Surprised Love

First Fiction !


1. Surprise Love ❤️

I woke up on a hot summer day with the sound of my alarm clock. It was 8 AM. I felt lazy and didn't want to do anything but today i had to help out in the garage. I got out of bed and looked at my reflection in the mirror, i felt fat and ugly. As i walked to my closet i could see my one direction posters staring back at me. I pulled out some random clothes and quickly changed. I brushed my tangly hair and fixed my teeth then directly headed downstairs. I grabbed an apple and rode my bike to the garage. I found my dad there. He was fixing a wheel.

"Hey Anna, what took you so long you should've been here at 8:30 and its 8:55 !"

"Sorry dad it's just i...i.."

"whatever it's fine just take out all the wheels put them aside, and see what's wrong with the front passenger seat"

"thanks i'll get to it"

When I was finally done i went to the lake near our house and received a vocal message...

"Hey Anna it's Carmen Remember about my party at 6 PM today"

"oh oh i completely forgot" i thought. I didn't even know where it was and by the way what should i wear there are going to be lots of boys that i didn't know. I got up took my bike and went to my house. As i rode i thought about my mom. She died in a car accident a year ago, if she was there she would've known exactly what i could wear. As i was deeply in my thoughts my bike hit a rock and i fell over. I had a small scratch on my leg but it really did hurt. I got back on the bike and stopped back at my dad's garage to ask permission for tonight

"Hey dad it's me Anna are you busy?"

"Honey hurry what do you want?"

"dad so Carmen is throwing a party tonight at 6 and i was wondering if i could go ?"


"Please ?"

"Fine but i want you back at maximum 9 no drinking smoking or inappropriate stuff "

"Thank you so much 😘"

I was pretty happy that my dad accepted. On my way back home i was craving since i only had an apple and so i biked as fast as i could to get home. My hair was blowing in the wind and i felt free. I closed my eyes and imagined me with One Direction. My favorite boy band my idols. I would do anything to meet them but i know that we can't afford a ticket. When i got home Carmen Sent me a message saying that it was also a swimming party. My eyes looked up then closed my hand slapped my face. My eyes suddenly opened but had tears. I was never going to swim because i thought about my fat belly. I was 18 years old and weighed 54 Kg. My stomach didn't fall over my legs but it was wobbly and my thighs touched. I felt so bad. I picked out a bikini and tried it on. I didn't look bad or good but i kept it on. On top of my bikini i wore a black legging to hide my scratch. I then wore a simple white t-shirt and tied my curly hair in a high pony tail. I applied mascara and light pink lipstick. I finally felt beautiful and simple. Before i continued dreaming i looked at the time and it was already 1 hour before the party! Time flies so fast. I took my brown side bag and put in it my essentials. I wasn't hungry anymore but i still ate a chocolate bar. I drank some juice and went outside to get my bike. As i was biking towards where i knew her house, i got confused but i saw someone and thought he could help me.

Chapter Two ✌️

I biked towards the man and i could see cigarettes in his hands, he had a friend with him. I asked


the man with darker hair answered me "hey" but with more of an accent a sharp one.

"Im looking for Carmen Cox's house do you know her?"

"yeah i have to finish my cigarette and then i'll go. What's your name ?"

"Im Anna"

First i thought that the man wasn't nice but he was very sweet.

"Nice To meet you i'm Zayn and this is my friend louis"

I knew one direction so much but they look even cuter in real that i couldn't recognize them. My jaw opened my eyes had tears my heart was pounding i ran in their arms and was so shocked.


"it's fine babe" louis said

"..." (sniff, sniff)

zayn gave one of his cute laughs and hugged me tightly

"How do you know carmen "i asked with a shaky voice

"it's a surprise for her"

"wow that is amazing"

When the boys finished smoking we went to Carmen's house and there was just me Carmen And One Direction, When we came in we saw Carmen and harry taking a selfie while Niall and Liam were in the pool. i ran to carmen


"i know right ! it's insane!"

"I love you"

"You my sissy too i love you i thought that since your bday was in two weeks, i had to think about something"

During the party nothing happened until the end Niall took me to the balcony shirtless and took my clothes off so my bikini was showing.

"i love your body"

"omg thank you so much"

We went to Carmen's room and Niall looked in my eyes his shiny bug baby blue eyes. I could see him coming closer and closer i thought i was dreaming until his hand came around my waist and pulled me closer to him i thought that was it but he picked me up and set me on him he laid down and since i was on him i was laying down too. Our lips starting connecting and then came the tongue. He was so good. When it was over i felt very weird. 1 hour later it was 7 and i still couldn't believe what had happened. When it was time to go home One Direction and i kept contacts.

It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me.

Chapter 3 ❤️

By the time I got home it was 7:40 And i was still feeling weird about what had happened. I found my

dad with many empty beer bottles surrounding him.


"Oh hey..."he said in a croaky tired voice

"What are you doing how many bottles did you drink !?"

