Summer Love

Its a 5SOS fanfiction
the girl is Luke's baby sister who was driven away from her mum and brother and she left with their dad but she comes back forjut the summer to visit and does she find love? Does their love last? Or do they fall apart? Read to find out who she falls in love with and her name but I guess you all should know but read and find out what happens!


1. Amnesia

Ashley's P.O.V.

"Baby girl you need to visit them this Summer please for me" Dad begged me because he just got off the phone with my mum we lived in England and I can't think of what I'm going to tell them of why I have never visited ever.

"Yes daddy I will go this summer just let me go pack up" I said smiling at him running upstairs packing all of my stuff and thought of the day we left.


"Mum your just going to let him leave?" I asked crying I was a daddy's girl you see so I am very emotional.

"Yes baby I am sorry I just can't take it" She cried.

"Don't go daddy" I cried and he looked at mum.

"Can she come she isn't going to calm down and you will have trouble with her with all of her tantrums" Dad said and my mum nodded.

"Yeah just visit when you can" Mum told me and I nodded and looked at Luke he looked hurt and I frowned and hugged him.

"I'm going to miss you Lukey" I said and he hugged me back.

"Me too baby sister promise when you are older you will visit me?" Luke asks me and I nodded.

"When your seventeen I will visit you I promise" I said and he smiled and I did too and me and dad left them.

Flashback Ends~

I finished packing and took my stuff down to my dad my brother just turned seventeen this year and I am keeping my promise he still remembers me because he keeps asking dad about me.

"Lets go dad" I said and a few tears came too my eyes I still remember our old flat before we left to come here. Dad took my three suitcases out to his truck and I sat in the passengers side and he drove off to the airport dropping me off and I boarded my dads private jet and I road to Australia in it.

"Thanks bud" I said to the pilot.

"No problem Ashley have a safe visit" He said and flew away when I was safely in the airport and I walked through the crowd looking for Luke he was picking me up and when I caught eye contact with Luke my eyes sparkled again like when we were little and I smiled at him and calmly walked up to him with my three suitcases and dropped them hugging him.

"I missed you so much Lukey" I cried and he rubbed my back as he hugged me and soothed me down.

"Why didn't you ever call or answer your phone when I called?" Luke asks me and I sighed.

"Do you want the truth? or should I tell you a lie?" I asked jokingly and he chuckled.

"Still same sense of humour huh?" Luke asks me and I nodded and pulled away.

"But the reason was because I was a bit too busy my friends have been distracting me from what is most imporant only because they keep talking about how cool and cute your band is" I said grinning and he was shocked.

"You know I'm in the band?" Luke asks.

"Yeah just by your name I don't know who all is in the band but I love your songs and I am here like I promised when we were little when your seventeen" I said grinning.

"You remember that?" Luke asks me shocked.

"Yeah why wouldn't I?" I asked.

"I figured you would of forgot about the day you left" Luke said with tears brimming his eyes and I smiled sadly and grabbed my suitcases and he led me to a car.

"Calum get in the front seat" Luke said and he nodded doing so and te trunk popped and we put my three suitcases in there and I slid in the car and then Luke did and I was in between Luke and some lad.

"Hi I'm Michael" The lad next to me said and I smiled at him.

"Ashley Luke's little sister" I said smiling getting my phone out and put in one earbud putting on Amnesia by Luke's band.

"So um the driver is Ashton and the one I bumped in the front seat is Calum" Luke told me and I waved at them.

"So Ashley how um have you been?" Luke asks me.

"Good just been busy here and there with the girls my best friends as though they can't stop talking" I said and my phone started buzzing.

"Speaking of" I said and answered the phone.

"Yes Chasidy?" I asked annoyed.

"Ah Luke Hemmings was at the airport in Australia" She said exitedly.

"Hey Chasidy Obbsessed much?" I asked with an amused face.

"Sorry but thats not why I called the reason why I called is Where are you? You were suppose to show up for band practice" Chasidy asks and I physically face palmed.

"Sorry Chasidy I forgot to tell you I am taking a little vacay so I won't be showing up for the summer at all but I will try to practice while I'm here okay? I can just get on the phone and just do what we gotta do for the practices and for any new Ideas text me okay but I can't make it I'm so sorry" I said sympathetically and she sighed.

"Okay fine ugh we sound horrible without your voice you tied us together" Chasidy complained.

"I can't just invite you here its not my place Chas plus I need to spend time with my family of what's left of it at least you know of what happened and I just can't okay I will talk later kay?" I asked.

"Fine bye" Chasidy said hanging up and I rolled my eyes and Luke looked at me questioningly.

"What was that call about?" Luke asks.

"Nothing Luke nothing" I said but he didn't believe me and we finally arrived at my old home.

"Are you okay?" Luke asks me noticing how nervous I was.

"Its just been so long since I have stepped foot in this flat where all of those memories were at good and bad remember when mum and dad would yell at each other?" I asked him smiling sadly and he laughed.

"And you would come into my room scared and crying and I would just sing you too sleep but you would sing along with me until you fell asleep" Luke told me and I smiled and laughed.

"Yeah that's something I know won't happen ever again I kind of missed it but I have made up for all those times when I didn't have you to sing me too sleep all those years" I said and he grabbed my three suitcases out and I just was to comfy too get out but I shot out of the car and ran too the front door and leaned against it waiting for everyone else once they all got here we went inside and I immediately went too my room and I was shocked.

"How? When? Why?" I asked Luke as I turned around.

"I did this for you I decided to use what I remembered of what dad told me you liked and decorated your room and got you a kingsized bed" Luke said and set my suitcases down and I sighed and tears came too my eyes as I saw an old photo of just me and Luke on my bedside table and covered my mouth and looked over at Luke and immediately took him into a hug crying into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry" I cried into his shoulder and he rubbed my back calming me down.

"Don't be" Luke whispered to me.

"I'm sorry for leaving you" I whispered hugging him tightly and he tightened his grip.

