This is Crazy, but I'm back!

Returning to a universe that has changed, great.Now wipe out the memories of those who were close to the person returning, not so great. Keep three people who were not close into the equation, eh that's an iffy. The return of RobustShell; it has it's own difficulties in the beginning but the dust will settle. And RobustShell will pick up what remained of her past. This is Crazy: Book 2.


6. The Sand Dunes Part 2

.. . . 2008. .

 . . .Away from Cybertron  . .

 Of course Ivy's insistence to visit a planet SIMILAR to Sante Onia would pursue her to force  into Torturer's flight system. Torturer flew in a spiral pattern while flying towards a barren, rocky and sandy  planet (different from the one she had been stranded on with Red Scout Five). Torturer cursed to himself bitterly about her fingers getting into places where they shouldn't be. His unplanned trip better be worth this choatic slip up on navigation-free-will direction wise.

 "Stupid human stop it!" Torturer yells as thick dark clouds emit from his jets.

  Ivy's face is really red.


"Human stop swiping; human no swiping!"

"Oh my PRIMUS you've watched DORA!"


"Don't deny it, cause of the backyardians! TAKE ME TO SANTE ONIA!" Ivy repeats her demand, not once but twice. 

 Perhaps accepting The Fallen's plan wasn't the brightest idea yet.

"Damnit, there is no Sante Onia." Torturer twirls past a humongous earth like plant that resembles pangea. "I made it up!"

Ivy wiggles her fingers to a different part of the cockpit's system wires. She sticks  her tongue out at the side of mouth like a mechanic.

"I refuse to believe a decepticon WHO MESSES WITH SLAGGIN' LOGICAAA has made up a brilliant planet!"

"Never told you it was wonderfull!" Torturer tells her, frustrated and angered with the stupid-hyper human.

 "AH HA!" Ivy's eyebrows shot up with a victorious face spread across. It was as though she got first place on a Lego Racing Computer game. Her face had brightened up. We can see her popcorn is randomly lodged beside the passenger seat sticking near the gear-shift that hadn't been relocated by Torturer.

  Ivy yanks her hand out.


We see her left hand is burnt, as Ivy's right eye twitches.

"Yowch." Ivy whimpers a little, waving her burning left hand.

 "Stupid human!" Torturer yelps, turning sideways."Where do you get this courage to torture me like this?"

"You only live once!" Ivy said,while her shaking left hand grabs on the gear shift that has a gray stick attached to a  a flat purple handle.She closes her eyes and then squeezes them, then slides forth the gear shift while moving her right hand in where it was.

They were incredibly close to planet Sandlainia when Torturer's jets lost power.

 "I HAAAAATTTTTE YOOOOOOU!"  Torturer yells as he fell through the atmosphere.

"No ya don't," Ivy calmly said as though she isn't going to die.  Ivy takes her right hand out taking out a rounded metal gear. Her right hand is intact not burning a little or smelling. "Ya have ta admit; I'm pretty genius."

"No!" Torturer yells. "I will get the last word in this; you are an idiot!"

"Technically, one; I ain't an idiot," Ivy grabs her popcorn as the front tip of Torturer's flight mode is burning up. She presses a big red button that says 'eject' in white. "And two, see ya suucker! Who's the smart guy now? I'm not on the wrong side of the riiiverr!"

The cockpit's lid flipped open and Ivy was thrown right out far from the Decepticon.


Torturer crashes into a big mountain side as Ivy flys away.

"And we all fly awaaaayy, so a hero has to come in and make a standdd." Ivy sings the lyrics to Nickelback's song. "And when we all need a hero to save the day, we need a herro---no wait!" She shook her head. "That is Shinedown, both versions of hero are cool by mah book."

 A parachute with a Decepticon symbol ejects out the back of the seat.

"Eh, heights." Ivy has a strong grip around her popcorn as she descends to a sandy like beach. "BEAAACHHhhh! no no no  no. Stop thinking about snakes on a plane--stop thinking about slaggin' scorpions primus darnit!"

The seat is blown away from the beach side to a rocky discarded area near a dead forest.

"Oh." Ivy's eyes become googly as the chair lands. "Waaaiit for it."

The parachute falls on Ivy and the chair.

"Niiiceeeeee." Ivy sad. "Wait." Her eyes froze and you could tell a sense of discomfort over came her. One mattered more than anything else to get out of this mess."THIS FEELS LIKE A TAG--OH SHARP ROCK." 

Ivy grabs the sharp rock.

"YESSS!" Ivy said, like a manaic got what they wanted.

  .  . After Ivy's gone . . .

 . . 2008 . .

The scene transitions to Cybertron. It's been two megacycles since ditching Ivy at Sandelania.We see several objects flew in the air from a cybertronian's failed landing.Torturer stumbled back on the surface very wrecked up.He coughs dragging is feet towards the opening for the lower half of Cybertron.For all his efforts including it's progress getting to Sandlania only to crash had tired him out. He covers a portion of his chest that is exposed from Ivy's 'I need to be distracted' hands. He limps using the gigantic thorns pertruding from Cybertron as help. Torturer's Decepticon symbol is seen on his shoulder.

