Say Something

Connor and Reeza love each other when an obstacle happens in their relationship and they have to work through it. The conflict seems to become larger when Sam confesses to a long held in secret. Then lessen when Sammy and Reeza help them all to work through it. This is just a small part of our chapter book and we hope you enjoy.


2. Secrets can Hurt *1Dcupcake1D*

Once we knew we had privacy, we were talking, but our faces were getting closer and closer to each other. We didn't notice we were inching to each other, but we were. Until he was replying to something I had said and he was interrupted by our lips touching and this was a special kiss. It meant something more then a little crush. "Reeza, I love you" he said. I was in shock. Just shock. No one has ever said that to me except family. "I... I... I love you too" I stuttered. 

        "I should probably go home" but before I could finish my sentence he interrupted saying "unless... You wanna spend the night?" "Sure" I agreed. We went downstairs to tell everyone. Everyone was downstairs which was perfect so we could tell them. I walked passed Sam and brushed my hand on his shoulder. He gave me a pleading look that said "please... Please... Please don't tell." I nodded at him and he gave a sigh of relief even thought no one noticed but me.  We sat down and chimed into the conversation. Connor wanted to wait until the right moment and try to slip it in that I was sleeping over, So we talked for a few minutes then Connor said "guess what guys. Big news" Jc guessed "Reeza's spending the night... Right?" We looked at them in shock "how did you find out?" We asked in shock. "Well, since she has been hanging out with us a lot lately,  it was expected."  Connor sighs  " let's go upstairs, can  we have the room to ourselves for a little?" The boys nod and we thump upstairs. 

I tug on his shirt and create a little pinch if fabric. He pulls me onto the bed "we have the room to ourselves so why not have fun" he winks.  We touch lips and my mind races Sams voice is rushing through my head all of a sudden I wake up from this sort of trance. His hand is up my shirt and we are making out. I pull my shirt down and grab his hand "not yet, not while everyone is here. I am not ready" He looks at me with a face of disappointment yet  sorrow. He starts to speak "I'm sorry... I though we  were going to take it to the next level on out third date" at least I know were on the same kind of page " but if your not ready then I'm not either" he smiles and kisses me softly. I softly touch his cheat and move my hand up to his neck to bring him into another soft kiss. I  hear a small click as I lock the door, I take my shirt off and put on my pajama top. He looks away "it's okay, I trust you. I haven't thrown you out  of the room have I?" He laughs and pulls out his phone. " no no no phone away while I am changing you pervert" He  laughs and throws it onto the bed. 

There is a long pause and finally he lets lose "Is there something wrong? You have been uncomfortable the whole night?" I stare blankly as if I were just tired. " no, I just am tired where am I sleeping?" I say as I unlock the door. Right away I hear thuds and the boys rush in wrestling ontop of the beds yelling about some game that they were playing " YOUR SUCH A CHEATER!" "I DID NOT CHEAT! I JUST SECRETLY MOVED YOUR PIECE!" "BACKWARDS!!" "Could you guys umm..." I begin to cut in quietly but they don't hear a word. "GUYS SHUT UP!"  Connor cuts in.  They immediately stumble to get up and Connor tears them apart. Sam backs up into me turns around and falls on too of me with his hands in a push up position. I stop breathing and he  grabs my face as Connor and jc are fighting. I hold his wrist dorky but can't stop him. He kisses my lips and my hands tingle the way they would as if Connor kissed me. I immidiatly push up against him but he won't  stop finally he gets up and stared me in the eyes. Connor tells them to get out unless they are going to bed.  Sam, Connor, and Jc all run out of the room. "Jc, can u get me a can of Arizona?" Sam asked. Jc nods and runs to the kitchen. Connor is about to walk out when Sam grabs his wrist, pulling him to the side. "Uh... Sam, are you aware that you are pulling my wrist?" Sam nods seriously. There is a long pause. They stare into each others eyes with no expression at all. "Connor, I like Reeza." Sam Stares.

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