This is Crazy, but I'm back!

Returning to a universe that has changed, great.Now wipe out the memories of those who were close to the person returning, not so great. Keep three people who were not close into the equation, eh that's an iffy. The return of RobustShell; it has it's own difficulties in the beginning but the dust will settle. And RobustShell will pick up what remained of her past. This is Crazy: Book 2.


5. The Sand Dunes Part 1


                  .   .  . 2008. . .

Cybertron, the dead planet you would find it not hard to believe it had been cyberformed for a gigantic race.A race that would become evil or good towards the universe.The Planet known by Ivy's world considering to be a work of fiction whilst the world of Bayverse consider it to be the homeplanet of Cybetrtronians. Those who know the truth about Cybetron would mostly declare Primus is Cybertron from Ivy's world. Some people dismiss it claiming Cybertron is just a terraformed planet. Cybertronians; The race that defied orders from it's creators.We go under cybertron's ground then dive through several passageways that involve twist and turns. Eventually  we get to the main center where all the Decepticons (and a human) have taken shelter.

   Bugger, one of the Decepticons who bugs a lot, rubs his left arm.

 "Why don't we get hacker to do this?" Bugger asks, a little scared

"I got specific orders from Megatron." Ivy tells Bugger, with  her popcorn bag to the side. She points her index finger straight at the Decepticon's direction with a hand on her hip. "And it's to make you a MAN!"

"Eeew!"  Bugger waves his servo as Ivy puts her hand."They disgust me. I'm not becoming a 'man'."

Ivy shook her head, as she folds both arms on top of another. A pair of Decepticons  walk past the two  sharing a conversation in their native language; cybertronian to be exact.

"Megs wants you to make yourself useful," Ivy said. "I''ll make a man out of you," She almost sang it like a lyric from a old Disney movie. "Just wait and see."

"But I am already." Bugger said,swaying his left servo.

Ivy raises a brow at him, "Must I remind ya?"

"A reason why I'm still good, good ahead." Bugger acts like he didn't have a care for the world if he had a terrible flaw.

Ivy sighs disappointed in the mech as well right before reminding him, "You deserted Megatron and a few other Decepticons on the Silicon Planet."

"So?" Bugger folds his arms.

Ivy sighs to herself, looking up to the ceiling while scratching the back of her head.

"Running isn't always the answer, dude." Ivy said, looking away from the ceiling and towards the tall Decepticon."And Megatron told me, specifically,without all the cruel words, Quote 'I dare you to turn Bugger around' unquote."

 Bugger stars at her in half disbelief.

"Dat's dah gist of it, man," Ivy slides her  right hand forth as though it is on a table when it is actually sliding on thin air.

"You are a lunatic!" Bugger said.

'Thank you." Ivy said, catching him off guard.

Bugger did not get a chance to say a comeback,

 "Okay, now to bypass dat security system there has to be a dummy program set up." Ivy babbles, with a click of a button the side screen to a duplicate computer lit to life.Her chattering can be easily compared to techno-babble."Which would require a dummy computer virus with a hot and quick way ta replicate without Anti-Virus programs quarantinin' it."

Ivy taps her fingers together, looking up at him.

"I  .  . .am not a hacker." Bugger complains. "For once; you sound like a crazy, babbling  human."

Ivy  takes a piece of popcorn out.

"Techno-Babble is cool!" Ivy proclaims, turning the piece of popcorn in circle.

"When I do not understand you; then it is not cool." Bugger admits. "Have you heard what every con's been saying about you? You are a crazy, annoying, babbling, short, hyper, and gross organic."

"Bugger, hyper and babbling mean the same thing!" Farmer interjects from across  the hall holding his little cybertronian-chicken friend Henressia.

Bugger rubs his forehelm as Farmer went down the hallway.

"I'll make ya into a hacker expert." Ivy claims, ignoring Torturer's last statement like it were a cybertronian fly rather than a insult. She pops the popcorn into her mouth. "Sit down on dat chair, ten rip dah coding--" Ivy continues while chewing it. "--dat makes a firewall a tough, steel immmove-able fortress non-penetration-able.Oh yeah, it can't be jimmied."

Bugger makes a low, harsh comment to himself about Ivy's absurd speech.

"So the gist here is to: Make a program that completely goes over this one?" Bugger asks, sounding unsure.

"Yes." Ivy draws out the 's' in 'yes' as though  it was longer. She presses a few buttons on the computer's keyboard, then a official pages to CIA and FBI pop up.  "Make  baloony."

The page in a way became editable

"I don't know how this works!" Bugger claims.

Ivy looks up towards the out-of-place Decepticon.

"It's a fresh start," Ivy said. "Pull up a list of names--All human names, no exception. No matter if it's fictional."

Bugger does exactly as she said; pulling up a list of human names.

"Now what?" Bugger asks, looking down towards the human.

"Mess it up." Ivy sat down at the side of the keyboard with her bag of popcorn.

The computer screens daunted Bugger, so he gulp,and started messing up the page.

