This is Crazy, but I'm back!

Returning to a universe that has changed, great.Now wipe out the memories of those who were close to the person returning, not so great. Keep three people who were not close into the equation, eh that's an iffy. The return of RobustShell; it has it's own difficulties in the beginning but the dust will settle. And RobustShell will pick up what remained of her past. This is Crazy: Book 2.


2. I won't let it happen!

Ratchet could plausibly die in this movie; to be more specific he may die.I  won't let that happen. I don't understand what is coming over me. Not about these feelings that exist inside of me, but . .  . doing this for a Autobot? Who am I? A young fangirl who doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. Who's failing at that terrible I'm just a girl who doesn't want to see an Autobot die right after arriving to the Bayverse.

"How old are you?" Ratchet asks.

 I froze.

 "18," I said. "But can't be sure. Because of .  .  .  reasons. Mind traveling reasons."

There is a small car across from the old ferry.

 "If you've been here before; did anything major happen?" Ratchet asks.

I was looking at the old car thinking it could be a perfect escape route.

 "Yeah . .  ." I feel a tear go down.The pain from loosing what most parents would embrace to have in their lives has just returned with a burn that isn't vicious.

I wipe off a tear.

"I came here by my mind." I said. "Now  .  .  ." I look towards Ratchets empty driver. "I'm physically here. Hey Ratch, uh, you may want to pull up a hologram. And scan that car, and go into the fish pile."

 "Why would I do that?" Ratchet asks, like someone who is using logic to dictate whats reasonable.

"To save your life, duh." I tell him.

 Ratchet scanned the car; next minute I felt the seat under me jump and robotic sounds coming from the outside. Woah so this is how it feels when inside a transformer who just scanned a new car. Ratchet drove through the fish pile. So as a paranoid transfan I put a little 'swamp energy signature' device on the driver wheel. Score one for miss paranoid girl!

 "Do you know how I die?"

Truthfully, I don't.


 "There's a saying humans say that goes along the lines of 'your pants smell like they are on fire''."

 Reminder to all: Ratchet can scan organisms.

 "Okay, I don't." I admit. "I just know that you die. And put a hologram up for pete's sake,you are revealing that you are a transformer!"

Ratchet's hologram comes up.

"Is that better?" Ratchet asks.

I was busy staring at him that he didn't get an answer; his hologram reminded me of Lennox aged ten years older, his hair is a mix of brown and gray, and he had the body of a wise-look-up-to medical Doctor. He wave his left hand up and down.

 "Hello?" Ratchet asks.

I clear my throat.

"Yes." I said. "That IS better.Now, I need to buy some new stuff . . ."

So then Ratchet drove me to a nearby clothing store.I walked into the building stinking like fish--I could tell it was horrible because everyone was wearing gas-masks. So me got two packages of necessaries, six pairs of shirts,one package of socks,scissors (to cut the tags off, I hate them),shoes with straps, a package of panties, and  six jeans. I also got  body soap, hair shampoo, Mechanical tooth brush, toothpaste, and some food. Checking out of the store was something I didn't plan for.

 "Do you have a credit car?" The employee asks.

 "No." I said, "BUT!" I raise my hand up and shook my index finger back and forth. "I do have a credit card number!"

 I put in random numbers into the machine. Then I pressed enter; surprisingly the machine took the number.

"Okay, Ms, Garcia Flancelize." The employee said, as I grabbed the bags with the groceries.

To think a random number belonged to someone who I just pretty much .  .  .  identity theft much? No.That's a one time use for me on this! I'll have to use a different random number next time around.I share a quick smile to the employee and then made sure to get out of the building before the employee got suspicious.

Ratchet opened the door.

Oh great; so whoever was nearby this store just saw the door open BY ITSELF. Does he really want to die?

I put the bags on the car's passenger seat floor, then get in and shut the door. Then I buckle up a seat belt.

 "Ratch, a little question." I said, picking up the bags.

 "Go ahead." Ratchet said, driving off from the store.

I look over to see the employee running out the door holding a recipient.

 "Do you have a habit to open your car door for humans?" I ask, turning my attention away from the door.

 "A little." Ratchet admits.  "Why are you calling me 'Ratch'?"

"It's a little nickname." I said.

"Did you do that to Megatron?" Ratchet asks.

 Wooops. Where did that come from? I hadn't told him about  .  . . Wait .  . .Oh yeah I told him I've been here before. So duh  it's logical he brought that up! Especially knowing I had met everyone when I hinted at that.

"Yeeep." I said,with a wide grin. "Most Transfans call him Megs or Megsy; even his voice actor did,"

Ratchet laughs, as his entire vehicle mode became a little bit jumpy like he was going over a bumpy road.

 "How did you not end up dead doing that?" Ratchet wipes off a energon tear.

