With You

“......at the fence?” Where we met, where it all started.


3. Chapter 3


Louis prov.



I walked over to my step mum “You like her” she said while whispering in my ear. I do like her, but I have to make her feel safe first. She's a beautiful girl, fragile and complicated, but I know I like her and that I will try my best to make her feel safe and with out a problem in the world.


I walk over to seat next to Aspen, she smiles at me and I blush.. secretly.


“I hope you all enjoy dinner, its Aspens favorite” her mom calls out. I look over at Aspen and she's already digging in. How cute, I smile.


I can tell I wont be getting her out of my mind any time soon.


I soon start eating and I can tell why its asps favorite its so damn good.


“So Louis, what did your mum whisper to you eh?” she asked. “She's not my mum, shes my step mum. And she just said that you're really pretty..” Okay I lied but I’m not going to tell her. “Oh. Well tell her I said thanks” she blushed. Awe


Dinner was over and we had to leave, we said out last goodbyes and we where out.


School's tomorrow and I didn’t ask aspen what school she goes to. Damn it.


I hope it goes well. :(


Aspens prov.


“You fancy him” my dad nudged me. I blushed “He's my friend, I met him earlier at the park. Nice lad” I said trying to not show my real feelings. I do fancy him, but he's going through a tough time and I don’t want to rush things.


Tomorrow is the first day of school and the end of this miniture happiness. I don’t even know what school Louis is going to, it doesn’t matter he'll find better mates than me and forget about this bag of potato.



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