"LUKE" Michael's voice sounded from downstairs and we pulled away and walked out of my room and I wipped my tearstained face and took off my shoes putting my first suitcases on my bed and started unpacking and by time I was done it was tea time and my stomach growled but I ignored it for the moment as Chasidy texted me. Chas: Hey when can we practice on the phone? Ashley: After I'm through eating tea! Chas: Okay call me when your done!

"Ashley tea time" Luke told me.

"I know I was just about to come" I said standing up locking my phone keeping it laying on my bed.

"So your all done packing?" Luke asks me.

"Yeah just I don't know why this visit has to be emotional" I said smiling and chuckled.

"Well we haven't seen each other since we were little but mum is downstairs waiting on us two too arrive the lads are joining us" Luke told me and I smiled at that.

"Okay lets go eat tea" I said grinning and we fixed our plates sitting down at the table with mum and the three other lads.

"So Ashley have any hobbies? Bands? Boyfriends?" Mum asks me.

"Yes, Maybe, No never had one only because they all get rejected cause I know of their stupid reputations" I said smiling at her.

"Okay what are your hobbies?" Mum asks me and I looked down at my food.

"Um I love to draw, I do dance at school, I take P.E. as well on top of that I play football (soccer) on the girls team, I was also in cheer, I was pretty busy with all of the stuff I do" I said.

"Do you ever have time to yourself?" Mum asks me.

"Nope never had one second to myself unless I had to use the loo" I said smiling at her.

"This band thing why did you say maybe?" Mum asks.

"You will see" I said smiling finishing up my food and put my plate in the sink and I turned around to see Luke standing there.

"Why don't you just tell us if you have a band or not" Luke asks.

"Because I want it to be a surprise" I said shrugging and walked up stairs to my phone to see someone is calling me and it said Jake and I groaned answering the phone.

"What?" I hissed angrily.

"Just seeing what the slut is doing" He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry jackass but I don't go sleeping around with anyone as I am still a virgin" I hissed to him.

"Take that back you bitch" He hissed.

"Sorry but I can't you ass as you know that not even you can bring me down you fucking bastard" I hissed hanging up in his face and called Chasidy.

"Hey Ashley you ready?" Chas asks.

"Hey Chas yeah I'm ready let's practice our new song I won't be able to play my instrument as though I left it at home in England" I said smiling.

"Oh its fine lets start guys lets do One in a million from the top" Chas said she was the bass player, Annie was the guitarist, and Melanie was the drummer as I was the lead singer who also played piano and guitar.

"How did I get here, turned around and there you were I didn't think twice or rationalize cause somehow I knew that there was more than just chemistry I mean I knew you were kind of into me but I figured its too good to be true" I started and we sang through that song and once I finished singing they stopped playing their instruments.

"Lets do a cover" Annie suggested.

"How about Amnesia by the so called band 5 Seconds of Summer?" I asked smirking because my brother was in that band and they agreed and we sang it and I had a tear stream down my face.

"Was there any reason why you wanted to sing it?" Melanie asks.

"Yeah you guys know Luke Hemmings?" I asked.

"Yeah he is like the hottest boy in that band" Chasidy said.

"He is my brother" I said and they gasped and screamed.

"That's explains why you sound nearly just like him when you sing just a feminine voice" Melanie exclaims and I laughed

"Yeah and he is the best brother I ever had" I said smiling down at my feet.

"Wait so he is probably spying on your with his three mates right now?" Annie asks.

"Probably I mean he used to hear me sing when I was little and the other way around but I don't mind them hearing us I mean they will find out sometime why not the sooner the better?" I asked and they agreed and I stood up.

"But how am I going to tell them I am in a band that's really popular all over England?" I asked running a hand through my hair.

"Aren't you the one always being so straight forward?" Chasidy asks me and I laughed.

"I can't be straight forward to my brother!" I hissed to her.

"Yet you were straight forward to your dad? That's messed up" Melanie said and I rolled my eyes.

"Fine I will then but let me tell you this I haven't seen my brother since I was four years old I'm sixteen now that's a long time since we have seen each other do you honestly want me to ruin mine and his relationship that we have somehow kept up with throughout these past few years? I can't just be straight forward to him" I hissed and she sighed and I hung up stuffing my phone in my bag throwing it on the bed going downstairs.

"I'm going out for a walk mum don't worry I remember my way around" I said walking out of the flat before she has time to ask if I had my phone on me. I started walking in the direction of the closest bakery I go to bakeries all the time to clear my head. I sat down at a booth after buying a cookie and hot chocolate yeah weird but I don't care I sit there thinking.

"Hey what's a pretty girl like you sitting at a booth alone?" I heard a Cheshire British voice ask and I look up to see Harry Styles.

"Oh it's just you Hemmings Ashley Hemmings" Harry said and I laughed.

"Yeah it's just me" I said and he called over some people and I saw it was his band mates.

"What brings you too Australia love?" Louis asks.

"My family this used to be my hometown you know that I was born here right?" I asked and they nodded.

"Okay so we talked to Simon he said he wants to sign your band to his label" Liam said and I grinned.

"Don't bring any of this to my family alright?" I asked them.

"Why?" Niall asks.

"They don't know I'm in a band" I said.

"Oh wow" Zayn replied and I nodded knowing they knew my brothers band.

"Well I best get back my mum might worry about me considering I don't have my phone on me I was frustrated about how to tell my mum and brother and his mates about my band I can't be straight forward I have just reunited with him so yeah I came to think and I know exactly how to tell them now so bye lads" I said and left walking back to the flat.

"Hey mum" I said as I took a step inside she looked pissed.

"Why didn't you have your phone on you?" She asked me.

"I do that when I'm frustrated and when I need to clear my mind and let all of my worries go away it helps me relax going on a walk to a bakery and back home or wherever I'm at and I didn't take my phone because I didn't want anyone to ruin my time alone" I said about to go upstairs.

"You are just like your father always having to make up excuses" mum hisses and I grew angry.

