Say Something

Connor and Reeza love each other when an obstacle happens in their relationship and they have to work through it. The conflict seems to become larger when Sam confesses to a long held in secret. Then lessen when Sammy and Reeza help them all to work through it. This is just a small part of our chapter book and we hope you enjoy.


7. The trip

We all got up, everyone acted normal. When Sammy and I want to be alone, we go to the mall, normally with Ricky. "RICKY, WE ARE LEAVING IN 10 SO PUT A SHIRT ON" Sammy yelled across the house. Ten minutes later, he met us at the front door. "Ready?" I asked. "Where are we going?" Ricky asked confused. "You'll see" I said. I told him not to worry. I went through the checklist. The checklist is a thing that we made so we wouldn't forget anything at home because it's not good when you walk to Taco Bell without a house kea then you are locked out of the house for eight hours until Jc comes home and sees you sleeping on the grass. So I start saying everything while they nod and say check after everything. "Hair done? Check. Phones? Check" as I say check we all pull out our iPhones. Sammy, a blue iPhone c. Ricky and I, gold iPhone s. 

"Makeup done?" They look at my makeup because they don't wear any. "Check!" They said "the cat eye looks good today!!!" Sammy said. I smile and put my hand under my chin. (See how Connor rubs off one me?) anyway. I continue down th list "Wallets? Check for Sammy... Ricky?" I ask giving him the death stare. "Ummmmm" he feels his pockets, then bolts upstairs. He came back down with a smile on his face. "CHECK!!!!" He said... I nodded and giggled. Sammy walked outside expecting us to follow her. I was out last but when I was closing the door I was stopped by Connor. He asked where we were going. I said mall. He wanted to go but I didn't let him. I did say I would get him something. So he reluctantly let us go and said. "If any fans harass you, you tell me..." He tells me as I roll my eyes and nod so he leaves me alone. When we got to the mall, there were like 20 fans waiting outside. I guess it's normal huh. Since I have been dating Connor and are best friends with o2l. I have gotten quite twitter famous. My twitter followers demanded I start doing like makeup videos and just regular videos on YouTube because I'm so "pretty." So I started about a month ago and have a couple thousand followers so far. Sammy would have a twitter, but she doesn't really want one. So a few fans were for me. But most for Ricky. We parked and realized how the heck they knew we were going to the mall... Maybe they are here everyday? I don't know. But we didn't worry about it to much. We walked in quickly and no one followed. So we just carried on. Sammy and I said we had to use the restroom so we walked away for a second, we didn't go to the bathroom. We went and bought a surprise for the guys. We came back like 5 minutes later and went to Starbucks to get a coffee. The entire time at the mall I was telling them the story detailed as I can. We were walking a line of linked arms. Me in the middle, Sammy and Ricky on either side of me. Every 30 seconds they gasped and said "no... Omg... Dang gurl... Shut up... Omg nooooo, really?" In response I would nod and say "ya, ikr... Cra right?" We were in H&M when it finally finished the story. We sat down on some comfy chairs in the middle of the mall. Ricky started talking. "I love the mall, but hate the fact that every 10 girl we see stares at me like I'm crazy famous because I'm on YouTube, or the take a picture of me walking." He said rolling his eyes. Sammy didn't have much sympathy for him. I had a little because of the while twitter thing. (Now you know why I brought it up earlier.)  We were walking to the car, Sammy and I bags all up our arms and Ricky with a few bags and some of our bags. "Hey, I kinda want to get away from LA for a week... What if we have an O2L vaca?" Ricky said in a shocked, sarcastic tone. They started naming places, when I yelled "VEGAS!!!! MONTE CARLO" Ricky snapped and said "yup. That's it" and so we agreed to connive the guys to go to Vegas. Vegas is my town. That is the place where I shine. We got home and we agreed since I'm the best at persuasion to the guys, I would persuade them to go. So I made them all sit down and I started talking. I got straight to the point and said. "So guys, I had an idea and they agree with me... We need a little time away from LA. We deserve a couple vacations. So we decided that if it's ok with you, we will all go to Vegas..." I batted my eyes as Connor makes an odd look at me. He melted and said "I'm in..." He said sighing and rolling his eyes at me. Sam nodded and said winking at me "sounds fun to me" I thanked him silently with the way I looked at him and he nodded. "Jc please" I asked batting my eyes and practically pouting and begging. "Huhhhh, ok" he sighed. Kian nodded and Trevor was very reluctant but he agreed. I told Them to go pack... So they did and I packed myself. I packed all my Vegas clothes and makeup. The next morning we left. We took a huge Honda so we could all fit and so we wouldn't get ambushed by people if we took a limo. But I made them agree that we could ride in a limo wherever we go because I like limos in Vegas because everyone stares at you in awestruck. The agreed. I prefer to sit in the very back of cars because it's easiest to fall asleep. Ever since I was little I have loved long car rides. Jc, Sam, and Connor volunteered to sit with me in the back so Connor and Sam did, only because they are my boyfriend and my best friend. I sat in the middle because I like the middle so I can socialize with all people in the car. It was 10 minutes into the car ride when I fell asleep on Connors shoulder, my feet on Sam's lap (which I asked permission to do btw) with earbuds in, listening to Les Miserables Original Broadway Production album on my iPod. I was apparently cold during the car ride because when I woke up I had Connors jacket around my shoulders and Ricky's on my lap. We pulled up to the Monte Carlo (one of my favorite hotels.) and I took a second and smelled the Vegas air. I love Vegas... I say to myself. I take Sammy with me to go check in. We got 2 sweets, which included 2 queen beds, and a fold out couch in each room. We agreed that Connor and I would share a queen, Kian and Sammy would share a queen and Sam offered to sleep on the fold out couch in our room. The other three can sort out who sleeps where later. We all went upstairs and unpacked our suitcases. Once everyone was done everyone went off in their different ways. Connor, Sammy, Ricky, and I just walked around the casino so I could refresh my Vegas "mojo." Ricky is the only other person who has been to the Monte Carlo. So we knew what we were doing. We took them out the back and walked across the street to New York New York. We went to my favorite little seafood place on the miniature Main Street. "Hey Ricky, if I remember correctly... Tonight is..." I said waiting, when I saw the look on his face, we shouted together. "KAREOKE PIANO NIGHT!!!!!" We decided that we would go and if the guys didn't want to go we would make them. So we turned around and told Sammy and Connor, they were on board... Now we just have to convince the boys. 

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