Marauders at hogwarts

This is basically the story of the four best friends, the marauders at hogwarts. A lot of things are twisted though so you better read to find out.


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

Sirius looked around for the caster of the spell. Of course he saw his cousin that he oh so hated.

"Bella, don't you have better things to do then hex harmless first years?"

"Aw... Is little Sirius mad?? Did the ickle mudblood and blood traitor tick you off? Ok pretty sure we could protect you in slytherin!"

"Bella I personally think that you should leave." Sirius said trying hard not to attack the older girl.

"Aw did I make ickle Sirius mad? But I though we were so close!"

"Bella I assume you know the drill. I get into anything but slytherin, I die. I threaten you, I die. I do anything to you, I die. So before I die, walk away."

"Just remember Sirius you might hate me but you can't avoid me. You hang around with mudbloods and I won't be afraid to hex you."

"BELLA! REMEBER TO TAKENYOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR A**! ALTHOUGH YOU STINK WITHOUT ANY EFFERT!" Sirius sighed when she left. He may be eleven but he had enough of her attitude.

To wake the two eleven year olds sirius slapped them silly.

"Bloody ow Sirius! Do you want me to suffer from cheek migraine?" James said.

"Well then I guess this won't hurt and he slapped james again and then backed away.

"SIRIUS ORIAN BLACK! Your on. The first one to the doors win! Loser gets to be the winners servant!"

Sirius started sprinting at the door. James following behind. Soon james was ripping past him and touched the doors before Sirius could reach the steps.

"Mate! You were supposed to slow down."

"Why would I want to be your servant for a day. Your the worst." He said in a jokingly manner.

"Oh that's it!"

And Sirius tackled James down the marble steps and they both jumped up no bones out of place.

"How the he** did you do that?" Remus asked in awe.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked.

"Go down the stairs and not have a bond out of place."

"I have had practice. If you live in my house, you would fall down a lot too." Said james.

"And if you lived with my parents who hates noise, you would do it to." Sirius replied.

"But it's marble!"

"Better!" They said in unison and high fived each other. They were talking through the professors rant and were now walking through the doors and into the great hall.

"Now when I call your names step up and get sorted into your house."

There were nervous glances going all around.

"Black, Sirius." Most people groaned at his name. Another person to go dark. He smirked. He winked at a few girls who seemed to swoon even of they were older.

Not a moment to soon, he sat down.

"I see. Very smart oh yes. Cunning very. Witty and arrogant I see too. Courageous and brave oh yes. Slytherin will suit you-" Sirius groaned,"- but that is not where you belong. GRYFFINDOR!" He sighed in relief and smiled at his new found friends. James gave him a thumbs up and Sirius sat down and saved spots all around for his friends.

"Evans, lily."

He saw her gulp and flashed her a small smile which she returned.

"Intelligent very. Stubborn too. Vicious and brave. Kind and loyal but where to put you. Tricky tricky. Better be... GRYFFINDOR!"

She smiled and looked like her face would break and sat down in front if Sirius.

"Jones, hestia."

As soon as the hat was on her head, it shouted the house of crimson and gold. Same with her cousin.

All of the others got into gryffindor except for Marlene who got ravenclaw. James was the last one left.

"Potter, James."

He looked confident as he went up the stairs and he smiled at a professor who smiled back. He looked exactly like james and Sirius assumed he was his father.

"I see very very intelligent. Brave loyal oh yes. Very cunning and arrogant too but also very kind and nervous. Confident and bold. But where go put you. Very tricky. Anywhere would suit you but one house will do. GRYFFINDOR!" The hat finally shouted and james nearly skipped to the table. He say next to lily and Remus.

"Let the feast begin!" Dumbledore a voice boomed over the hall. Soon the plates were full of food. All do the boys oiled their plates and are the food like a pack of hungry wolves. Sirius was the worst. Food flying everywhere and him trying to talk. James was next, food coming out of his mouth but he was trying not to choke. Remus was eating like a wolf. Food spilling everywhere and him eating everything. Frank was on the verge of choking.

"Boys! James! Your mother would be very upset to learn that her favorite son died!" Said a voice. James turned spring and smiled and then smirked.

"Dad I'm an only child."

"I know it's fun joking when your mother isn't around! She tried to throw away the chocolate. She forced me to eat brocoli! No treacle tart for a week! Was if necessary for you to frame me?"


James' dad didn't say anything.

"Dad meet Sirius Remus frank lily hestia Gwenog and Alice."

"Sirius? Sirius black? Finally! Someone to talk to! So Sirius what it irks having hair like that. James took after my hair so it doesn't matter but what is it like having long flowing hair!" Sirius chuckled and said

"Well it sort've like you have hair and it's on you head and it hurts if you try to pull on out. Never try to tie it. It doesn't work."

Suddenly there was a bang and Sirius was on the ground with bellatrix standing over him.

"Told ya id get you cuz."

"Miss black! Detention! A month!" James' dad told bellatrix. She trudged and serious got up.

"Did if work? You know fake injury?"

"Yeah my dad here fell for it."

"James!!! Tell your mother to give me treacle tart!! She told dumbledore to not give me anymore. James!! JAMES!"

"Alright dad! I'll owl her." His dad stuck his head up in justice and went back to eating his chicken legs from james' plate and sat down after picking him up and putting him on the floor pouting. James then picked up Alice and moved her a seat down. Then Gwenog. Then hestia. Then lily and sat down next to his father and stole his chicken leg and ate it.

James smiled cheekily at his father who pouted at him so he threw the bone at his father.

"JAMES IGNOTUS POTTER!" I will call your mother if you don't give me back that chicken leg!"

James laughed and pointed to his stomach and said, "you'll have to wait until it comes out the other end."

Lily was looking at then in shock. Would they really be talking about this at dinner time?

She was brought our of her daydream by Sirius flicking continuous berries at her. She finally caught one in her mouth and threw a hog dog at him which he caught it in his mouth. He devoured it and said"yum yum in my tum!" Patting his stomach.

"Mr. Potter, how do you like me considering in a black?"

"Let's just says you have cool hair." He answered laughing.

"I'm serious."

"I know you are."

Sirius started laughing and fell of the bench which caused a lot of attention and he blushed and sat back down.

Soon the food disappeared and the first years were brought to the dormitory.

The first night there was pretty good.

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