This is Crazy, but I'm back!

Returning to a universe that has changed, great.Now wipe out the memories of those who were close to the person returning, not so great. Keep three people who were not close into the equation, eh that's an iffy. The return of RobustShell; it has it's own difficulties in the beginning but the dust will settle. And RobustShell will pick up what remained of her past. This is Crazy: Book 2.


11. Into your hands

Try taking the balance into your hands. Bumblebee is definitely trying his best to be a good leader in Optimus Prime's absense.All four had gotten the same message as Ratchet had gotten shortly before his death. All four as in: Hound, Bumblebee, Crosshairs, and Drift. A hard choice came upon me whether or not I should tell them about Ratchet's supposed death? Well Lockdown did take Ratchets spark.But one side of me preferred not to tell.Who wants to rub salt into the wound even more?

 "So why does the little scout remember you, but no one does?" Hound asks.

"You can't get rid of grudges." I said. "He barely knew me. So that's why he went unaffected."

"I thought the sayin' on here was 'you can't hold grudges’." Crosshairs said, leaning against the rocky terrain wall.

"The saying's different in my case." I said. Crosshairs is a character who I've never, ever met before but he kind of reminds me of Sunstreaker from this deleted Ironhide Fan Fiction (Which by this point it is probably back on the internet) called Classified. You can see a lot of similarities between Sunstreaker and Crosshairs.

"Have we met before?" Hound asks.

I shook my head.

"Obviously she won't tell us who she has met other than Bumblebee." Crosshairs complains.

Drift and Bumblebee were out making sure there wasn't those machine bug drones in the perimeter around their temporary base.

“I would call you out as an ambitious jet flyer who’s purposely taken the scan mode of a car,but that’s overdoing it.” I said, sitting on a flat boulder with my servos around my knees. “I’m not a kid anymore. Having an Iphone as my alternative mode is crazy, absurd, and unthinkable. Want to know what  I screwed up on?  My return.”

“What kind of insult is that?” Crosshairs acts like my comment was nothing close to an insult.

“She’s lost her confidence in herself.” Hound said. “She made deflated balloon insult.”

“More than confidence; hope.” I said.

 The burning image of Ratchet’s death is seared into my memory.Maybe I should wipe my own memory bank of ever having a child?

 “A femme who just went through years bein’ around the Decepticons has given up?” Crosshairs walks away from the entrance way. “Somethin’ rattled your bars. It’s bigger than Megatron, Optimus, and the Allspark combined.”

  I remained silent.

“So let me guess; since you were a love interest of a deceased mean tyrant and he probably had the same feelin’s towards you  .  .  .And you had respect for humanity up until that point, and, your own confidence in yourself was intact. You two had a hatchlin’.”

“In the middle of war?” Hound has turned his helm towards Crosshairs.

“They probably didn’t expect to have it.” Crosshairs went on. “Nor were you aware about it.But there are always Decepticons who get suspicious.  Somehow the humans took you, took your hatchling, and tried to do somethin’ on you but that failed. Am I right?”

I slowly nod.

“Since they forgot as we did  .  .  .” Crosshairrs became stumped. “There’s two scenarios: They either experiemented on the hatchlin’ or did what a human mother would swear vengeance over.” Crosshairs looks down towards me. “You shouldn’t blame yourself over  it.”

“I .  . .  . I didn’t expect it to happen.” I wipe off a tear.  “It started out as a ‘I don’t like you’ thing and then it suddenly became a ‘I like you because you are awesome’ thing.”

“Did Megatron say awesome?” Hound asks, curious.

I glare at him.

“He never did, that is so out of character.” I remind Hound. “Megatron does not fall in love with humans. I may sound like a hypocrite but you don’t fall in love with an organic because of their body; it’s their character.”

There is a pause.

“That’s true.” Hound said.

“But I wouldn’t want to hang around humans.” Crosshairs adds. “Not after what I’ve seen.”

For a moment there I forgot all about being a transformer. His comment made me laugh.

“I’m curious, whatever happened to Sideswipe?” I ask.

“He’s been in hiding.” Hound said, looking over to the sun-set like scenery. “Ever since the Fallen returned, he’s been paranoid as a chicken about humans going against him.  He’s currently at a car show in stasis.”

“Hound, he’s not in stasis.” Crosshairs corrects him. “He’s been in hiding with a new Autobot recruit since 2012.” New Autobot recruit just one year after the battle of Chicago, that must be a conicedence.Maybe he’s not dead? “Last time I heard they were in Texas.”