 "Starscream." I said. "Okay Ratchet, there's a ocean with no cars or surveillance." I use the scissor and cut off the tags. "I have to take a bath. so do me a favor and don't look,"

There is also a big tree that prevents anyone from  seeing the lake, I  put on the  new pair of water shoes that do not require socks.I wiggled my toes while thinking that they resembled hands but shorter and pretty useful for balance.I then went into the lake with my shampoo and body soap. Lets say taking a bath in the lake is pretty calm, especially beautiful. So after getting drying off I changed into my new clothes.

 "Okay Ratchet, you can look now." I said, coming back with a bundle of dirty clothes.

Ratchet was hiding in the forest in his robot mode; to be honest, he's got his armor more dirty than a dirt bike being ridden by people after it's just rained.

"Thought there was another Autobot in here." Ratchet said, shaking his helmet. 

Ratchet walks out of the forest.

 "How small was it?" I asked.

"Like a human gun." Ratchet said.

I rub my forehead.

"We're being watched." I said,

"Bell, how can you know that it was not  a insect?" Ratchet asks, his voice sounded different like had a bit of doubt towards me, as though something had shaken his trust in humans.

"Because you are a cybertronian," I reason with him. "And I somehow got sent here."

"You mentioned the name of a deceased Decepticon." Ratchet told me. "I have every reason to suspect you are part of the Decepticon cause."

I look down, with a sigh shaking my head.

 "Before I tell you; how did Sam die?" I ask, looking up towards Ratchet.

Ratchet was silent for a moment there.

 "He died on Bumblebee's watch," Ratchet sadly said. "During the battle of Chicago."

All the Decepticons I had known back then were dead.

"No." I said, pointing to myself.  "It's MY fault."

"Your fault?" Ratchet repeats, confused and a bit surprised.

"You heard me; I'm taking responsibility for my arrival." I admit.

I cringed when recalling receiving the Allspark and Megatron sending Sam Witwicky down from a statue goblin wall material.I saw Sam fall  like someone put the movie into slow motion. Like most ticked off people it made me want to punch a wall.Nobody wants to have a memory like that linger in their memory. Most Transfans never dream of ruining a time line this badly that had to be fixed by unworldly forces. Perhaps it had been fixed by whoever ensure's Transformers continue living.

"It's my fault!" I continue.

"Now you are sounding like Bumblebee." Ratchet said. "You couldn't have been there."

 I cleared my throat.

 "I'm responsible because I . . . " I put the dirty clothes into a bag."I used to be  a cybertronian named RobustShell previously, but here's what ended that status."

I then told him my story.Ratchet  kept asking questions along the way as he is confused for the most part about how I got into a relationship with Megatron and ended having to be watched by Starscream. Ratchet was laughing by the time I told him how it came to be: How Starscream became my 'watcher' or more like guardian. Like Sam was to Bumblebee.

~                                                                ~

                  .  .    2008 .  . 

                        .  .  . Cybertron  .  . 

  We see a girl holding a box  of popcorn while walking and munching on it.She looks younger than 15.If looks were revealing they would be spot on that she was fourteen, not really tall, and a had a child-like atmosphere full of joy.She has exactly old shoes that used to be white and gray which are  now dulled. Ivy kicks an old broken branch of her shoes way. The ground trembles under the girl's feet. Ivy stops in her tracks not shaking or trembling. A person can tell she is not afraid.

  She looks up to see a towering dark Decepticon similar to Shockwave and  Starscream combined. 

 "Hai Torturer!" Ivy squeaks.

 Torturer covers the side of his helmet like her squeak hurt.

"My audios!" Torturer covers his audios.

 Ivy swallows the popcorn in her mouth.

 "I wasn't dat loud." Ivy said, rolling her left  eye.

   Torturer rubs above his single optic.

 "Yes, yes you are." Torturer said.

"Cause dah only time I'm dat loud is when . ." She picks up a dusty metal junk that resembles a microhpone. Ivy sings into it like a microphone. "MICROOOOOPHOOONENE!"

 Torturer puts his head into the wall.

 "Five points for meeee!" Ivy does a fist pump as she laughs.

Ivy skips away from Torturer while  doing a terrible whip-poor-will whistle. Torturer gets his head out of the wall.One can reason his dislike towards Ivy started then at that point, and, his decision to torture her by doing things against logic.Torturer went down the other way that he had originally was walking from. He was going to do what Megatron wouldn't do. All because The Fallen highly advised no one to kill the fleshie.

~                                                       ~

   .  .  . Present day .  .  .

 Ratchet and I were now hiding alongside a abandoned mine surrounded by mountains and no internet reception.

 "The Fallen advised this?" Ratchet asks, sounding unsure about that.

 "Yeeep." I said, with a nod. "As you should recall that hologram he sent me in 2011. He was more like a storyteller with that voice."

"Are you sure that's the right fallen?"  Ratchet couldn't believe it, can't blame him for that.

"Yeeep." I said, again.

