The odd one


2. Concert!!

Well tonight my parents and stupid sister are going out so my bestie Kate (I found her on the trip) are going to a big concert with different bands and stuff like that!

As I looked in the mirror I started to Apply my waterproof mascara just in case it rains! Soon I heard my phone vibrate! I felt popular I mean I don't get many texts.

I checked it and it was my ex OLIVER! he was saying babe I want you back I'm sorry and stuff like that, I didn't even reply for what he did! He cheated on me with my best friend(not now!) but they must've broken up.

I just ignored and carried on doing what I was doing "bye honey have fun!"My mum screamed from down stairs I ran down to give her a hug just in case she might miss me..(doubt it😂)

After all that stuff I cranked up some tunes and chose my clothes I was going to wear a crop top with "cool story bro" in toy story words if you know what I mean... And I wore some dark blue jeans with my black converse just to keep warm I chucked on my army jacket it's not really army but it looks like it hahaha.

I wasn't that flash but I wasn't trying to impress anyone.As I just applied my pink lipstick I heard a knock It was Kate!! I oped the door and she looked stunning! I mean I do look like poo but oh we'll.

After having a few drinks at my house we started walking down to the bus stop to catch the bus there.

All we were doing on the bus was taking selfies there was no one else so YOLO! Ha ah.

Soon as we arrived I saw this hot guy he had a lip piercing he was perfect "OH LALA" Kate screamed at me I just laughed and payed the bus man.

John legend started singing as a opening act he is amazing! someone randomly just touched my but and said you have a nice ass do you want to dance? It was that hot boy! I immediately said yes he just chuckled at me with a half smile AHH THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! Kate already had someone so she was fine with that.

The concert started to end the boy came back up to me and said come home with me? I replied "OKAY!" I was kinda drunk but not drunk as him

I realised why he might want me to go home with him and my mum has told me if I had a baby she would kick me out I didn't notice that time so I just went with the flow.

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