Say Something

Connor and Reeza love each other when an obstacle happens in their relationship and they have to work through it. The conflict seems to become larger when Sam confesses to a long held in secret. Then lessen when Sammy and Reeza help them all to work through it. This is just a small part of our chapter book and we hope you enjoy.


4. Restaraunts and connections *1Dcupcake1D*

"Connor look I didn't mean to I just did!" Connor runs upstairs and slams the door. He looks me straight in the eyes. "How could you do this to me?!" He yells at the top of his lungs. "I tried pulling away he wouldn't stop! There is nothing between Sam and I!" I could hear Sams heart break from the other room. The next thing I hear is a door barge open and Sam pounding on Connors door. Connor grabs the knob and Sam immediately  pins him onto the floor. "STOP YELLING AT HER! SHE DOESNT NEED IT! I WOULDN'T LET HER GET UP! OKAY?! NOW STOP SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS!" Sam gets up and walks out the door "slam!" The door crashes. When Sam leaves Connor stays put on the ground, I grab his hand and try to pull him up it he makes me fall ontop of him. He grasp my head and our lips connect. I pull away "I have a feeling you have done this before?" He laughs and my hands tingle. And just as our lips untwined I got an idea. I pushed my self up grabbed Connors hand and pulled him up. "Hey Connor, I am gonna go hangout with Sammy, she probably has something so dramatic that she has to tell me" he laughs "she isn't that dramatic!" I laugh and roll my eyes. 
"Hey Sammy!"
"Hey reeza! OMG so you know..."
"Sammy...before you go on... Be less loud, and please say the entire OMG phrase as if you weren't texting."
"Haha. Fine. Okay so I was thinking we go on a quadruple or whatever date,
You and Connor, me and someone, Sam and someone, kian and Andrea. Gosh I hate seeing them together."
"Well I am not sure? What if they don't talk to eachother?"
"Trust me they have to."
"Okay. You invite Sam so he doesn't get the wrong idea and I will invite Kian."
The phone call ends and I jump right on it,
"Hey! Kian! So I am planning a triple date, you wanna come? You can invite Andrea!"
"Yea sure what day I am pretty full the rest of the week but totally free this weekend?"
"Sure we can totally do it this weekend!"
"Alright see you there!"
"Hey Sam, it's sammy!"
I hear him gasp on the other side of the line. 
"Oh hey? Umm? What's up?"
"I was just going to invite you to a quadruple date I am planning, wanna come? It's this weekend so you have plenty of time to find a date."
"Don't worry we are working on getting the rest if the crew to come so you guys can all make up."
"Okay, I don't have an answer yet but I will keep you posted."
"Okay awesome bye!"
Wow that was weird?
Time to call jc. Oh no. For a long time jc had a crush on me I hope he doesn't think I am inviting him to be my date? Well I can make that clear.
"Hey jc. Umm so Reeza and I are planning a quadruple date and we wanted the whole crew so if you can come that would be awesome."
He doesn't answer.
"Yea sure. When?"
"This weekend so you have enough time to find a date."
"Oh...yea. Okay um thanks"
I end the call.
*Hey sammy did you invite them both?*
Sammy replies to Reezas text *yea, inviting jc was awkward*
*okay okay ttyl gotta go back to Connor he is bored outta his skull*
*haha okay luv u :**

"Hey Connor so I know you don't like this idea but you need to do it for me and you."
"Sammy and I planned a quadruple date for me and you, her and another guy, kian and Andrea, jc and a girl, and Sam"
Before I could finish he replied "no. I will not be in the same room as him."
I jumped onto the bed and cuddled close to him "babe... Please. I need you to make up. For  heavens sake you have known him since you were a toddler."
He smiles "I know what your doing. And it's working. Fine"
He rolls his eyes. I kiss him. "So are you going to sleepover again?"
"Yes sure"
We get changed cuddle up close and fall asleep in eachothers arms.

