with Luke, most people like to believe that they're jerks but I like to call it open minded and they were born with a sense of humour.

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