Okay thinking this had just gotten my spirits up.

_______                                                           __________

.  .  . Texas  .  . .

  .  .  . Early in the morning.  .  . 

"RollBar." Sideswipe drives into an old ransacked garage that's partially near to -never-ever-getting-fixed.

A mini-bug designed race car zips out of a big hay stack.

"What? what what what what what?" RollBar drives around Sideswipe.

Swipeswipe opens his right car door which halts Roll Bar.

"My bumper." RollBar complains, honking his horn."That hurts!"

 "It'll hurt more when Shane comes in." Sideswipe closes his door. "You shouldn't be here. You heard what the message said."

"Nessage,smeggage, bessage," RollBar makes up words. "It's baloney.I'm not leaving this kid. I've been with him since  .  .  . "

"I found you." Sideswipe finished for RollBar.

Roll Bar shifts his wheels towards the right.

"Just one more night, pretty pleaaase?" RollBar's window washers droop.

"One more night, and then we're leaving." Sideswipe said. "You are lucky he hasn't found out what you are."

Sideswipe drives off towards the other direction.

"Yeah  .  . . " Roll Bar mutters to himself, his windowshield wipers return to their rightful positions. "So lucky."

RollBar transforms into a shorter cybertronian.He tilts a hanging upside down photo of Shane's family .But not that lucky. He envys the human for having a family when he did not. All he knew that humans found him as a protoform in one of their vachilities.And they decided to rush his aging systems into an older transformer about Bumblebee's age.

"At least he wasn't an orphan." Roll Bar said with a sigh as he  picks up three  screws.

RollBar hammers the picture into the wall using his right servo to do the hammering.

"Shane's the lucky kid; not me." Rol Bar dusts off his bumper and sorted out the dent.

Ever since the day they advanced his age; RollBar felt like he was missing his mother. Often times he doubted that feelinng to be genuine. When Shane had found him in his vehicle mode; RollBar did not look new. He looked dirty,rusty,and really not well taken care of.Well that's what he got escaping from the human clutches thanks to Sideswipe.Not only was it thanks to Sideswipe that RollBar escaped but it was another source who claimed to know his mother.

 He remembered it well .  .  . 

  .  .  .  2011.  .  .

"I knew your mother."

RollBar looks around, startled by this out of place voice. It was all that it took for him to be scared. The rlights had gone out in this portion of the mega-large building.RollBar is in the storage area of the building with tall boxes on shelves reaching five feet away from the ceiling. The room he is usually is kept in is at the back. The lights were usually on when he went there. He didn't have a sense of direction. Roll Bar, back then, was scared of the dark. 

"Who's there?" RollBar asks, grabbing anything in hand reach.

"Just a old friend." The voice said,humming a tune that rises up and then down.

RollBar takes a couple steps back, afraid and doubtful about this strange voice. He heared this tune before from ja

"Don't walk away." The voice instructs him.

RollBar grabs a broom.

"Take one step, one step forward, just watch what happens!"  RollBar threatens the voice.

He heard laughter.

"Hahaha,watch it get broken into two?" The voice mocks him. "You are just like her."

Mentioning RollBar's mother by a 'she' made him a little curious but surely frustrated at every turn.

"Who are you?" RollBars voice became darker and deeper than it had been before. His anger got the best of him. "Give me answer before I call security."

A light turned on across from him.

"Hello." RollBar's optics adjusted to the change in darkness.He saw a rather short-like figure whose helmet resembled a mix of Soundwave and a turtle's head.He saw this new Transformer with burning red optics staring right at him.

RollBar staggers back, afraid of this figure.

"My name is a bit of a hobby  . . ." He leans against a small stick with glowing symbols. It was as though he needed some leg support and also that he is way ahead of his expiration date. He walks down the stooraged boxes as though they were stairs.

"C-c-coc---collecting names?"  RollBar is stopped against two large box lids.

The figure laughs.

"No." He stops after the last box. "I do love to torture others with not-so-logical .  .  .  " The figure looks down to the right.  "Instruments."

RollBar tilts his helm.

"Annoyance?" Rollbar guesses.

He shook his helm.

"Finding you took a bit longer than I had expected."  The figure knocks down a random object. "And torturing humans was fun; using their cruelest tools against them."

"Surgeon?" RollBar felt an icy sweat coming down his neck.