~                                            ~

The scene transitions to the Fallen's chamber where a in-complete shell is seen on a table busy in the process of being made.The small, short cybertronians are seen (behind the body) having a fight without making a sound. Torturer has just  walked into the room. Our perspective between the two cybertronians.The dinosaur parts decorating the room are off-balanced and not straight as a result of Ivy's bad direction sense.

 "Bad Fashion sense going on in here." Torturer said, squishing a cybertronian fly.

 Torturer rubs the squished Cybertronian fly in between his large, sharp claw digits.

"She has a terrible sense in direction." The Fallen said.

  Torture shifts towards The Fallen, baffled by odd remark.

"Direction?"  Torturer  said, as he looks up to the wall. He flicks the dead insect off his digit. Then Torturer looks towards the Fallen.

"Sitting here, trapped, can get tiresome  . . . " The faint tone of a old tired man can be heard in The Fallen's voice. His long metal digits tap on the chair's bar. "But seeing my trophies off-balance is disturbing." The Fallen said. His optics are pointed forwards the metal wings of a historical bird dinosaur.  "If I could get up and move it with my own barren, hard servos .  .  . "

 "Hold on Mr.OCD-Fallen-creator-of-the-Decepticons." Torturer interrupts him, shaking both his servos. "I can fix all those problems."

 "You've grown over the barbarian." The Fallen notices the way Torturer addressed him.

Torturer folds his arms.

"No!" Torturer said, acting like he had been asked to deflect to the Autobot side. "I have not." He shook his turtle-vacuum cleaner shaped helmet. "That is preposterous."

If there were a human hiding in the corner in the room then they would  see what could have been a smile appear on the Fallen's faceplate.

"That's what she would say."  The Fallen calls him out.

Torturer makes a snorting like sound from the side of his mouth as he unfolds his arms.

"She's one of the first that I saw after being sparked," Torturer waves of The Fallen's observation as a old leader making absurd notes. "And she is disturbing to me." Torturer said as though they were cold hard facts.

"Hmmph, then leaving her on Sandliana won't be a problem for you." The Fallen said, watching Torrturer's optics light up.  "Will it?"

Torturer lit up like a pair of Christmas tree lights.

"Not at all." Torturer said.

"But don't  make it obvious." The Fallen tells Torturer.

"Give me a good reason why." Torturer said in a way that sounded like a question and  statement put together.

The Fallen did not hesitated to explain.

"If you are offlined on this planet, and your spark is destroyed but head  intact, I will have one of the others transfer your memories into a new shell."

The offer sounded too good to be true; heck, there are chances with the lack of energon that he wouldn't make it.

"Why do you want her there, anyway?"  Torturer asks, rubbing his chin-plating lightly.

"Revenge is in my best interest." The Fallen said

"Revenge of The Fallen," Torturer mused to himself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

~                                                          ~

  .  .  .  two Megacycle and Half 'n Cycles later  .  . .  

 Torturer searches down the hallway for the small, unforgettable organic. He thought finding a simple human among the ruins of cybertron would be easy underground. Torturer just got proved wrong; as there's a hard and difficult time finding the girl. He looks alongside the wall with his energy signature radar on. Perhaps Starscream had already given her these random 'injections' that usually involved being silenced.  Torturer leans against the corner of the hallway.

"If I were a small, short lunatic who just got her injections  .  . . " Torturer paces back and forth.He bit the side of his lip. His teeth look long especially sharper than Megatron's. The ground trembles under Torturer's legs ever so slightly.  "Where would I go?"

 He hears the ground move above his helm.

"One surface up with the others on training exercise," Torturer rubs his chin.  "But why would I do that?" He twirls at the side of his helmet. "To see the stars? See cybertronian fossils--CYBERTRONIAN FOSSILES? are you kidding me? Yes, that's what a stupid human would do." Torturer threw his arms into the air. "Go to the most dangerous part of Cybertron!"

Torturer heads back up to the surface knowing full Starscream is probably up there.

 Whilst doing so, Torturer humms the theme tune to Jurassic Park's ending and beginning music.

"I love Dinosaurs." Torturer said as he walks out the huge dreadful cave opening into Cybertron's dead dark ground.

 The ground shook once more as Torturer could hear other Decepticons coming from the other direction. He hops over a large crack while his large metallic claw-toes caught balance for him entirely, while somewhat pinning their heels into the ground.Torturer could see his own reflection from the long very definite clean blade waiting in his back compartment's sheath. A long claw shaped mark is bore on the ground.Ivy's life signature is not far off from him. A piece of a forgotten armor is disturbed Torturer's backtrack. He saw these unusual panther like creatures running in where he would have been. What a terrible liar our second in command is! Starscream had claimed to taken care of it which he never did in this scarce, hopeless planet's upper surface.

  "This will be easy finding the little brat." Torturer duly noted.

He climbs up a mountain like structure and then hops to another letting his heels dig into the dead waste-land.

 From afar we can see there is a brawl going on between two mechs with Ivy seemingly sitting on Starscream's 'supposedly' lost digit.

"Come on." A short Decepticon taunts a small shorter bull like Cybertronian. He moved his shoulders sideways. "You afraid of my toro?"