"They aren't fucking made up and I am nothing like my father he might of raised me but I am nothing like him" I hissed heading to the stairs.

"Yeah he raised you alright the wrong way" mum hissed to me and I stepped on the first step.

"Quit talking shit about my father he raised me the best way he could alright!? When your ready to act civilised and quit talking trash about me and my father I will be in my fucking room" I hissed stomping upstairs slamming my door going to the bathroom closing the door silently and locked the door and I grabbed my razor and lifted my shirt up to see the many faded scars I had tried to quit but right now I couldn't help myself I sliced a thin line in my stomach feeling so much better after I sliced ten lines in my stomach I cleaned off the blood and changed into my PJs and unlocked my bathroom door after hiding my razor and opened it too see Luke sitting there concerned.

"I came to check up on you" Luke said.

"Why don't you hate me too?" I asked bitterly and laid in bed looking at the blank wall.

"What do you mean by that?" Luke asks.

"Mums talking shit about dad and saying how I turned up just like him and how he raised me the wrong way" I said glaring at the wall and I felt an arm go around my stomach and pulled me close and I winced.

"You okay?" Luke asks immediately.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said turning over carefully and cuddled into his chest and he soothed me to sleep.

"Mum she is sleeping leave her be" I heard a voice that has to be Luke's.

"No I want her out she can't just be coming up in here like she owns the place" mum says.

"She doesn't act like that mum she is so much better than that you and I both know that" Luke hissed.

"Tell me why she stands up for her father!" Mum hissed.

"BECAUSE SHE FUCKING LOVES HIM AND HE IS MY FATHER TOO YOU KNOW DON'T YOU EVER THINK?" Luke yells and I cuddle into the body next to me but it's not Luke.

"Shhhh it's just me Ashton" Ashton's voice whispers in my ear and I relax and just let out a shaky breathe.

"You know what leave I can't take this anymore I want you both out" Mum says and I sat up opening my eyes and standing up.

"Like he needs you to take care of him all I have to do is get Simon Cowell to sign my band sorry for not telling you but I wanted it too be a surprise and when I do get sign he can always come and live with me because I don't want to be living in England anyhow" I hissed.

"He is your own son and your kicking him out? Some mother you are the only reason I came to Australia is to see him you know" I hissed and grabbed an outfit and changed into it in the bathroom and packed up all of my stuff again and when I walked into the room mum was gone and it was just the two lads.

"I'm sorry Luke" I said frowning.

"For what? The fact you didn't tell me about your band? Or the fact your band might get signed?" Luke asks bitterly.

"For everything if I hadn't of came out to Australia you wouldn't of gotten kicked out I knew this was a bad idea from the start I'm so sorry for that" I said and his face softened.

"And I just didn't know how to tell you Luke about all of this band stuff I wanted to I just didn't want to be straight forward yet I didn't not want to tell you and I kind of had met One Direction so yeah" I said looking down ashamed and I felt arms go around me in a hug and I hugged back remembering the familiar warmth of Luke.

"But where are we gonna stay at?" Luke asks.

"My place?" Ashton asks.

"You really don't mind do you?" Luke asks.

"Not at all since I own it Calum and Michael already live there I tried getting you too move in there with us but you wouldn't listen" Ashton said and I laughed and raised my eyebrows at Luke.

"You could of moved in with him yet you chose to live with mum?" I asked.

"Yeah" Luke said.

"If I was given the choice to live with a friend or my dad I would so choose the friend" I said and Luke stuck his tongue out at me.

"Yeah go pack up cause I'm pretty sure mum wants us out of here soon" I said and finished my packing.

"I am so gonna miss this room" I said.

"How about we transfer all of this too my place and when you want to come visit Luke you can use that room I have plenty of room like I believe five rooms" Ashton said and I frowned.

"You sure I won't be intruding?" I asked skeptical.

"I'm positive now I must call Calum and Michael too tell them" Ashton said and I smiled as he walked out of the room and Luke left to go pack and I decided to pack everything Luke bought to decorate this room.

"Alright you have taken down your room the room that's yours doesn't have a bed so Michael and Calum are on their way over here to collect your bed" Ashton told me and I nodded.

"Okay but I am going to be in the bathroom if anyone needs me" I said walking into the restroom and cut my stomach five times then cleaned off the blood that was from the cuts then I cleaned my razor off and cleaned the sink I looked in the mirror to see I was a bit pale but still enough colour in me to tell I'm still human and functioning. I walked out of the bathroom to see the four lads taking my bed out of my room down the stairs and in their vehicle.

"Alright all of our stuff is in Ashton's and Michael's vehicles am we need to go now" Luke said and the five of us left.

"What instruments do you play?" Ashton asks me as me and Luke drove with him.

"Piano and guitar" I said smiling.

"That's cool" Ashton said.

"But I also am the lead vocalist" I said and Ashton laughed and I smiled.

"So does Luke over here except he only plays the guitar" Ashton says and I smiled and laughed.

"Well I did take after my brother a little" I said smiling and they laughed and Luke was grinning like there was no problem in the world.

"Oh no not them they are eating my food well Niall is" Ashton whines and I laughed.

"And we all know what's going to happen an how did you meet them?" Luke asks me.

"Um when me and my dad moved we first moved to Wolverhampton, England and I lived right next door to Liam Payne but after he went off to the X-Factor me and him move to London because Liam had protected me from getting bullied and I started getting bullied again when he left so my dad moved us" I said smiling and we got out and I took my three bags.

"What are you doing here?" I heard Liam's voice ask and I turned around and laughed.

"Luke's my older brother I had gotten him kicked out just for him sticking up for me this morning and she talked trash about my dad so I kind of had went off on her" I said looking everywhere but him and he chuckled and I hugged him with my hands around his neck and his arms around my waist and when he gave me a tight hug I winced.

"You aren't cutting again are you?" Liam asks me and I shook my head.

"No I'm not Liam it's just you were just squeezing too tight" I said and he sighed.