"you're too young, go to bed"

i immediately burst into tears on the way to my bed. I threw my bag on the floor untied my hair pulled off my shoes and tucked myself in bed. I couldn't sleep so i prayed. I prayed for my dad and for my mom i also prayed for being forgiven of what happened with Niall because i was very happy and also Felt VERY guilty. Finally i went to bed and fell asleep

Next morning i woke up pretty late around 3 PM. I had eye circles and was uglier than usual. I never looked so tired so i took a bath and felt way better. It was so relaxing but just as the bubble bath started to take me away in my fantasies, my phone rang. I looked at the phone but it said "Unknown Call". I was confused tho i did answer and i heard that sharp accent again.

"Hey Are You Anna? it's me Louis From One direction please don't freak out"


"are you there ?"

"Oh hey sorry yes it's me Anna."

"Wondering if we could meet later in a calm and quiet place so we won't have fans or paparazzi's"

"you and i ?"

"no the whole band"

"I'm sorry we can't stay together"


"just because it's too weird you guys are One Direction"


"so its weird"

"listen, our little irish here loves you deeply"


"yes Niall is in love !"

"bye i gotta go"

"are we still meeting"

"no i'm sorry"


Louis was too sweet for me to say no

"fine i'll meet you guys At the river near The "Croke Park Garage"

"Thanks Babe"


Exactly 6 minutes later i got out of my bath and dried myself. Today i was very very simple more than last night. Red plain shirt with black skinny jeans and Uggs. i then took my bag and went downstairs. I saw my dad, he was baking. I ignored and went out. Today it wasn't a very nice day. I could hear the storm from far and i could see the gray clouds. I tried to hurry to the river but for some reasons it was hard to bike. I went as fast i could. When I finally got there i parked but since the river was a little further from the road where i parked i was running. At one point i saw Niall Running towards me . he was wearing one of his oversized sweaters. When he reached me he gave me his hoodie and picked me up. I was on his shoulders and his hands were on my legs. I felt shivers. It was awkward. When we reached the middle of the way to the river, it started raining and so he ran. I fell over but he picked me in his arms. We started staring at each other and exchanged looks.

Niall's POV

She is so beautiful i want to kiss her but i'm scared she rejects me


He gave one of his cute laughs and we started walking to the river when we reached there, i could see the boys. Liam was Listening to music while harry was running around saying "I'm a cupcake" Louis and Zayn on the other side were playing football. The sun suddenly popped out. I didn't know what this day was going to be like but i kept wishing for the best.

Chapter 4 💜😳🙏

Towards Noon we had a barbecue and the boys were very sweet. I felt like a little princess. As we were eating Zayn kept receiving calls from Perrie but didn't answer.

"Why aren't you answering" asked harry

"If i talk to Perrie i'm going to cry"

"Cmon dude just do it"

" k fine"

Zayn got up and went to call Perrie . Harry was on twitter tweeting almost all the time but Liam and Louis were very excited for some reasons.

i took the chance to ask

"guys are you OK whats the matter?"

"oh nothing"

Niall finished eating And told me to follow him. He led me to a creek that me myself i never saw. it was so beautiful

"Wow..😳 Niall this is amazing"

" An amazing place for a wonderful babe"

i gave a little laugh

"Your laugh is cute"


Niall took off his shirt and took my hand he put my hand right in his abs and said

"Do you wanna swim"

"hum.. i don't have a swimsuit"

"You have panties and a bra"

i took off my clothes and Niall and I jumped in the creek the sun was beaming on the water and Niall's hair was the nicest thing. It felt like a dream. I had to wake up but It was just perfect . Niall clutched me and kissed me. As we were enjoying each other, the rest of the band came running ! Liam shouted

"Did you tell her !?"

I was confused and asked

"tell me what ?"

Niall responded

"Oh .."

"Niall tell me"

Niall and I got out of the water. Niall told The boys to leave and he asked me

"Would you date me?"

I hesitated

"well..hum..No i'm sorry Niall I love you but it would be too hard"


He was very upset and was too cute to resist so i said : Im Just Kidding !


no i thought

"yes i love you so much"

We ran to the others and we were all so happy. By sunset, i had to leave so i kissed Niall goodbye and hugged the boys. It was our last night together before they left Croke Park , Dublin. I was honestly sad. Niall was always my dream crush. Every morning i would walk out the door looking at him on my wall.

"Im scared niall"

"Why babe"

"the whole world will know"


"😔 Idk"

"No one will know"

Niall and I hugged each other super tightly and i left. I was so sad i was lost for words. My tears couldn't stop falling while i was walking i wanted to look back but i knew that if i did, i would cry way more so i ran to my bike and stopped at Carmen's I told her everything that happened and we both cried of joy. Carmen Is my best friend and in so happy she

understands. I told my dad i was sleeping at Carmen's house and he didn't mind. I was still mad at him. While Carmen took a shower, i sat on her pink floor and looked around. Her room was very pink and colorful it had many closets full of branded clothes. She has the nicest stuff. I knew her house like my pocket but when i saw this box near her bed, i was surprised. The box was perfectly scotched and so i didn't dare touch neither open it. When Carmen came out of the shower she looked like a monster because of all her makeup that was washed off. We both giggled about it and then we got really tired. I was scared to ask about the box so i waited till tomorrow. since Carmen isn't a very religious girl, when i went to take my shower, i prayed at the same time and i prayed for Niall, One direction, Mom and Dad i thanked god for everything and went to bed.

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