 The bull-like Cybertronian resembles a tank; but has a helmet shaped like a bulls helmet. He paws at the ground with a deep, creepy growl. This bull like Cybertronian is called BullZie. Just Zie for short when using his hologram that doesn't match a  prison inmate but a really dorky video manager.

 "In your dreams, ganster!" Bullzie calls out the taller but still short Decepticon known mostly as Ganster ( as in gangster).

Ganster presses a button below his elbow which actually activates a blade right at the corner of his wrist.

"Hyah!" Ganster deliverse a blow to the neck almost severing Bullzie's head.

Ivy claps, impressed.

"Cool!" Ivy claps her hands.

"Honor does not come by calling your opponent, duckeling." Ganster dislodges his blade and knocks Bullzie's body forwards away from him.

Bullzie grasps his throat taking huge breaths.

"Yy-y-o are not a ninja!" Bullzie reminds him.

"I was a mentor to one." Ganster said. He sounds like a wise sensai.  "And he turned out quite the swordsbot."

"Ooh oh oh oh oh; was it Torturer or Hacker?" Ivy babbles, waving her right hand back and forth.

 Torturer comes up the other mountain, as Ganster shifts towards her direction.

"Niether." Ganster said. "It was a Autobot; you may meet him some solar cycle." His blade touches the ground. "He goes by the name Drift these days as an Autobot.I didn't teach him as a Decepticon, but as a Autobot." He looks like the mix of a gangster and a ninja Samurai combined with a smoking cigar.

Ivy puts her hand down.

 "Why are ya called Ganstah when you look like a Samurai?" Ivy asks.

"Looks are not all that telling." Ganster said, pressing the back of his elbow.  His weapon is gone in a second.

Bullzie tackles Ganster,and Ivy grabbed the digit and popcorn bag and jumped to a safer place to watch them fight. We see several pieces bounce away from the duo's fight including an explosion. Torturer stops a sharp wheel right in it's tracks by using his foot.Ivy puts more popcorn into her mouth watching with curiosity in her eyes.

 "Would you like to visit The Planet Sante Onia?" Torturer oddly asks her, in a polite voice.

"You must be high with somethin'." Ivy said a brilliant comeback. Probably a brilliant comeback.

 "I'm not high."  Torturer said. "Megatron told me he would like to give you a 'vacation'."

"VA-CAAA--SHUUNN!!" Ivy squeals and sings, waving her  arm in the air. "TROPICAL OCEAN, AWESOME FOOD, WARM BLANKETS, OH OH  AND OH cute alien dogs!"

"I cannot guarantee cute 'alien dogs'." Torturer said.

Starscream came in between Bullzie and Ganster.

"You two, stop fighting!" Starscream snaps at them. He picks up the missing digit that's nearby Ivy.  He makes a grunt like noise putting the digit back on. "It's a waste of your time."

"Yo mean YOUR time!" Bullzie argues.

"He caught me off guard." Ganster protests. "I had to throw the punch."

"Most Decepticons would not consider this a bright idea," Starscream took note, as Torturer transforms into his jet mode. "But you two must apologize."

 "Fine." Bullzie grumbles, kicking over a discarded gear. "I'm sorry for callin' yo a rotten potato."

"Rotten Potato? I thought you said I was a rotten spark!"  Ganster took a step forward but is stopped by Starcream's  right servo.

 "Cool your engines." Starscream puts his servos down. "Both of you!"  The two mechs grumble about it. We hear Bullzie's jet revv up "Ganster, you have more training exercises with the new recruits." Starscream reminds them.

"Byeee Screamer, I'll have more fun tan ya do!" Ivy cheers, waving off at the seeker from Torturer's cockpit.

"Where are you going?" Starscream asks.

"To Cybertron's north pole, where do you think!" Torturer's door to the cockpit closes on the Seeker. 

Starscream folds his arms,not really approving whatever idea Torturer thought he was going to get done  by going to Cybertron's north pole.

"Don't you play games with me." Starscream warns him, stepping on the front tip of Torturer's jet mode. His red pair of optics had a general give-away of sincer. "I take my charges responsibly."

Torturer wedges his way out of Starscream's foot.

"We're goin' ta Sante Oniaaaa!" Ivy squeals. "I GET TO HAVE A BACK MESSAAGGEE! OH I ALSO GET TA HAVE A SUN TAN WOOHOO!"

"Sante Onia?" Starscream is caught by surprise. Ganster and Bullzie are sharing a staring contest. Starscream had not heard of a planet named by that.

"It's cool with Megatron." Torturer said. "I got the Okay out of him."

 Starscream is wary of the mech.

"There's no such planet that goes by the name Sante Onia." Starscream insists.

"See you later, suckerrrrr!" Torturer taunts him.

Once they were in outer space nothing  could save Torturer from Ivy's excitement.

"WEEeee!" Ivy squeals. "I get ta visit a planet named Sante Onia!"

"No it's Sandlania." Torturer corrects her.

"You  huge-double-crossing liar!" Ivy kicks at his dashboard. "Take me to Sant ONIA OR ELSE YOU'LL BE CRASHING THIS INSTANT!"

"How can you crash a jet when you don't know how to operate one? Stupid human." Torturer insults her.

 He would later regret saying that  .  .  .

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