"I know that's a lie" Liam whispers in my ear and I groaned.

"I'm not lying Leeyum" I whined picking my stuff up but he took two of my luggage.

"So Luke is moving in with Ashton and when you visit your going to be here huh?" Liam asks me and I nodded.

"Yes but let's get these inside I'm tired thanks to mum waking me up this morning" I pouted and he looked at me.

"Try having Niall jumping on you while hollering 'I'm hungry I'm hungry' over and over again" Liam said and I smiled.

"Can we start it all over again" I sang jokingly.

"Did I just hear Ashley!?" Louis asks yelling and I giggled as he ran outside picking me up and spinning me around.

"Louis" I said laughing.

"What?" He asks.

"Put me down" I said and I cringed so bad.

"Are you sure your not cutting again?" Liam asks whispering in my ear.

"Leave me alone Liam" I mumbled pushing his face away and walked inside.

"Don't hug me I have had about two people hurt me by squeezing me already today I don't need another" I said stopping the three from tackling me.

"Do they know?" Harry asks.

"Luke and Ashton knows about it" I said.

"Luke and Ashton knows about what?" Michael asks.

"Um my um" I couldn't talk.

"Her band they might get signed by Simon Cowell" Liam explains for me and I gave him a look that says 'thank you your my life saver' and he smiled.

"REALLY?" Michael asks and I nodded and he jumped up and down happily.

"We wanna hear your band" Luke told me and I smiled.

"Maybe if you lads come visit me in England we are very popular all over in England but not so much in um Wolverhampton" I said and he hugged me gently.

"Well they can kiss my ass you are my little sister and they don't know what they are missing" Luke told me and pulled away.

"Did you tell him about your habit of cutting?" Liam asks whispering in my ear and I shook my head and he gave me a disappointing look.

"You promised you would" he mouth to me and I pouted.

"Well let's take all of this stuff to those two rooms" Ashton said cheerfully and I laughed and shook my head.

"How can you be cheerful bout this?" I asked.

"Luke finally moved in that's cheery already" Ashton says and I laughed and we all went upstairs with something and they all set up my room and Luke's room me helping every now and then in my room.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey baby girl" dad says.

"Hey what did you call for?" I asked.

"I need to talk to Luke and I don't know his number" Dad says and I went into Luke's room and tapped Luke's shoulder.

"Luke dad wants to talk to you" I said.

"Hello?.... Yeah she is doing great..... Oh just at a friends flat..... Um yeah what is it?..... What!?" Luke asks sadly and his face fell from his smiled to a face as if he is about to cry.

"Yes sir I will make sure she doesn't" Luke said and handed me back my now hung up phone.

"Why?" Luke asks.

"Why what?" I asked.

"Why did you use to cut?" Luke asks me and tears streamed down his face.

"How dare he" I silently hissed groaning.

"I was getting bullied so bad to the point I couldn't eat sleep and all that led to stress for me and I started cutting but I quit" I said explaining why but I lied when I said I quit.

"Lift up your shirt" Luke demanded me and I shook my head.

"No please not in front of everyone" I pleaded and he shook his head.

"Ashley lift your shirt up quit lying we all know that's not true why were you wincing when someone would hug you with their arms around your waist?" Liam asks and I groaned.

"Fine" I said showing them my stomach.

"Fifteen new scars" Liam said and I looked at Luke to see tears streaming his face rapidly and I looked away and tears came into my eyes and I was about to leave but someone caught my wrist.

"I wouldn't go anywhere you know" Ashton said to me as he was the one who caught my wrist and pulled me into a hug and I cried into his chest.

"I'm s-sorry" I cried and Ashton rubbed my back as I sobbed.

"Shhhh calm down Ashley" Ashton cooed rubbing my back and he pulled away when I had stopped sobbing and crying.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled.

"Don't be" Luke told me once he was calmed down and hugged me tightly.

"Why? I practically lied to you and kept a few minor details from you" I said my words muffled because I had my face hidden in his chest.

"Because I am sorry I couldn't of been there to prevent it" Luke said and I sighed.

"But Liam helped me somewhat stop by enforcing me to do what I love doing best but that only worked up to now" I said and I felt buzzing in my pocket and I took out my phone to see Mums number pop up and I answered it.

"Look Ashley I'm-" I cut her off.

"A bit late are we? You could of apologised this morning but you decided oh I want her out of here and then you kick Luke out you can't apologise it's a bit too late mum you should of thought about this before you started to talk shit bout my dad and calling me a fuck up because no one is perfect your not perfect I know I don't own anything but you need to understand it's a bit too late to say anything else" I hissed hanging up in her face and put my phone away laying my head back on Luke's chest but my ear was right on his heart so his heart beat is soothing me as well.

"Does this remind you of anything?" Luke asks me.

"Yeah when we were very little every time I went with dad to the mall and you went with mum to the grocery store and we came back at the same time and we would be hugging in no time once they had parked we were so inseparable how did I ever want to leave this?" I asked and he chuckled.

"Well if you hadn't what about your band?" Luke asks me.

"I could of been a feminine voice in your band" I joked grinning and everyone chuckled.

"That's true" Niall exclaims.

"She can sing all of your songs without looking at the lyrics she was singing like there's no tomorrow after the first time she heard the song" Zayn exclaims and Liam nods.

"It's sad to admit but it's true she can sing all of our songs and we have about two almost three albums" Liam said and the four pouted.

"Well Luke is right though I wouldn't be able to live without those girls but I would of met them somehow" I said shrugging.

"So what now?" I asked bored out of my mind.

"The five of us are gonna leave and btw Ashton Niall ate all of your food so we left money on the counter to pay for all the food he ate" Liam said and I laughed.

"Bye lads" I said giving the five a group hug.

"Niall I have a little bet for you" I sang.

"What is it?" Niall asks and the other four lads looked amused.

"If you go the entire rest of the day with out eating I will make you whatever you want but if you don't succeed you are my slave for two days" I said and his eyes widened.

"It's a bet" Niall said and we shook on it.

