This is Crazy, but I'm back!

Returning to a universe that has changed, great.Now wipe out the memories of those who were close to the person returning, not so great. Keep three people who were not close into the equation, eh that's an iffy. The return of RobustShell; it has it's own difficulties in the beginning but the dust will settle. And RobustShell will pick up what remained of her past. This is Crazy: Book 2.


9. Figure a title

 I know better now: not to get pregnant, again. It'll tear me apart if it all happened again. The spark of a mother can be in extreme cases consdierably be a dangerous place to hurt.It's the worst thing you can do.Unless you want to feel her fury then that is another story for a different time.Why did they take him in the first place? Were they intending to get rid of the Decepticons by using the son of a Decepticon against them? That would have been sneaky but cruel: if they never forgot.

 An every-day person would tune out the city noises,sights of people on their phones,some people not on their phones, and dogs being walked, including one sight of a bad traffic street.

  The title of a story can matter expecially mine. My story is not believe-able (in my opinion). If someone wrote my story it should be called something like this: The Girl who tried not to mess up. Someone else might think the title is over-used and suggest:The Transfan who badly messed up big time, The outrageously crazy mess,The Crazy lifecycle of RobustShell, how a Transfan messed up the Bayverse,My life in the Bayverse,and so on.Steering the topic away from titles.One leap from titles, one leap into what's currently going on.  . . .

"Bird plus Iphone plus flight." I did the math, mentally. You know not everyone looks down to see what's brushing by their pantleg.

My spark's pain is disturbingly . . . empty. As though a void had been put into it.

"Keep yourself together." I grab my left shoulder feeling my shoulders sulk.

I held on to hope. Something to keep me going. Well choice number one is to let the universe do whatever it wants. Choice number 2 is sulk around among the humans without getting seen. And choice number 3 is comming to terms that I'm in the Bayverse. I'll take choice number 1. If a dog was around then it would have seen a odd looking purple and gray small machine transform into an Iphone.

 So a bird picked me up using it's talons.

"Fly baby, flllllyyy." I said, as the bird pecked at my screen. I've been wanting to say this for years without sounding awkward.

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