"Torture." The figure smashes the object in half. "With an 'r' beside the 'e'."

"Torturer?" RollBar repeats, noticing a Decepticon symbol on his shoulder from the spot-light cieling. The symbol meant only one thing: Not all the Decepticons perished in the Chicago Battle. "But; all the 'Cons are being hunted down. You can't be here for long."

The figure, which we can refer to as Torturer, picks up a sliver of the object he had crushed.

"I survived because of a deal breaker." Torturer's voice deepens at the 'deal' part. He looks towards RollBar's direction. "I was young, strong, and fighting-ready."The former tall and frightening Decepticon shook his helm. He drops the sliver.

"Until this 'deal'?" RollBar folds his arms.

Torturer powers down his optics briefly. 

"No." Torturer's optics whiz to life. "It was your mother."

"My mo-m--mother?"

"I was living in a  youthful shell when the entire universe  decided to take a crap on me!" Torturer complains, waving his stick in all directions. "That body  .  .  . That strong body .  . . It was turned to this!" Torturer shook his hand. "I should have stuck to my fate not arranged a deal with the Fallen for a new shell after death. This shell had to be the exact opposite."

"What about my mother?" RollBar takes another step forward. "Who was she?"

"She killed me, doesn't that matter to you?" Torturer looks at the mech. He envied RollBar's youth.

"No." RollBar said.

"Your father, Megatron, fell in love with her first." Torturer explains. "How I know is by what little memories I have of your mother and the crazy, sometimes silly incident on Cybertron.” His voice perks up at the mention of Cybertron.“I was fortunate to not be acquainted with her; I would have lost all my memories how I became this horrible old shell!"

"My--my-mymy father is Megatron?" RollBar is in disbelief. "You must be joking. Tell me you are joking."

"He is your father."  Torturer confirmed.

RollBar staggers back then lands in between two storage boxes. 

"No. It can't be!" RollBar rolled into denial. "I can't be the son of a Decepticon!"

"Not A Decepticon, but a tyrant." Torturer muses. 

"I'm the child of a Decepticon." RollBar paces back and forth."I am not a Decepticon." RollBar looks towards Torturer. "I'm an Autobot."

RollBar had already made his decision. 

".  .  . What side you are on does not decide your side." Torturer puts a servo on his face, ashamed of RollBar's intelligence. He then takes it off his face."Your mother,oh, I don't know her name." Torturer continues where he left off. "She left this universe, but, she'll be back."

"Wha.  .  . what?" RollBar's face became pale than any color for metal. Hope sparkled in his optics.

"You are not deaf, child." Torturer stomps his stick on the floor. "She'll be back."

"When!" RollBar grabs him by his shoulders.

"When she'll be back?" Torturer said. "I don't know. Now let go of my scapula's." Torturer frowns at RollBar's grip. "They are delicate antiques."

RollBar throws him into a big pile of rope.

"Why did you bother coming here?" RollBar folds his arms.  "If you don't know when she'll be back? I do not understand this universe thing--"

"It's messed up." Torturer said.

"What?" RolllBar questions him.

"The universe thing, child." Torturer tells RollBar "Keep up!" Torturer shook his helmet. "I came here because . .. There's a Autobot who I found two weeks ago." Torturer gets a suspicious look from RollBar. "Truth to be told: I've escaped more than once. Boy, this is not a normal lifestyle to live in.”

Torturer actually spoke with concern in his voice.

“.Before, I didn't speak like this  .  .  .” Torturer sighs, shaking his helm. “But being in the shoes of an old shell has worn down on me."

RollBar rolls an optic.

"This is not your home, and, they never let you out." Torturer tells him.

"Yes they do!" RollBar argues back.

"No. Not unless you are showing off new weapons." Torturer spins one of his shoulder's arm's wheels. “In time they will kill you like the others.” His voice became sad. “Not just Decepticons being killed off, But Autobots.” His voice became lower like it was something touchy.

RollBar did not believe it.

“Liar!” RollBar calls him out.

”Like your mother would say; you look horrible as a tank." Torturer looks up from his wheels towards the younger Transformer."Why not scan a small race car?” Torturer changes the subject. “You would feel much better in that altermode."

"Why are you interested in me?" RollBar asks.

"Because .  .  . I make lots of deals." Torturer uses his deals as an excuse.

"Who was it with  this time?" Roll Bar asks.

"You don't even want to know." Torturer shook his helm. "And this Autobot's name is Sideswipe."

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