"It starts now Liam keep an eye on him" I said and Liam saluted and they left.

"What now?" I asked the four.

"Um I am going to unpack" Luke said.

"I already unpacked" I said shrugging.

"Wow you work fast" Calum comments and I smiled.

"I unpacked while those five idiots put those things in my room" I said and I looked down and I felt empty like I forgot my necklace and I raised my hand to where my necklace should be at but it's not there and I start panicking one of my friends gave me that before she had died. I quickly ran to my room she is the reason why I quit cutting and I looked through everything and couldn't find it and I leaned against the wall and ran a hand through my hair as I cried.

"How could I have not noticed it wasn't there?" I asked myself my voice shaking.

"Love is this your necklace?" Ashton asks holding up a locket and I stood up.

"Yes thank you so much I thought I had lost it" I cried.

"I would of given it too you earlier if it wasn't for the fact that everyone else had your attention it had flew off your neck and hit me in the head" Ashton said chuckling and I smiled hugging him tightly.

"Thank you so so so much" I said and he hugged back just as tight when we pulled away he put my necklace around my neck and I reached up on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

"No problem love" Ashton said and I went to my empty suitcases to put them away when I noticed something in one of them.

"What's this?" I asked as I picked up a photo frame and saw Luke and his three mates in the picture.

"Oh it must be something I must of grabbed at the other flat or it fell into my suitcase" I said and put it on my nightstand face down and put my suitcases in my closet.

"I am gonna be downstairs" Ashton says and I nodded and got out my laptop getting on Skype calling Chasidy since she was online.

"Hey look I'm sorry" Chas said and I laughed.

"They know thanks to me blurting it out to mum this morning when she pissed me off anyways isn't today a band practice?" I asked.

"Yeah but guess what!?" Chas asks.

"What?" I asked.

"Simon Cowell called" she said and I grinned.

"What did he want?" I asked knowing he wants to sign us.

"He wants to sign us but there is a problem your the leader and you aren't here so Simon is going to you instead and he needs all four of us so we are coming as well" Chas said and I grinned.

"Goody you get to meet my brother and all" I said grinning and she laughed.

"Right now the three of us are packing up a few things but not our instruments yet hey do you think Ashton will let Melanie use his drums?" Chasidy asks.

"Probably so just bring the guitars and bass" I said to her and she smiled.

"Want me to bring your spare guitar?" Annie asks.

"No I'm fine I will just borrow Luke's guitar if he will let me" I said and they smiled.

"Well we need to practice now" Chas said and I nodded.

"Hang on a min I am gonna go see if Luke will let me use his guitar" I said and I paused our Skype call and walked out my room and to Luke's room empty so I went downstairs.

"Lukey" I called too him as the four lads were laughing and talking.

"Yeah?" Luke asks and I looked down.

"Mind if I used your guitar?" I asked and he smiled and laughed.

"Course not but we still wanna hear your band" Luke told me.

"Well you lads are in luck because after we practice they are coming out here with Simon Cowell since I can't go back there to them they are coming to me" I said.

"Why can't you?" Luke asks and I pouted.

"Cuz once I go back I can't come back here to visit it just doesn't work that way as our band is gonna have to be practicing all summer long not everyday but still" I said shrugging and they smiled.

"Why can't we hear you guys now?" Calum asks.

"Because it's not the same over calling so you lads will have to wait till tomorrow oh and Ashton mind if Melanie out drummer uses your drum set?" I asked.

"I don't care if she does as long as we can hear you girls play" Ashton said and I grinned.

"Well we are about to do one of our songs then we are doing a cover song" I said grinning.

"Really?" Luke asks.

"Yup last time we did Amnesia for the cover" I said and they all grinned.

"Well here is my guitar" Luke said handing it too me and I went upstairs and unpaused the skype call and sat on my bed.

"Let's do Amnesia again" Annie suggested.

"Is it okay?" Chasidy asks and I nodded.

"Yup" I said and started strumming and they began playing and I started singing.

"I wish that I could wake up with Amnesia" Annie sang that part with me an we continued singing and playing and when we finished I heard the three cheer and I laughed as their idiotic dances.

"You my friends are horrible dancers" I said jokingly and started strumming to butterly fly away and they gasped.

"What?" I asked and they pointed to behind me and I turned around and screamed to see someone in all black and for boys came rushing in here and Ashton and Michael ran out of the room and came back in here with nothing but I glared at the lad I know exactly who it is.

"Its not so great to see you again Jake" I hissed crossing my arms.

"Dammit how come you always do this!?" Jake asks.

"I told you a million times if you keep tresspassing my property or a friends property I would call the police now didn't I?" I asked quirking an eyebrow at him.

"Now get out" I hissed.

"Make me" Jake smirked and I didn't want to fight no one knows that I fight the three girls gasped.

"LEAVE" I yelled at him my fists clenching.

"Oh so are you trying to quit fighting?" Jake asks and the three girls gasped.

"No I just don't like it because its gotten me into so much trouble at school my own dad doesn't know anything about my fighting leave now" I hissed and I clenched my fists tighter.

"Like I said before make me B-" I cut him off.

"Don't you dare call me a bitch right in front of my brother you asshole" I hissed punching him straight on his jaw and laid another one on his stomach and he doubled over in pain.

"Yeah now leave" I hissed and he stood up straight.

"No" He hissed and I glared.

"Why are you here?" I asked him.

"To not only warn you but to also protect you" Jake hissed.

"Why protect?" I asked.

"Because someone is after you kidnap you and sell you for thirty million bucks" Jake said and I nodded.

"But why are you warning her and protecting her if you hate her?" Melanie asks.

"Because my dad is the person he lives here in Australia he won't stop till she is sold or he is dead he is in a gang the most dangerous gang in the world" Jake said and I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

"So Ashley we have to get ready to leave" Chasidy said and I sighed.

"Okay but be careful have Simon bring securiy guards too" I said an the skype call ended and we all went downstairs.