"So what about Starscream being your 'guardian'." Ratchet returns to topic. "That's .  .  .  not possible."

I shook my head, giggling a little at that.

"I befriended a Decepticon--that part came when I was cybertronian, you know--and got on his nerves, got betrayed ONCE by him," I said, raising an index finger. "I wasn't scared of the tall, pretzel like Decepticon. For all I knew back then; Michael Bay could have done better with his helmet."

Ratchet raises his window shield like wiper optic ridges.

"I'll continue how he got to be my 'watcher." I said. "And then I  .  . . "

~                                                                ~

       Cybertron  .  .  . 2008.  .  .

 Ivy wondered into Megatron's room by accident.There were weapons, helmets, trophies, gears, and armors all over the room. She made the perfect 'o' impression. Ivy looks generally shocked to find this room. After all she has been exploring the ruins of Cybertron aimlessly to keep herself occupied when not bothering the new Decepticons.

 "Get out of my room,vermin,." Ivy's face turns white, and she turns around with her mouth still in the 'o' shape.

"Stop gaping at me like that." Megatron orders her. His monstrous, powerful breath made him seem like  a monster merged into a dragon and a cybertronian that resembled much of a cybertronian flight jet who relied on his appearance  alone to force fear into those smaller than him. "And that's an order."

Ivy did not move, but simply stared at him.

"Move your small feet." Megatron orders her.

There is silence from Ivy.

Megatron tips Ivy over and saw that she had actually fainted when he came into the room.

".  .  . Stupid vermin." Megatron grumbles to himself, picking Ivy up by her feet.

Ivy  fell out her shoes and landed on the floor.  Megatron looks at the squished shoes then looks down to see her feet are intact.The tyrant sighs to himself, frustrated with this 'out of picture' scnario. Megatron shook his head while grumbling to himself, "I squeezed the barbarian's feet out, should of expected that."

Megatron picks up Ivy lightly using her ankles, and then he threw her out of the room.

"I should make a secure lock for my room." Megatron thought out loud as he went to make his room even more secure from disgusting infected humans.

Fortunately Ivy landed on Starscream's foot.

 "My foot!" The seeker backs off, wiggling Ivy off his metal foot.

Ivy lands on the floor, apparently sleeping.

"  .  .  . She came from Megatron's direction." Starscream looks up to the ceiling, sighing to himself. "I told her not to go there." He looks down to the floor while folding his arms. Specific words were key to getting her up from a 'unconscious' like state. "She never listens!"

  Ivy gets up on her two feet.

 "Listens to what?" Ivy asks, her attention is not focused on her shoeless feet but on Starscream.

 "To your elders!" Starscream said, harsly.

"Dude um  . . . " Ivy taps her fingers together. "Ya are not old.  Ya are young."

"That is not the point!" Starscream waves his left servo.

Torturer is seen making a metal screw driver object specifically made to annoy Ivy.

 "Then what is the point?" Ivy asks, while her shoes and popcorn randomly reappeared beside her feet. "YAY SHOES, YAY POPCORN!" She said it like it was a thing to celebrate about. 

Starscream sighs.

 "You need to learn responsibility, human." Starscream said, with a growl at the word 'human'.

Ivy puts on her shoes.

 "I know what responsibility is; taking consequences for your actions!" Ivy chirps, getting her other shoe in.

 "No," Starscream said. "Responsibility is getting hurt, killed, or more else tortured for what you did."

Ivy looks up to the seeker, with a smile on her face as though she didn't fear him.

 "Wow." Ivy said. "Ya got a bad dictionary or somethin'."

"We have different dictionary's," Starscream said. "Unlike your greedy, infested, filthy kind."

Ivy shrugs, as though it did not bother her.

"You will learn, by me doing what no Decepticon wants to ever do!" Starscream walks towards the Direction of Megatron's room .  .  .

~                                                                 ~

.    . Present day  .  .  . 

"To make you learn a lesson, Starscream asked Megatron to make him your guardian?" Ratchet repeated it like it was something undreamable.

"Yeah." I said. "I'm completely human right  now, I think,"

I expected Ratchet to make debate over that,

"Then you must be a pretender."


"What make you say 'I think'?"

I told him how I got into this universe.

 "I want to see if .  . . " Ratchet's big digit goes  through my shoulder like it was matter making room for him to miss me. It was exactly like the swarming metal object in the theatrical trailers.  "You are not human."

"I used to be human."  I correct myself.

"But you are  something that's unknown." Ratchet points out.

"Yeeah." I said, with a chuckle."But nothing that you know of."

Ratchet folded his arms.

"I hate not knowing." Ratchet said.

Okay, lets change the topic to something he does know.

"Have you seen Bumblebee?" I ask.

"Been a long cycle since I saw that kid, wonder what that teenager's been up to .  . . I can only imagine he ceased contact with Mikaela."

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