The next morning I get up quietly to leave Connor asleep.
"Morning guys" I smile.
They are quiet.
"Guys you can't be mad at eachother that long? I mean you have to make up sometime?"
Jc smiles, Sam stares at him.
"Sam! I didn't know you didn't tell him! Okay? I am so sorry! I didn't mean to, I know this nails have been something he heard from you but I thought he knew!" Jc says demandingly.
Sam looks at him in a concerned way "okay. I couldn't be mad at my buddy!" Jc laughs and they hug. 
"Yes finally! Now I have to deal with Connor." I roll my eyes and they both laugh.
I hear the door knock , I grab the handle and hug the person standing there. 
"Sammy!" I scream 
"Reeza!" She screams
"Hey jc, hey Sam, hey Ricky, hey kian!"
They all reply and Ricky runs up and gives her a hug.
He puts her down and playingly punches her pretend box with her and she plays along and takes him into a headlock
"I give up!" He screams
"Haha I win again!"
Immediately Reeza grabs her hand and pulls her upstairs to Connor. He is awake and playing video games.
"Hey Connor" sammy says calmly.
"Hey" he say as he grabs reeza into a hug.
She pushes away "look Connor, I am not going to hug you cuddle with you or kiss you until you and Sam makeup." 
He states at her..."but.."
"No ifs and or buts. Period"
"Fine. I will try."
"Okay well while your trying sammy and I are going shopping. And no you can't come because I need girl time!" 
He laughs and goes in for a kiss and reeza allows.
"Hah you just can't resist me!" He laughs
"Darn it! Whatever. Bye! Let's go Ricky!"

"Whoa look at that dress! It has LED lights in it!" Sammy exclaims.
"Chill, it's 2,000 dollars!"
"Look at that suit! It's stunning" Ricky exclaims.
"Ugh I want it"
We walk for a while and then we find ourselves looking through a window in tillys. 
"That sneaky little chinchilla!"
I run out of the store, grab some guys shoulder and turn him around.
"Oh youuu! Really you thought you could sneak around and expect me to not notice? My mom is a CSI agent."
He laughs "okay okay you got me, but how was I just supposed to let two lovely women run off alone to a shopping mall in fear of getting taken?" 
We laugh and allow him to accompany us the rest of the day.
"Bye Connor" I  say sarcastically "no kiss for you!" 
Connor and Ricky wave as they both jump into Connors car.
I jump in Sammy's car, on the drive to Sammy's house I start to think about how the dinner will go.
"So what are you thinking?"
"About what?" 
"The dinner?"
"Oh, well we will walk in and they will fight about who gets to sit where and then they will just be mad the whole time and then one of them will make a comment and they will get in a fist fight."
"Well that doesn't make me feel any better?"
"So You want me to lie?"
"Aw boo you, debby downer!"
"Reeza no one uses those phrases anymore..."
We get to her house and and fall fast asleep all that walking wore us out!
The next morning while I was asleep sammy got a phone call.
"Hey um sammy?"
"Yea it's me why are you calling me kian?"
"Well... umm... Andrea is busy so this weekend umm... Do you wanna be my"
There is a long silence.
"Umm well... Is Andrea okay with it?"
"Yea, her and I aren't in a good place right now."
"Well if she is fine with I guess I am too."
"Okay, I will see you umm this weekend."
The call ends and she freaks out. 
She wakes me up "ahhhhh what's wrong fire? Earthquake? Tell me!"
"Kian asked if I would be his date to the dinner this weekend!"
"Are you sure he isn't just using you to make Andrea jelous?"
"Really? You think so?"
"There is a possibility."

"Okay reeza let's hope this doesn't blow up in our faces"
"I was thinking the same thing."
We all arrive at the restaurant and all the guys are there.
Wow kian is dressed pretty nice for someone he is using.
I can't believe he would do this he is such a jerk!
We all get inside and order our drinks, I surprisingly find out that Kian and I both enjoy lemonade and ice tea mixed?as the dinner passes by, I beggin to become very angry with kian.
All of a sudden I burst out in a whisper voice "Kian! Are you serious? I know you are just using me to get Andrea jealous! You don't need to pretend anymore."
He stares at me.

There is a long pause. Connor, Sam and Reeza walk outside and now I'm just worried.

"I wasn't using you. Andrea and I broke up. She had too much on her plate and wasn't spending anytime with me. We disconnected. I wouldn't do that."
I am speechless.
"So why bring me? Why not just cancel?"
He seems to think long and hard.
" well. See... Umm... So I was dating Andrea but I didn't know how to break up with her before this. I wanted to take you but I just didn't know how to breakup with Andrea. So I just told her what was wrong and why and it's over."
"So this whole time you have never spoke to me just to ask me out here?"
The dates go well and they learn more about eachother. I actually connect with kian. Weird.
As soon as it's time to leave Connor and reeza kiss goodbye and so do all the other dates people brought. Except Kian and I. We just say bye and see you next time.


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