"So why didn't you just say so in the first place?" I asked Jake.

"I didn't have time to" Jake said.

"Then why were you being rude and mean at first?" I asked.

"Because you were being annoying like you are now with all these questions" Jake said and I rolled my eyes.

"In that case when they get here you can leave" I hissed and Jake nodded.

"Yes ma'am" Jake said that is the first time I was stern to anyone so he was scared.

"I'm hungry" I poutd and Ashton laughed.

"Looks like its take out" Ashton said and I shook my head.

"Niall better not be eating right now" Luke said shaking his head.

"Poor Nialler he is probably suffering from being food deprieved" Calum said laughing a bit.

"We could do the same for you cause if its not Niall eating up all of our food it will be you" Michael accusses.

"Boys just eat too mch in general" I said and everyone looked at me shocked as I had some chocolate in my hands mubling on it.

"Where did you get that?" Luke asks slowly.

"Not saying where my secret stash is at" I said and their eyes widened.

"You have a secret stash and your not going to share with at least me?" Ashton asks hurt filled his voice.

"You wouldn't want it" I said embarrassed about where I stash it.

"Why not?" Calum asks you see I'm still wearing my shoes an they are stashed at the bottom of my foot and I took out a chocolate bar from my shoe and their eyes widened.

"Here" I said holding it to them and Ashton hesitated grabbing it opening it up eating a small piece and nodded.

"Tastes like strawberries" Ashton said smiling.

"I thought you were allergic to strawberries" Luke said.

"I was but I grew out of that allergy" I said shrugging and continued to eat my chocolate as we all watched TV and there was a knock on the door and Luke stood up and answered the door and he had a small conversation with the delivery man and when Luke turned around my eyes widened when they guy took out a gun and I swiftly threw a metal dish at the guy before he pulled the trigger and when he did the bullet went through the door frame and everyone's eyes widened and Luke was shaking and he sat back down but on the floor and I got up and dragged him to the couch and saw the man still here pointng the gun at me and I smirked.

"Good luck" I said and he shot the bullet and I laughed and I held up the metal dish a different one and it bounced off flying to the man and it went straight through his forehead and he fell backwards dropping everything.

"WHAT!? HOW!?" Michael asks.

"Good aim" Jake told him complimenting me and I smiled and bowed.

"Well is he dead?" Calum asks and I tensed walking up to him and felt his pulse on his wrist and neck then put my hand on his heart and it was still beating and he was still alive.

"He is still alive" I said standing up and was about to walk off when I felt a hand around my ankle pulling me down and I screamed.

"Let me the fuck go now you motherfucker" I hissed as the man was about to throw me at a wall when he was pulled off of me and I was pushed into someone.

"Love are you okay?" Ashton asks and I shook my head and let out a shaky breathe I didn't even know I was holding in.

"Who pulled him off of me?" I asked as tears streamed my face.

"Jake did he pulled him off and took him outside he is dealing th the man right now" Ashton told me as he rubbed my back as he calmed me down.

"Sh calm down love" Ashton cooed to me as I was hiding my face in his chest.

"I want my dad" I cried and he tightened his grip around me.

"Shhh how about we call him and you can talk to him?" Ashton asks me and I nodded and he took my phone out of my back pocket and unloked my phone and called my dad.

"Hello?" Dad's voice sounded raspy.

"Hi dad um how are you?" I asked.

"I'm good are you doing okay because you never call me unless there is an emergency" Dad told me.

"Well I'm fine dad just the same old me that's all I promise but I just had to call to see how you were doing and what your were up too" I said and he laughed.

"I'm out on a date with this lovely lady" Dad says and I frowned at that.

"That's cool have fun" I said with fake enthusiasm and he chuckled.

"I will and take care of your brother bye" Dad says and hung up.

"Yeah bye" I said sadly knowing the lady he is with I hate her and she hates me and I cuddled into Ashton's side.

"I don't want to go back to England ever again" I mumbled as a tear escaped my eyes.

"Why aren't you happy to see dad is seeing new ladies?" Luke asks.

"I'm happy for him but I hate this one she is mean it will be like cinderella where the father dies and that women takes over the girls life until she meets prince charming I dont want to be her because she has two daughters around my age they are all mean and rude to me also one of the reasons why I used to cut" I said and Luke grew angry and I stayed where I was at.

"Luke calm down" I said and he looked at me and sighed shaking his head.

"Did you tell dad?" Luke asks.

"I tried too but the lady threatened me and she acts like she is the queen of England having my dad treat her like she is royalty if he marries her I will not be afraid to move out and be on my own" I said angrily but calmed down easily and I grabbed my phone and called Chasidy.

"Hey Chas where are you girls at?" I asked.

"We are on our way too the airport with Simon right now" Chasidy said and I sighed

"Okay well have a safe flight and stay by Annie the entire time" I said and she hummed confused.

"What do you mean by that?" Chas asks.

"She gets air sickness sometimes make sure she doesn't sit at a window seat" I said.

"Oh how do you know that?" Chas asks.

"Before I met you me and her went on a vacation together to Calfornia by air plane of course" I said.

"Oh okay I will and we are boarding now so bye" Chasidy says and hung up and I put my phone down.

"Lets watch a movie" Michael says putting in a horror movie and I just jumped as a scary person appeared out of nowhere and the girl in the movie screamed and I laughed silently and when the movie was over Luke and Calum were asleep and I grinned.

"Dare me to scare them?" I asked Ashton and he nodded and Michael's attention was drawn to me when I stood up and walked into the kitchen and I found a balloon and blew it up and grabbed a knife and walked over to Luke and Calum who were asleep cuddled together and I stabbed the balloon it making pop sound in Calum's and Luke's ear and they woke up screaming and I laughed so hard I fell to my knees.

"Oh my gosh that was recorded?" Luke asks and I looked up at Ashton to see he had his phone out recording this.

"And that was Luke and Calum getting scared by Luke's little sister" Michael said knowing it was still recording and Ashton put the phone down.