"I will not do this again." Torturer reminds himself, as he coughs.

His feet were burning and worn out; his back's attached wings are seen to be needing repaired.

"Where have you been?" Megatron's voice halts him in his tracks.

Torturer looks over his shoulder.

 "Just got back from a training--cough--ex-exercises." Torturer meekly lies. And then he adds for further affect (unsure if it would work, hance, not knowing if he could get drunk from it). "Had too much energoil this morning, my liege."

 "And who told you to do this?" Megatron asks,in a rude but questionable way that a Decepticon would.

 "Star-s-starscream. " Torturer lies again.

"He has lost his processor." Megatron muses to himself. "I will make it my sworn obligation Starscream will not find his heels. Rest while you can, because The Fallen would like to speak with you after Starscream."

 The fact that the Fallen is speaking with Starscream simply went over his helmet.

"Yadah yadah." Torturer grumbles to himself continuing down the cave while using the wall as a form of support.

.  . .The Fallen's Chamber  .  . 

Starscream could not understand why The Fallen was giving him grief for not injecting Ivy's regulure shots.

"I cannot give her the neccassary 'shots'." Starscream said. "She's not on Cybertron. She's visiting the planet 'Sante  Onia'."

"Torturer probably left her on Sand Landlania." The Fallen said, raising red flags for Starscream.

"What?" Starscream said, taking a step forward. "The Hog competition planet? For once I am right about Torturer's lying, just this once! What kind of torment do you intend her to be subjected?"

"Survival for the fittest, Starscream." The Fallen said with a growl in his voice. "She needs to learn not all Decepticons tell the truth."

Starscream rubs his fore helm,

"Fallen, you stole a perfectly disgusting-hyper-innocent-small-sheep  and think you can change it, but really you can't!" Starscream goes on, walking towards the  inprogress shell. He stops mid-way. "Unless. . ." He shifted himself towards Fallen with both arms behind his back. "It's been mutated from a sheep  to one of us."

Starscreawm's left servo clenches up.

"You've been near the human far too long."

"No Fallen, this is me  having a conscious." Starscream continues," And this mutated sheep's entire character has to have evolved over stellar cycles that it isn't recognize able. Should I tell Megatron you got rid of her? Who do you think made me her 'Watcher'? ME." Starscream points to himself. "By a little persuasion with Megatron."

 "Megatron must have more brains than that to let you." The Fallen grumbles.

"I have to teach her responsibility." Starscream adds.

The Fallen cackles.

"You will never get that through her thick skull." The Fallen informs him.

"She does not understand the consequences with being responsible." Starscream argues.

"That Barbarian stands up every solar cycle for her actions and I believe that is her flaw." The Fallen remiscues.

"No, in her book that's responsibility." Starscream tells him.

"Changing a human like Ivy is easy like awakening our great ancestor Unicron." The Fallen brags.

"You can't change a planet." Starscream told him. "But what you can biological change is a sheep."

Starscream walks towards the exit.

"Starscream." The Fallen calls him out, making the Seeker stop in his tracks."If you walk out this room; you will never be aware why she needs those shots."

Starscream boldly left the room.

 . . Much later . .

 .  . Walking out of the surface to Cybertron  .  . .

"Why must it end up like this?" Megatron grumbles to the side.

"You want Peanut Butter and Jelly, Master?" Starscream follows Megatron to the surface of Cybertron.

Megatron stops in his tracks, while rubbing his forehelm.

"Starscream,you've been around the Barbarian for too long." Megatron lowers his large wide arm down from the forehelm.

"Master, Ivy never mentions Peanut Butter and Jelly; that's the other recruits." Starscream informs him.

Megatron continues towards the surface.

""Starscream, as Ivy's acting watcher, you go after her." Megatron said.

"But what about Tortrur--" Starscream starts to ask

"He's my concern." Megatron interrupts him. "Now go before she gets herself killed."

Starscream raises a optic ridge at him.

We see Ivy running from a pack of hogs with sharp features with her bag of popcorn.

"They must not like popcorn!" Ivy shrieks, running past a tree but then skids back and looks up. She then climbs up the tree . . . "I call shot gun!"

"Everything she does is screaming 'Kill me!',and she won't admit that." Megatron said, with the trace of a groan in his voice.

Starscream snickers at Megatron's situation with the organic.

"That fleshie told me she's doing that to annoy us . . . when she can." Starscream said.

A gigantic blue and golden robot is seen near the tree, looking up at Ivy's direction with his face being like a mask.

"Starscream, if you do not go; I will personally remove your heels!" Megatron reminds him.

 The Seeker transforms into his cybertronian jet mode and flew away from Cybertron.

"Torturer will feel my wrath." Megatron begins locking on the triple changer's signature.

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