This is Crazy, but I'm back!

Returning to a universe that has changed, great.Now wipe out the memories of those who were close to the person returning, not so great. Keep three people who were not close into the equation, eh that's an iffy. The return of RobustShell; it has it's own difficulties in the beginning but the dust will settle. And RobustShell will pick up what remained of her past. This is Crazy: Book 2.


10. Minicon?

Of course I happened to be found by a certain Autobot named Drift. Among all Autobots I had to meet the guy who got time wrong in 2008 about Megatron being online in 2006. Oh sweet memories from teaching the new Decepticons numerous facts in life just slipped into my head. Unlike the movie these events are playing out differently, or at least I sensed that.

Technically I wasn't found.

The Bird dropped me on Drift's roof.

So Drift put me into his vehicle mode via hologram. No matter what happens to him; he sure does look like a Samurai.

"Who are you?" Drift asks with me in his passenger seat.

"RobustShell." I said..

"The name sounds familiar." Drift remarks, catching me off guard. He probably, and most likely, was about to pop a joke.  "Got any other names?"

"Ivy." I said, sliding under the view of the window (so kids who are in trucks or vans wouldn't see me).

Drift hummed a little similar to this 'hmm'.I don't understand why he'll be in his car mode when he could go into his helicopter mode.For being an former Decepticon Drift takes the cheapskate short cut for some convenience.I could have sworn he snickered from me slouching in the passenger seat. Is that an in character moment or am I losing my mind in a bayverse that does not characterize well?

"Sounds familiar .  . . But I can't figure out why." Drift said, his holographic form taps on his chin.

I look down to my small, thin robotic servos. A tear rolls down my metallic cheeks.

"That's because you forgot me." I said, in a low voice.

"Forgot?" Drift said in a questionable manner. "What's wrong?"

I sigh, wiping off the tear by using my right forearm.

"Me." I sniffle,rubbing at the place a nose should be.

 It is entirely me who is very wrong; my entire past here is no more. So it makes perfect sense but not to Drift.

"You won't tell why, even under Prime's presence, nor something dire." Drift said.

I rose an metalbrow at  The former Decepticon.

"I can not tell if that is an Hiku." I say.

"It is." Drift confirmed my suspicon.

The ear buds that used to be part of the lower half of the iphone mode (by being wrapped around the lower half) have sort of become two tails. That's how the universe treats me now by giving me two tails that are ear buds but they become metal like in robot mode with spikes all over the sides.The window mirror provides me reference that I look like a tamed version of Ravage(with that tail) and wheelie combined except for the helmet from my previous robot-mode years ago.

We past the city streets,  through an overpass that bore a significant resemblance to this one episode in TFA where Sari looked out Fanzone's combat car window down towards the Autobots going  out to a run-away train that was being chased by Starscream because it had a Allspark shard. Funny how the bayverse reminds me so much of a fantastic cartoon. The city slick sight disappeared away for the Utah-golden yellow scenery similar to a scene from Cars and Transformers Generation 1.

 Then Drift transforms  and I fell into his servo.

"Back for some more Hiku battlin'?"  I heard this light English accent from afar but upon looking up I saw this green trenchcoat Autobot who is no other than Crosshairs. He was in the trailer shooting bullets while a autobot parachute loomed behind him.

"No." Drift said, coming forwards as I fell out his servo.

I rolled straight into a big foot.

"Who is this lil' minicon?"  Know who this is? Hound! Hound helps me up.  Wait he called me a minicon: he must know what a Minicon is.

I am totally speechless.

"I don't know," Crosshairs says in his Englisher accent. His gigantic, wide green trenchcoat that I could see somewhat on the sides they stored some weapons. Crosshairs lowers himself towards me on his knee's. His googles are similar to TFA Jetfire minus being green. "But this doesn't seem right."

"Her name is RobustShell." Drift tells Crosshairs.

Bumblebee came from the cave with his front chest plating looking dark as night (not the same design as it had been for the past three movies and thirty some years franchise-wise),I can see recognition register in his optics, his pose shifted from the young scout who had this tremendous figurative weight on his shoulders to one who remembered.

"Hmmph." Crosshairs sways his right servo. "Can this thin' speak? Hey why does she remind me of a Decepticon?"

"H-h-h-hi." I shyly said.

Crosshairs stood up.

"See," Crosshairs gestures at me using both his servos similar to a cup (well kind of like supination hand position)."The thing can speak!"

Bumblebee makes this unusual sound as though he got Crosshairs point.

"You." Bumblebee stood over me.

"Um .   .  .  This is unexpected." I almost stutter.

His  window-car like  optics narrow at me.

"Where did you find her?" Bumblebee asks Drift through his radio and some of his speech.

"She fell on me." Drift said, as Crosshairs shook his helm. "A bird dropped her on my hood."

Bumblebee sighs, looking down to me.

"Why have you returned?" Bumblebee did not sound pleased by saying this.

If this were a cartoon you would probably see question marks hovering over the Autobot's helmets.

"I-i-i-i-i have no idea." I stuttered. Man my stuttering must be bad around this Autobot. "I-I-I'm sorry for you seeing Sam die, twice."

Bumblebee approaches me but Hound kept him back.

"How does she know about Sam?" Hound said, sounding a bit fishy about this with that cigar sticking out the side of his mouth.

"She's from another universe." Bumblebee said,using a bit of his radio for communicating. "And we have every reason why she's forgotten."

Crosshair is laughing, leaning against the cave's rocky-gaping opening.

"What could she have possibly done?" Crosshairs asks, looking away from his  digits.

"I.  .  . was Megatron's love interest." I gulp, and then continue. "I caused Sam WitWicky's death and a major disruption in the time line.Probably for the best you don't know the rest of my past.It's all fixed,anyhow."

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