"Why would you do that to us?" Luke asks me.

"I had to scare someone and you two were the only ones asleep so that's what I did" I said and sat back down next to Ashton as Michael put in another scary move called the grudge.

"I love this movie" I said grinning.

"We are going to bed" Luke said and he and Calum left and I was confused and I asked the two lads after Calum and Luke were completely gone.

"How did Luke know Calum was wanting to go to bed?" I asked and they snickered.

"You don't know your brothers sexuality?" Michael asks.

"No I don't" I said and they laughed.

"The two are gay we are straight" Ashton said and I facepalmed physically.

"I should of called that every band I know there is at least two gays" I said throwing my head back.

"What bands?" Ashton asks.

"Just this band and One Direction" I said grinning.

"Who in that band is gay?" Michael asks.

"Louis and Harry and I swear they are the cutest gay couple I ever met they try to throw me in ther relationship but I score on them so bad they have to leave the room the lads and I know exactly what they do when they leave the room" I said laughing and I heard banging and the three of us laughed.

"Wow is Larry worse than that or better?" Michael asks.

"Worse you can hear them from blocks away and they will do it anywhere they are they have done it in a fancy restaurant and a mall" I said and Michael and Ashton were shocked.

"Wow I thought it didn't get worse than that" Ashton says.

"I have a question though does mum know Luke's gay?" I asked.

"Yes she tried kicking him out before but the police brought him back to his flat when he tried running away" Ashton says and I looked down.

"God now I know why I left with my dad and never wanted to visit" I said with a disgusted face.

"But you know I never seen Luke more happier than before you came this summer" Michael said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He would always cry a lot and blame himself for you leaving him we didn't know about you till last year the only reason he would come out of his room is because Calum was always there" Ashton said and that broke my heart.

"Wow I never knew that I read is text messages but I never responded because of how busy I was I couldn't respond I couldn't even respond to dad nor mum" I said running a hand through my hair.

"I would say I wouldn't leave this summer if it wasn't for the fact that my dad expects me to be back by the end of summer" I said looking down and my phone started buzzing.

"Hello?" I asked confused.

"Hey is this Ashley Hemmings?" A lady asks.

"Yes why? Who is this? How do you know my name?" I asked.

"Its your dad" I cut her off.

"What about my dad? He is alright isn't he?" I asked and I heard her sigh.

"I'm sorry but he isn't alright he was poisoned and well now he is gone dead" She said and my heart broke even more and tears came to my eyes and I grew a bit angry.

"He can't be he promised me to be there when I had my first concert and be there for my wedding day how could he" I cried.

"I'm sorry love for your loss" She said.

"Wait you guys can't do anything to save him take out the poison and try to keep him alive?" I asked.

"Sorry but he is long gone" She said and I hung up and the phone dropped out of my hand and I hid my face in my hands and just cried.

"Love what's wrong?" Ashton asks me embracing me in his warming arms and I cried into the crook of his neck.

"My d-dad d-died" I stuttered and his arms tightened around me.

"I'm sorry love but please don't cry love" Ashton pleaded me and I fell asleep ontop of him as he had laid down with me ontop of him. I heard so much commotion and groaned snuggling into Ashton but someone touched my shoulder and I opened my eyes to see Luke, Calum, and Michael all smiling down at us.

"Love are you any better today?" Ashton asks.

"Yeah I'm fine really" I said with a fake cheery voice.

"Well get up lazy bones we have company" Luke said and I looked around and saw my three best friends and Simon and I hugged the girls.

"What's wrong love?" Melanie asks me and I pouted and shook my head.

"How dare you think there is something wrong" I said with mock of hurt but truth was I was hurt by my dad he died breaking his promise.

"Let me guess your dad broke the news that he was gong to marry that bitch?" Chasidy asks me.

"That would of been better news but no he died breaking his promise he was poison I got the call last night before I fell asleep" I said sadly and quietly and the three gave me a group hug.

"He was an amazing person but he was always blinded" Annie said and I smiled at that.

"May his memories rest in peace" I said raising my head up from our moment.

"Okay lets get this party started" Chasidy said and I laughed.

"Yeah no signing paper work is not partying its boring" I pouted.

"But performing is so much fun but not so much fun for a drummer who has to stay at the drums the entire show you can't walk around and dance and all like singers and guitarists and bass players" Melanie pouted and I laughed.

"True that" Ashton hollered from the kitchen.

"Anyone hungry?" Luke asks as he sets the table.

"I AM!" Annie yells and I laughed.

"That there lads is the future Mrs. Horan" I said laughing and Annie glared at me and I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Hey at least I knew who 5 Seconds of Summer was" Annie says and I gasped.

"At least I am related to a band member of them" I sassed and she gasped.

"At least I'm not a virgin" Annie says and everyone gasps at that.

"Okay that was harsh but I would rather be a virgin than a slut" I sassed and she nodded.

"Good to hear" She said grinning and I laughed.

"That's their way to show their love for each other friend wise not that way Ashley here is straight" Chasidy said and I laughed and then I groaned.

"Why must you say my sexuality in front of everyone" I whined you see Chasidy and Melanie are lesbians and Annie and I are straight.

"So what you were saying last night was true?" Michael asks and I nodded pointing at Mel and Chas and showed him that they like each other in that way and his eyes widened.

"Wow" Ashton says and I laughed.

"Ashley can I talk to you in private?" Luke asks and I was confused but oblidged and we walked upstairs to a room.

"I'm gay Ashley" Luke told me and I laughed.

"I know" I said.

"I mean I just can't stop thinking about how amazing Cal- wait you know?" Luke asks.

"Yeah Ashton and Michael told me but I had questioned them on something I shouldn't have and if they didn't tell me I would of figured it out when we heard something banging up here" I said and his cheeks are heating up.

"So you don't hate me?" Luke asks.

"No of course not Louis and Harry are like brothers to me and they are gay and I don't hate them so why would I hate you? Plus you are my brother we are blood related family and I love you with all of my heart nothing can stop that mum is just an asshole" I said hugging him my arms are around his neck.

"Thank you" Luke told me and hugged me back his arms around my waist.

"Now I have something to tell you" I said.

"What is it?" Luke asks.

"Dad died he was poisoned" I said and he had tears in his eyes and held me tight.

"I'm sorry" Luke said.

"Don't be Lukey" I cooed pulling away kissing his cheek and we walked back downstairs and we sat at the table and I sat between Michael and Ashton and Calum and Luke sat beside Michael, Simon is sat in front of me and Chas and Melanie sat next to each other on Simon's right and Annie on Simon's left.

"So you girls really do want to be signed don't you?" Simon asks.

"Yes" We answered in unison.

"Okay I need you girls to stay in Australia though we need you here as we have a management who really wants to have you touring with these four young men but you ladies have to come back to London before summer is over to spend time with your families" Simon said and I looked down.

"I had my dad there but he is long gone I no longer have a family there" I said looking down.

"Oh and here is the ground rule no dating while touring unless the girl or boy you are dating is already your girlfriend or boyfriend" Simon called and my heart broke as though it was already the second week of summer vacation.

"So we can't date unless we have a bf or gf already?" I asked my voice pitchy.

"Yeah we can't have any distractions on this tour since this is you girls' first time touring" Simon said and I groaned I don't get distracted at all.

"Wow Ashley this is the first time I feel sorry for you as though you never get distraced as though you had your license since you were fourteen and you could sing while driving that's too much multitasking and you will be on the phone and eating or when you are practcing you will be doing your homework even if your homework was for dance you would be dancing while you sang playing the guitar" Melanie said.

"I have always been so jealous of your timing and multitasking" Chasidy said and I laughed.

"Yeah cuz if you had that talent then you wouldn't be worried about anything" I said snickering and smirking wiggling my eyebrows and Annie bursts out laughing at that.

"Ashley that is very innappropriate" Melanie exclaims in mock of shock and I laughed.

"Yeah sure" I mumbled finished my food going for seconds and sitting back down and eating again.

"At least you don't walk in on them two Annie I have the worst timing for skyping them or walking into one of their rooms to tell them something and they are shagging that's just horrible" I said faking a sudder and the twos faces heated up.

"Well at least you two keep it sanitized and only at home unlike a few duffus' we know" I said shuddering at that.

"Yeah" They laughed and I smirked at Luke and Calum.

"So Luke Calum how did you two 'sleep' last night?" I asked putting quotes around sleep and their faces turned bright red.

"HONEY WE ARE HOME" I heard Louis yell and I squealed standing up and running into Louis arms.

"Hey Lou" I said and he hugged me back cheerfully.

"Hey where is my hug?" Harry asks pouting and I giggled and pulled away from Louis to hug little Hazza.

"Poor little Hazza" Liam muttered and I laughed and shot Liam a dirty look and he looked away somewhere else and I pulled away from Harry and went to hug Zayn.

"Nice to see you again after yesterday love" Zayn said and I laughed.

"Yeah you too and hey how is yours and Perrie's relationship going?" I asked.

"Its great I'm thinking of asking her to marry me" Zayn said with a blush on his cheeks and I laughed.

"You should the cutest couple ever" I cooed.

"HEY" Liam said whining and I laughed.

"Hey nothing I mean I love Sophie as she was a sister but she is too innocent doesn't even know what do it means" I said and Zayn chuckled and I hugged Liam and laughed.

"Well at least she loves you for you and not for your fame or money" I said pulling away and he smiled at me sincerely and I hugged Niall.

"You my friend needs to ask the girl of your dreams out soon before its too late" I whispered in his ear and his cheeks heated up in embarrassment and I laughed.

"Okay seriously!?" I asked throwing my head back.

"What?" Luke asks.

"Quit getting embarrassed people just because I say something cheeky doesn't mean I want you too be embarrassed about it and I'm sick of it" I groaned and collapsed face flat into the floor and my eyes were closed but I was still awake.

"Did she die?" I heard Michael asks.

"No she does this all the time when she gets sick of something" Liam says.

"Ashley get up or I will feed you too the sharks" Louis threatens.

"Go right ahead I would love to see you try" I mumble.

"Well you got me there get up or I won't leave you alone for the rest of your life" Louis threatens.

"Go right ahead" I said.

"Get up or else I kill all of you" I heard the man from last night say and I sat up glaring at him.

"Oh yeah go right ahead I mean what's life for? You just die in the end and sometimes before you really want to but do you seriously want to go to jail just for killing someone or get killed for trying to kill someone I mean is it really worth it? I don't think it is and I just want my old life back to where I had someone there for me to where I could just sit back and relax but you can't go back to the past I even had to get a job to help my dad out on paying the bills around the flat and I had so many people come into my life then walk out just like my dad did he walked out of my life so go right ahead at least I would be with my dad" I said with a few tears escaping my eyes and the man lowered his gun.

"I never knew you felt like that" the man said and I nodded.

"I didn't either until my life torn apart last night when I got that call" I said and stood up running upstairs and made a call to Mrs. Payne.

"Hey Karen" I said into the phone.

"Hey Ashley how are you?" Karen asks sympathetically.

"I'm not doing so well hearing about my dad's death just last night made me bitter and you told me to give you a call when I was down in the dumps so here I am giving you a call" I said smiling and she chuckled.

"Well love I am hosting his funeral not this saturday but the last saturday in summer vacation so you can be there" Karen said.

"Okay thanks a ton the mum I never had" I said grinning and she laughed.

"Alright baby girl bye tell Liam Iove him and give him a kiss on the cheek for me" Karen said.

"Alright I will bye" I said hanging up going back downstairs and saw Liam, Ashton, Niall, Annie, and Michael the only ones downstairs I snuck up behind Liam and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"That was for your mum and she says she loves you and don't you ever give her a call?" I asked him and he looked down ashamed and I gasped.

"How dare you" I said to Liam with wide eyes.



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